The Best Homemade New York Style Slice!

How to make the perfect New York slice…..something we have been attempting for awhile now.  Making pizza at home often results in something bland where you utilize dough that tastes like flour and sauce from a can.  It does not taste like take out pizza in any way.  We are after that thin crust that gets thicker, like a gradual slope as you reach the edge, that has a millimetre of crisp on the bottom and is soft on the top, that folds in half with no problems with little cracking from underneath.

Here are our secrets to modifying recipes!

1. Use homemade tomato sauce.


2. Your dough recipe should include good amounts of sugar, salt, and oil.  This is where the flavour comes from, and helps transform that dough from tasting like flour.

3. Do not add water to the yeast and let it sit.  Add the dry yeast to the dry flour, along with the other dry ingredients and blend.  Then add the wet ingredients.

4. Use bread flour.  The high gluten content is needed for the desired texture, and responds well to lots of kneading.

5. Knead it for a long time, a good 10 minutes without stopping.  It should pass the “window pane test”- take a piece and stretch it paper thin, and it shouldn’t break.  If it does, keep kneading.

6. We portioned it into 4 balls for a standard dough recipe.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate immediately for a bare minimum of 24 hours, up to 72 hours.  This allows the ingredients, especially the yeast, to “ferment”.  Ferment=flavour!  Note, the 4th ball isn’t in the photo, it was being formed when I took the picture.


7. Gently start spreading each piece of dough on a floured surface to get a small circle, and then hand toss the dough.  Do not cheat!  Hand tossing is extremely important!  We looked up a how-to on the internet to get a step by step tutorial.  It was worth it.

DSCN4467 DSCN4469

DSCN4474 DSCN4482

8. Not too much cheese.  It will look like zero cheese, but trust me.  This is all.  Use only mozzarella, and do not mess around with toppings- pepperoni might work and we might try that, but just cheese is a good starting point.  There aren’t many topping on a typical NY style slice.



9. Preheat your oven to at least 500F, which is as hot as ours would go.  Make it hotter if that is an option.  It only needs a fews minutes to cook at that temperature, and the fast cooking at a high temperature is what gives it that millimetre of crisp crust, that is soft on top.  Leave your pizza stone in the oven as it preheats.  Preheat for 1 hour.  We skipped this step and our first pizza sucked because it wasn’t hot enough.  Our past pizza was a work of art- it had the hottest oven and hottest pizza stone.

10.  Use a pizza peel, or in our case, a make-shift one, to slide the pizza onto the hot stone.  We used a cast iron flat griddle.  The pizza stone should never leave the oven.  And don’t forget to top the pizza while it is sitting on the peel, you will never get it on afterwards (we made that mistake only once haha!)


11. Do not skip any of the above, or try to cheat!  This is the most important thing to remember!  It was fun to make, and we did it together with the radio playing.  We always have great talks while cooking together, and it made 4 large sized pizzas!  Enough for us to have several meals from it.  We will not be going back to any other method ;)



Look at that! Yum!


That soft top that I was talking about.


If this doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what will!


Perfect NY style fold!


Minimal cracking!


This is the shape you get if you forget to top the pizza not on the peel. haha.


Another beautiful fold.


That millimetre of crisp crust that has the ability to fold!



This pairs well with the following salad:

- iceberg lettuce (we added a little green leaf lettuce too)

- oil, vinegar, and herb dressing (we used Newman’s Own Oil and Vinegar)

- thinly sliced red onions

- lots of pickled pepperoncinis, and a slash of the juices

- parmesan

- black pepper

- a few croutons

Do not skip the pepperoncinis!  They are SO important!  A bite of pepperoncini with every bite of salad.  And use your hand to coat the lettuce with the dressing, black, pepper, and parm all at once.

We wash and spin all our lettuce at once, so while the leftover pizza is warming, the salad is ready in just a few minutes!

Best. Meal. Ever.

