Special Edition Parents Post

Next up on this special edition post, is for my parents.

For Mom…

Remember when I was little and we walked to get the mail every day?

Remember when you used to give me my own section in the garden?

Remember when I got to go with you to the greenhouses to pick out the flowers for the flowers beds?

Remember how I then did not help you plant them, or weed the garden? LOL!

Remember how I ate tons of goldfish crackers from that giant Costco carton?

Remember when you would make be Alphaghetti to take to school for lunch in those old, strange coloured thermoses?

Remember all those Saturday mornings you drove to me to skating?

Remember all those rides you gave me for before school band practice?

Remember bringing me hot lunches when I worked at Fernwood?

Remember picking me up from work late at night at the Sovereign, in your pyjamas?

Remember all the times we grocery shopped together when I was little?  And still now, even though I am an adult?

Remember the insane laughter that we seem to have in common, that comes out when you, the Artist, and I are together?  Especially if we are hungry.

Remember helping the Artist and I move?  Many times?  Especially all the way to St. Louis?

Remember when you would buy chocolate chips, but I would always eat them before you got a chance to use them?  I still love to eat them.

Remember when we went to the movies and asked if we could go in just to buy popcorn?

There are a tons more things to say, but you already know them all.  You are my best friend, my go-to guru for anything, and the best mom ever!  People even tell me that I have the best mom, and it is true, I really do.  There are no words to describe how awesome you are.  You are supportive, generous, and so thoughtful.  I am one lucky girl.

(I don’t have any electronic copies of older photos of us, so here are some more recent ones)

mom5 mom4

Berry picking.

Berry picking.

Berry picking.

Berry picking.

Family reunion.

Family reunion.

Camping, notice the burned grilled cheese? Haha!

Camping, notice the burned grilled cheese? Haha!


For Dad…

Remember when I was in high school and you were up and heading to work early at 3 or 4am, and  I was still up, talking with a friend?

Remember when I was little and you bought us these little pails filled with homemade chocolates for Valentine’s Day?  Mine was red with a teddy bear, and I still have it.  It is now my bobby pin holder.

Remember every year on my birthday, since you had to leave for work in the wee hours of the morning, you would leave me a birthday note?

Remember when you taught me to place chess and checkers?

Remember when I would cut the grass with you, and you would let me drive the lawn mower?

Remember whenever mom would be out for the evening (usually for hockey purposes), you would order us pizza for dinner, let us rent movies, stay up late, and eat chips?

Remember when bought me a flower after my skating competition?

Remember all the bon fires we had during the summers, and camping in the backyard?

Remember telling me how proud you were of me right before you walked me down the aisle to marry my Artist?

Remember being on the “no danish team” and resisting those delicious pastries during your last visit?

You are very special to me, Dad.  I love our phone conversations, and when we get to visit and spend time together.  You are so supportive and generous, and always willing to help us out with anything.  You said to me when I got married, you “didn’t gain a son-in-law, you gained a son”.  I love that you love the Artist so much, and make great efforts to visit us, even if it means going out of your comfort zone (driving in the big city of Toronto, hauling a trailer with our stuff to America, to name a few).

Cheers to more memories like these.

(again, I don’t have any electronic older photos, just recent ones)

History museum.

History museum.

Out for breakfast for the Artist's birthday.

Out for breakfast for the Artist’s birthday.

Dad and the Artist at the camp fire.

Dad and the Artist at the camp fire.

One thing my dad and I share- a love, and a need for, sleep.

One thing my dad and I share- a love, and a need for, sleep.

Walking me down the aisle to marry my love.

Walking me down the aisle to marry my love.





Special Edition Sister Post

I just couldn’t wait to do another special edition family post, “remember when…” style!  My last post got me thinking about my family, I just had to get it all out to the world, because I have such a great family!

For Sherilee…

Remember when we were pen pals when we were young?  And how you used to always send me homemade beaded jewellery with your letters?  I still have some of them.

Remember when you worked in Creemore at the Tea House, and we came for ice cream while you were working?

Remember when you were a lifeguard and we would come swimming when you were on duty?  And you gave us little toys that sank to go diving for?