Summer 2014- A Glimpse

This summer has gone by SO fast.  I had to take a moment and think about what  I actually did because it really just flew by.  Then I realized, we had some great adventures!  Here is a sample:

1. Went to the zoo.

2. Went to the botanical gardens.

3. Picnic in the park on a sunny day.

4. The Artist got his first tattoo.  See:

5. We spent a weekend with my sister and brother in law.

6. We played darts at Blueberry Hill.

7. Horror movie marathon with a friend.

8. Became good friends with our new neighbour across the hall.

9. Discovered a great, brand new Goodwill store nearby with great items.

10. Went to one of our favourite restaurants for Pad Thai, called Basil Spice.

11. Saw the latest Wes Anderson movie in theatres, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

12. Went to the circus.

13. Each celebrated a birthday.

14. Went to some art shows.

15. The Artist made homemade alfredo pasta with grilled pork loin.  I don’t even like alfredo sauce but he had a vision.  So I tried some- it was AMAZING!  I guess it is the stuff in jars or pre-made sauce that I don’t like because this homemade sauce was delicious.


16. Went bowling.

17. A walk in forest park at dusk on a brisk, beautiful day.

18. The Artist had his thesis show and I threw him a little surprise.  See:

19. We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  Read about our love story here!

20. I got a job!  Which involved the getting work permission, which was stressful, but  I did it!

21. The Artist got gallery representation.  Yes, that’s right!  He has been a busy beaver with that.

22. I got my ears pierced- for the very first time ever!  Most women get them done so young they don’t even remember it.  I have never had a piercing at all, and it was no pain(or blood)-free!  But I love them and am so excited to try out all kinds of earrings after they heal :)



No wonder summer went by so fast, we were so busy!  I am so fortunate to be able to do all of these things!  The Artist and I are officially announcing that we are staying in St. Louis for now, because I have got a job :)  What a whirlwind it has been these last few months <3  Cheers to our future!

New Skin Care Routine!

I have always had oily skin for as long as I can remember.  My face in particular, is always full of little blemishes, as well as giant, red, “volcano” pimples here and there.  It seems that I am never blemish free, always having new ones appear.  In fact, I have never thought of myself to have clear skin, or at least not on my face.  As a teenager, it was worse.  But as an adult, I thought my face would chill out and become “normal”.  It has not.  I have tried lots of different cleansers and moisturizers, as well as acne spot treatment creams.  There were all ok.  Helped a little I guess.  Helped me feel less “greasy”.  I also have oily hair, so by the end of each day I am really looking forward to a shower because I feel “greasy” from my naturally oily self.

The Artist has been using baby powder in his under arms in place of deodorant sometimes, especially if his skin was irritated from chafing (because the deodorant would sting!), much like how ladies can get chafing from their thighs rubbing together when wearing a skirt in the hot summer.  So we were talking one day about this, and he was wondering if cornstarch would be better because it does’t have that baby powder scent, and I thought of baking soda.  I thought that it might be useful not only for being gentle on his irritated skin, but it would also be a good deodorizer.  So he gave it a whirl!  Just patted it on, and away he went.  It worked really well!  By the end of the day, after applying it just once, he was hooked.  His under arms literally had no scent at all, and it was so gentle on his skin.  It even says right on the box that it is useful for the skin and gives directions on how to add it to bath water, use on your face, etc. (no where on our box does it say anything about baking lol!).

So I decided to try it on my face, and to make sure I that I knew any results were not from the products I already had, I eliminated all my other facial products and replaced them with natural ones.  My cleanser/exfoliator was replaced with baking soda mixed with a little watet to make a sort of paste that I rubbed on my face and then rinsed off.  My moisturizer was replaced with a blend of coconut and oregano oil, which was mostly coconut oil and just a few drops of oregano oil.  I use oregano oil for everything!  And I replaced my acne spot treatment with oregano oil on a cotton swab diluted with a bit of water.

I used the baking soda once a day, right after I got out of the shower.  I used the moisturizer as needed, and only a little, about once every 2-3 days after exfoliating.  And I used the spot treatment oregano oil as needed right before bed, every 3-4 days.  I noticed a difference immediately, after the first 24 hours.  My blemishes looked a lot less “angry”, although still there.  I continued with this regimen and I continued to feel less “greasy” and my blemishes continued to go down.  I continued for 2 weeks just to make sure it wasn’t a coincidence, and I am happy to say that this is my new long term facial regimen :D

The before and after photos are not the best, they don’t capture the “real” way they looked very well, but it was the best I could do.

BEFORE (forehead): loads of little blemishes.



BEFORE (chin): lots of little blemishes and a few big, red spots.



AFTER (forehead): much better :)



AFTER (chin): much better :)




These photos obviously have different lighting, some were taken in the bathroom, and some in my front room mirror- wherever I could zoom in and get a reasonably clear window of my skin!

I am so happy with my new facial routine, hopefully it will continue to work well for me :)


We all have friends on Facebook whom we don’t talk to regularly, or haven’t seen in years.  But I find myself smiling whenever they post something and I enjoy seeing what they are up to these days.  As we get older, I am finding that life is passing me by so quickly, and friends often take a back seat in the pile of things to do and places to go.  This post is dedicated to a few friends of mine who have been a huge part of my life, who I wish I got to see more often, and who have greatly contributed to this adventure we call life.  I wish we had more photos together, so if you have any, I would love to see them.


Dear Vjay: You were such a great friend to me when we lived in Calgary, and were always there for me when I needed it the most.  I had some hard times out there, and you always stood by my side.  I miss our silly laughter and adventures out on the town.  I remember walking to Tim Horton’s with you during our lunch break together at work (work was so much more fun with you!), and it was just a moment that I remember realizing what a lucky girl I was to have such an awesome friend.

Dear Eric: We spend an entire summer together, inseparable, going on adventures and hanging out with friends.  You were supportive, and so very caring, and I thank you for that.  I remember going to Wasaga one afternoon to a bar for some food and some drinks.  I got a Blue Lagoon, and for some reason that day really stands out for me.  Just hanging out, I felt like I could be myself around you.  Whether you put up with it, or actually liked it LOL, thank you.  You were also a great dance partner at my cousins wedding!

Dear Nicole: I know we chat often, but we don’t get to see each other much.  You always know what I am going through, offer a “shoulder to rant on” when things are tough, and encourage me through everything.  We have been friends for so long, it feels like just yesterday I remember seeing you come into family studies in grade 9 carrying your backpack with you everywhere :)  I really cherish our friendship.

Dear Pam: I looked forward to our shifts working together, and we had really good talks.  I love bragging about my cool older friend  to all my high school buddies ;)  You were always available for such good advice, life stories, and laughs.

Dear Lindsay:  You always had gum in the best flavours and were such a good partner in drama class.  Remember eating bowls of frozen cookie dough?

Dear Sam: You always made me laugh, and I looked forward to every time we got to hang out and just talk.  We never ran out of things to say, and every morning when I got to school I would be looking for you to have cookies and chocolate milk with :)

*Sam and Lindsay, I really loved all of our sleepovers, hangouts, lunch hours in high school, and the laughing.  Oh, the endless laughing.

Dear Adam: I have known you since we were 5.  You have been such a dear friend to me for so many years.  So many lunch hours in high school spent talking and talking and talking, especially about movies.  I think we have the exact same taste in movies.  You came to visit me when I had my tonsils out when I was going to Georgian, and remember our fun night at the GNE?  You are down right hilarious, and seriously one of my oldest, best friends.

Dear Justine: Drama class.  Drama festival.  The headset was on the whole time while I talked about the lighting guy.  Need I say more? ;)

Dear Evan:  I wish I met you at the beginning of high school instead of the end.  I loved all of our talks, hangouts, and parties together.  I remember giving you rides to farmhouse parties, talking on msn all the time, always having good talks about life and love.