Remember when I got married, and you made all those delicious desserts?  And how supportive, helpful, and wonderful you were?  I could think of no one better to bear witness to my special day.

Remember when you an Allan came camping, the summer I was entering high school?  And you taught us all how to play president?  It is still Sean’s favourite game.

Remember the trip to Florida this past Christmas?  And how much fun it was?  And how Steve melted the tea kettle?  And how Allan was our on-call handy man?  And all those games of Taboo and chocolate martinis?  And our big 5am talk in the car about careers, children, working moms, etc.?

Remember when we used to get out the skipping ropes in the house when we were younger?  Yet there was a huge yard outside….maybe it was winter.

Remember teaching us how to make swamp water by mixing different juices?

Remember how you got me connected to Guelph University?  And how that has saved the Artist and I many times?

Remember how you and Allan helped me with all my resumes, cover letters, and job applications?

Remember when we were kids, and you used to get to stay up later then us because you were older, and I was so jealous?

Remember when you came to a wedding with us (one of my uncles got married?), and I was sick the entire time, and slept through most of it, and then proceeded to throw up in the car on the way home?

Remember the wedding we went to in Ottawa, and drank shots all night and danced our faces off?

Remember the countless times we have laughed so hard our cheeks were sore?  Usually because of some crazy story about the Artist and I, or something the Artist did that was hilarious?

Remember when you got married, and how beautiful you looked?  I knew I was in the presence of true love.  You and Allan are just amazing, very inspiring people.  And so generous to provide us with the means to travel to be there.

I could name a million more.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing sister.  You have such an impressive resume, it is intimidating (haha!).  You motivate me to work hard and go for what I want.  You were very helpful in breaking my “impostor syndrome”, insisting that it me and my intelligence pulling off assignments and exams with little preparation, and getting wicked grades with little effort.  I cannot believe you are getting a PhD.  That makes me speechless.  I love telling everyone about my sister and her husband, and the adventures they go on and the places they go.  I am so grateful that we have a strong relationship, and even though we live far away, when we get together it is like no time has passed at all.

I am looking forward to next time we are together, and the insane laughter we will share 😉

sherilee2 sherilee

A Special Edition Post- My Brothers

This is a special edition post dedicated to my brothers, because they think I write “novels” and am crazy with this blog haha!  So this is a novel about them.

For Sean….

Remember how we used to have “sleepovers” and watch Ace Ventura late at night with all the lights off, each of us laying on a couch with blankets and the pillows from our beds?  And then eat melted chocolate with a spoon?  And packs of gushers?  And laugh so hard we probably woke everyone up?

Remember when we built sail boats out of popsicle sticks and foam and put them in the bath tub to see if they float?  And when they didn’t sink we raced them using a hair dryer for wind?  Remember how we were probably “too old” to be building with popsicle sticks (considering I was in university)?

Remember how you, Michael and I went camping in Meaford by ourselves a few days before mom and dad arrived?  And how we got those onion rings that are the best onion rings on the planet?  And then how we dropped them in the dirt, and still ate them?

Remember how we went to Mr. Norm’s and always got the same, weird, yet plainest ice cream combination?  Lets see if you remember….comment the flavour 😉

Remember when we watched Criminal Minds on the portable DVD player on the way to grandma and grandpa’s, which was the start of my addiction?

Remember how we used to eat all of mom’s peas from the garden before anyone else got any?

Remember when me an Michael took swimming lessons in Stayner, and you sat with mom and watched, eating soda crackers and playing with action figures because you didn’t like swimming?  And then all of a sudden it clicked, and you loved it?

Remember when you, the Artist, and I went camping with like no supplies, because we were going to the beach for the day and then mom was bringing us all the supplies in the van that night?  Remember how it then thunder stormed?  And we had no food?  And instead of mom arriving at dinner time, it was like midnight?  And we were joking about eating rats and squirrels?  Has McDonald’s ever tasted as good as it did that night?

Remember when you and the Artist stayed up until 7am playing Ping Pong and getting just down right hammered?

Remember going to Zeke’s cottage in Wasaga and going to that little store for candy all the time?  And that little blue ball you got?

Remember how I used to make you fried bologna for lunch during summer holidays when we were young?  And mom would always give us a list of chores, and you were too little for a lot of them and I envied how you always ended up dusting and I ended up doing floors or dishes?