Dear Sarah: My class buddy at U of Calgary!  I always looked forward to class instead of dreading it because I had such a wonderful friend to sit with <3

Dear Ashley: I think we set a record for the most childhood sleepovers at one another’s house.  Remember when you stayed with us for a week while your mom was away?!  Sneaking candy into bed and eating it after lights out.

Dear Heather: My girl guide buddy.  Again, me, you, and Ashley probably sent a record for sleepovers.  They seemed endless!  I loved your dress up trunk full of such interesting things and our bike rides to buy candy at Shell.

Dear Tom: We spent an inseparable summer together.  I appreciate your friendship and I really felt like I had someone to talk to who understood what I was going through.  You were always full of good advice, and I really cherish those memories we made that summer.  Wasaga, Mr. Norms, bonfires, Sour Puss, surprising me at work with Iced Capps, and so many more great memories.  Seriously, I couldn’t have gotten through that summer without you, and was so sad when it ended and I moved to Waterloo.  Your friendship means a lot to me, and will always have a special place in my heart.

Dear Turner: Remember that time we went to see strippers in Barrie?  Haha!  What a night.  You introduced me to, and changed my life with, cheese croissants from Tim Horton’s.  I remember countless high school lunch breaks at Marriah’s, hangouts, and laughing until I cried.  You are awesome <3

Dear Mel: My skating buddy for so many years.  I was always sad when my parents couldn’t come to an overnight competition, but secretly happy because I knew it meant a weekend with you :)

Dear Tara:  Grilled cheese sandwiches at the rink and so much silliness.  I had so much fun.

Dear Emma: An inseparable summer of pizza, bike rides, renting movies, and sleepovers.  Another record for sleepovers I think.  And you had the most awesome bedroom and the coolest birthday party I had ever been to.

Dear Heather: My Georgian carpool buddy.  I seriously loved all of our talks.  When we got to school I was always a little sad that we had to get to class and stop talking lol!  You rock.

Dear Jackie, Marriah, and Robyn: Oh, the laughing.  Serisously.  So.  Much.  Laughing.  We would get told to be quiet in the halls from laughing too much!  Sleepovers, out for lunch, parties, boys, high school- we went through it all.  You guys are the reason that I actually enjoyed, and survived high school.

Dear Maureen: The coolest boss ever.  Full of wisdom.  Taking me out for drinks and dancing with Jenna on my birthday.  You are so sweet and lovely.  You were so supportive to me when I needed it.  Thank you.

Dear Jenna: Taking me out on my birthday as I mentioned above.  So stylish.  I loved when you did my hair for my cousin’s wedding.  I really loved having you as a friend in Calgary, always brightening my day with you smile.

Dear Amanda: I can’t even begin to start to write about our times together.  So much time together, which was easy since we were neighbours!  Bus rides to school, sleepovers, Spice Girls, singing 24/7, dances, and so much more.

If I haven’t mentioned you here, know that I am thinking about you and fondly remembering all of our good times together.  Even though we have grown up, grown apart, changed, live far away, etc. I cherish everyone’s friendship.  I cannot thank you all enough for being such awesome parts of my life.

How insanely lucky am I to have so many awesome friends throughout my life?!?!  I really, really, hope that the universe reunites us again soon <3

Until next time.


Top 6 Ideas for Easy Preparation of Weeknight Meals (and even packing lunches too!).

My sister and brother-in-law are very busy career folk with 2 dogs, a house under renovations, and a million other things to do, and freeze a lot of meals for quick dinners on busy weeknights.  After a recent conversation, I was inspired to share what I do for quick and easy meals, and how this preparation and routine has helped me maintain a healthy, whole foods diet (for the most part, haha!).

1. Have cooked or thawed protein in the fridge at all times.

I like to buy in bulk and freeze meat, and there is nothing worse then being hungry for dinner and having to defrost something before you can even cook it!  I like to bake 5 or 6 chicken breasts in the oven, with a simple seasoning such as salt and pepper, or some herbs.  This way, they can be doctored up later.  Add a drizzle of oil for extra flavour and juiciness.  Chill in the fridge in a container for later use.  P.S. Cutting cooked and chilled chicken is so much easier and slices SO nice.  Now you can add it to a salad for an entree-style salad, make a quick wrap, or pasta.  You could also cook a whole chicken, bone-in chicken, etc. and do the same thing.  For pork and beef, I prefer to have them thawed and even marinated for a day or two in spices or whatever, or even cut up and put on kabobs for quick grilling.  This works with chicken too.  Or with thawed meat you can cube it or slice it when raw and store in the fridge.  Sometimes cleaning and cutting the meat takes awhile, but this way, it is already done.


2. Make a big batch of homemade tomato sauce.

When you have tried this, you will never go back to the canned store bought kind again.  I freeze it in batches and always have one ready in the fridge.  Chicken parm sandwiches, english muffin or pita pizzas, or pastas are made super quick easy.


3.  Triple recipes, or just make a TON of something at once.

Put on the radio, and spend some time in the kitchen on the weekend and cook up a favourite dinner.  We love pasta dishes in our house and make huge batches of them.  Mac n’ cheese is really delicious for leftovers, and can easily be healthified.  We will make a pasta that has 4 or 5 chicken breasts in it and a mound of veggies is on the cutting board waiting to go in.  Pasta is good for leftovers and re-heats well too.  If you have a microwave at work (or like cold pasta) you will have lunches for several days, or leftovers to eat anytime.


4. Prep all your produce.

Wash, cut, and prepare all the fruits and veggies (including lettuce and greens) in your fridge store in containers (which also makes for easy snacking, I find I am much more likely to grab them if they are ready to go).  For lunches, I even take it a step further and portion them into baggies for small lunch containers for the week.  That way, all the work is done and I plop them into my lunch bag.  And having peppers and mushrooms sliced and washed already, and lettuce clean and dried, cuts dinner prep time way down.  I even sometimes do things 2-ways, for example, I will cut carrots into sticks for snacks and side dishes and also shred some for salad toppings.  Words cannot describe how useful it is to have a fridge full of washed and prepped fruits and veggies.  If I have edamamme, I will cook it and do the same thing (it is good hot or cold, or added to salad or stir fry).  Or I will have a can of beans or chick peas rinsed and ready in a container for salads and topping any dish basically.


5. Cook up a batch of rice.  A big one.

With your veggies already prepared and meat thawed, you can stir fry it all together and then serve over rice for such an effortless, yet delicious dinner.  I find rice re-heats well, in my opinion.  Or make a curry, which is really easy, yet really hardy, and serve with rice.  And combine leftover cooked rice with leftover cooked chicken, you get an amazing homemade chicken fried rice.  I even like our homemade, healthier version better then take-out now.  We almost never buy it out anymore.


6.  Use the slow cooker for everything.

Casseroles, meat, roasts, sauces, etc.  It does the work all day and you come home to a delicious meal!  For extra fast meals, do something all-in-one, like pork loin with potatoes/onions/carrots, seasoning of choice, and voila.  You could even add a side salad or corn on the cob for something extra.

Now I bet all of this sounds like a ton of work, and just really not do-able at all.  But I don’t have every single example above ready in my fridge.  My rule of thumb is: always have cooked or at least thawed protein available and abundant, and prep all produce.  One week I might have a ton of cooked chicken breast and rice in the fridge, the next week might be more grilling with side salads, and the next week might be making loads of 1 or 2 dishes for leftovers.

I pick a day when I have some time, put on my favourite radio station (oldies or NPR usually) and head into the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. It’s very relaxing, because there is no time frame, I am not starving, and can putter around.  Or the Artist and I will do it together one night, and catch up, be silly, or have really great talks about life, or all of the above.  Being in the kitchen together is one of our favourite ways to spend time together.  Sometimes we even take it a step further; the Artist will prepare a big dinner with tons of leftovers, and I will prep all the produce for the week, and we will pour drinks, turn up the tunes, eat the dinner by candle light, and make a mini-date out of it.

When these are all prepared, and I even pre-portion for lunches (so I literally grab my lunch from the fridge and plop it in my lunch bag in the morning), I eat a lot healthier and a much more balanced diet.  We are less likely to resort to junk or take-out when we get home tired after a long day because we can make something delicious and homemade in minutes.

The fastest meals, I would say in 15 minutes or less, would be: entree-style salads, tacos (using already cooked meat or beans), quesadillas, wraps, and grilled kabobs.

On the more medium side of things, in about 20 minutes, you could have: grilled meat, stir fry (less time probably if you use cooked meat instead of sautéing), pita or flatbread pizza, or grilled paninis.

And in about 30 minutes, you could make: spaghetti, chicken fried rice, any pasta dish, prepare pizza dough ahead of time by rolling it in desired shape(s) and freezing (you could even cook it for a few minutes to help it hold its shape) for taking pizza at home to the next level, spicy orange chicken with cashew nuts (or any Asian dish that doesn’t involve battering and frying the meat before starting), or larger cuts of meat including larger cuts of bone-in meat either grilled, or oven roasted.

In 30+ minutes: mac n’cheese casserole, sweet and sour chicken (or Asian dishes that include battering and frying meat), Mongolian style stir fry with Sriracha sauce, and of course things in the slow cooker.  These just mostly require time for cooking and don’t need as much attention other then checking or stirring during this time.

And for all of these examples, having prepped produce will come in handy for easy and quick side dishes and salads.  For example; grilled peppers, corn on the cob, steamed broccoli, roasted asparagus, raw veggie platter with hummus, and never ending combinations of salads.  And to keep things as healthy as possible, choose whole wheat options, make your own marinade instead of using a bottled one, and be aware of how much sodium and sugar you use so that you can adjust to fit your needs/wants.

I hope this was helpful :)


The Artist’s First Tattoo.

We were getting ready to go walking down Delmar and the Artist was looking in the mirror and said that he wanted a tattoo of the letter X on the right side of his chest, near his armpit.  I was confused, this was oddly specific and a weird thing to want as a tattoo.  And he didn’t want a fancy letter X, just 2 straight lines.  I asked him why.  He said that it was my spot <3

The story of my spot….

My side of the bed is the right side, and I like to lay on my left side facing the Artist, with my head on his chest/in his armpit, while his arm wraps around me tight.  I am then in perfect range of motion to receive a forehead kiss, and his hand can stroke my shoulder and arm.  It is so sweet and cozy, my favourite way to fall asleep.  My favourite place to be at all, really.  We always have the best talks like that too.  And when I get all sleepy at night, I literally CRAVE to be laying like this with him.  Those minutes before falling asleep, is my favourite part of the day.  So I felt very privileged that he wanted this tattoo in honour of me.  There happens to be a tattoo parlour on Delmar, so we popped in to see about the pricing.  One thing lead to another, and the Artist and the tattoo artist did an “artist swap”- a painting in exchange for the letter X tattoo that he wanted.  And boom- it was done.  It took longer to apply the stencil and disinfectant then it did to complete the tattoo, haha.  It was that simple and quick.

The Artist hugely suits tattoos.  A lot.  He is such a big, strong guy, with a huge beard and long hair.  He looks rather intimidating, actually.  But inside, he is the sweetest, most sensitive, cuddle bug that I know.  The contrast that I am describing is one of my favourite things about him, and the idea of even more tattoos would just further it.  He has practiced a few more with a pen to test out his ideas, and they look awesome.  Nothing crazy or anything, but rather symbols, interesting drawings, and even one in memory of his childhood dog that recently passed.

It was a wonderfully spontaneous, spur of the moment adventure.  And I think that in life, we all need to remember to have a little spontaneous adventure once in awhile.  It is good for the soul, in my opinion.


No turning back now!


It’s done! Doesn’t his missing chest hair look ridiculous?! Ha!

On the way home!

On the way home!


After a few weeks of his hair growing back.  And no, his hands are not tattooed (yet!), he is just drawing ideas with a pen to see what they look like ;)


My spot <3


A Glimpse of the Day I Turned 25.

This 4th of July, I turned 25.  Yikes.  25.  Life is moving so fast.

The Artist asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday.  There are so many fun things to do on a budget in St. Louis, but all I ever want is just some good, quality time together.  I had been wanting to go bowling for awhile, so we decided to incorporate that into our day, and there is so much good food around here of which I have a hard time choosing where to eat, I asked the Artist if he would pick the restaurant and then not reveal it until right before we left.  That in itself is a great birthday gift, haha, because I can never make a choice and am always overwhelmed by the oh-so-many delicious options.  It was SO nice to not even have to think about where to eat!  He decided on one of our favourites: Mission Taco.  Read about the extreme levels of awesome they have here,

But even after we made these plans, I told the Artist that I didn’t care if they didn’t happen or if we ended up doing something else, that if the night organically led us elsewhere, or nowhere other then the couch, I wouldn’t mind.  The Artist and I spend a lot of quality time together on a regular, daily basis, and we are always going out on dates and doing fun things.  So my birthday was like any other day when you boil it down.  Even if we both have a busy day, we always take some time together, even if it is just a few minutes.  Sometimes we will chit-chat and snuggle and giggle before we go to sleep, or sometimes we will take time out of our busy days to cook together, which always brings about great conversations.  This is a quality about our marriage that I just love; we don’t use special occasions as a “reminder” to do something nice for one another or to go out on a date.  Actually, the last 2 years we weren’t even in the same city on Valentine’s Day, and we did our own little thing weeks earlier.  But on that day, we knew we were thinking of the other, and that is enough <3

My birthday ended up including a delicious breakfast of chocolate pancakes and bacon, sleeping in late, a great after-breakfast conversation about our favourite actors (which included Anthony Hopkins, Meryl Streep, Nicolas Cage, Steve Carell, among so many others), a present, drinks, bowling, RummiKub, and tacos.  I have been loving the TV show Orange is the New Black, and really want to read the book.  But all the libraries around here have pretty large waiting lists, and each person have have the book for up to 3 weeks!  I was so disappointed when I discovered this, because I have such a craving to read it!

To my surprise, when I opened my birthday present, was a brand spanking new copy of Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman.  It smelled amazing.  I even fanned the pages a little because there is just something about the shininess and smell of a brand new book that is just so satisfying.  We usually use the library to read books, or get them for a quarter a piece at thrift stores or library book sales and in used conditions, so this brand new copy of my very own is such a treat :D

He also got me new sunglasses because I broke mine and my backups are scratched like crazy, and then took me to the new candy shop that just opened down the street to pick out some candy.  He gets me.  He pointed out Sour Patch Peaches to me because he knows how much I LOVE peach candy, (a very specific flavour, I know, haha) and I couldn’t resist.  I also picked out some taffy, a cherry jolly rancher stick (which is awesome because that is the only flavour I like and didn’t have to buy a whole pack to get a handful of cherry candies), and what I was most excited about: the Harry Potter Chocolate Frog.

DSCN3952 DSCN3954 DSCN3953


Then onto a blueberry lemonade Smirnoff slushie, tacos and bowling.  I grew up with 5 pin bowling with tiny balls, so this intimidating 10 pin stuff was hard!  My goal of zero gutter balls went out the window in a hurry.  But it was fun, and we will be back.


DSCN3962 DSCN3961 DSCN3955 DSCN3958


When we came home, we decided to play RummiKub, which is one of our favourite games.  We turned on some oldies music,  and of course, I won ;)



We finished the night with some silly pictures, and watched Corner Gas in bed.

DSCN3970 DSCN3973 DSCN3990



What a wonderful life I have <3