Remember how we always made forts, especially with that copper coloured card table?  And that awesome one outside with the TV in it, and we ate like a whole bag of cookies?

Remember chewy chocolate chip cookies?

Remember homemade pizza buns for lunches every day?

Remember Mega Bloks?

Remember Dragon Tales?  Beetle Borgs?  The Land Before Time?  Little Bear?  That other bear show where they were real stuffed animals, one of them called Old Bear?  Air Bud?  Lady and the Tramp?  Snow Dogs?

Remember your huge collection of various dollar store bows and arrows, cap guns, etc.?

Remember those little doughnuts from Wonderland?

Remember camping with Pete and Shannon?

Remember that time we went bowling, and played in their arcade, and that game where you ride a motorcycle?

Remember when you took time off work to help out with wedding stuff when the Artist and I got married?

I feel very lucky to have such a close relationship with you, and that you and the Artist are best buds.  Who else is going to drive everyone crazy running around shooting various Nerf products?  You have bailed the Artist and I out of emergency financial pickles more than once, and even though I always seem to live in places far away, when we get together it is like no time has passed.  You are very generous, and I could think of so many more examples.  I am very grateful.


The camping trip where we went without parents for a few days.

The camping trip where we went without parents for a few days.

Kinder Surprises!  Another thing we still share, a love for that chocolate.

Kinder Surprises! Another thing we still share, a love for that chocolate.

Remember how I used to suck at mini golf?  And now I am good?  2 holes in 1 last time!

Remember how I used to suck at mini golf? And now I am good? 2 holes in 1 last time!


A very "Sean" thing to do.

A very “Sean” thing to do.


The 2 playmates.

The 2 playmates.

For Michael…

Remember when we would get in trouble for talking or playing instead of sleeping when we were kids?

Remember when we used to play Power Rangers?

Remember making snow forts at school during recess?

Remember taking electives at school in Creemore?

Remember our snow scooters?

Remember trying to sneak down to play at the little stream by the barn, and mom somehow always knowing what we were up to and stopping us?

Remember the movie marathons we had during summer holidays before we were old enough to get jobs?

Remember when we went water tubing in Sherkston Shores and you were driving, and dumped me off the tube?  And how I couldn’t get back on?

Remember spending hours and hours in the pool when we would go on Florida trips?

Remember always stopping at Shoney’s on the way to Florida and eating copious amount of bacon at the breakfast buffet?

Remember that crazy ice storm that one year, where we had no hydro for so long, and no school, and thought all the ice was fun to play on?

Remember our make-shift slip n’ slide, which was a tarp?

Remember how we used to do the children’s farmer’s market in Creemore and stay up all night the night before making everything?

Remember our Super Troopers phase, where we watched that movie every day after school?

Remember getting candy at the Shell, and Slush Puppies at Jug City?

Remember when we would rent movies from Jug City and flip coins or draw from a hat who got to watch first?

You were my first friend and play mate, and sometimes I think we would gang up on Sean together, haha!  You still come to me for advice sometimes, and I am glad you feel you can come to me- because you always can.  And even though I am always the one who lives far away, the glorious invention of the internet and Facebook has kept us close.  This is just a few examples, I could name so many more!

Latest Florida trip.

Latest Florida trip.

A very "Michael" photo.

A very “Michael” photo.

mike3 mike2

Family board games while camping.

Family board games while camping.

Writing this got me thinking….about how lucky I am to have such a great family, and how lucky I am that the Artist loves my family as much as I do (and they love him like one of their own).  I think  I would like to do a few more special edition posts, and “remember when…” for my dad, mom, and sister.  I can’t wait for our next trip to Canada to see everyone. xoxoxoxo.

A Picnic in the Park

I have been looking up different ideas for picnic style food for the Artist and I to take picnics together, and enjoy some sun and fresh air.  We don’t have a backyard or patio, or even a balcony, so picnics and park time are common for us.  I wanted to bring more then just snacks for us, and bring really creative, delicious things too.  But time and time again, my research lead me to one key main food that is apparently a classic: fried chicken.  Is this an American thing?  I feel like fried chicken wouldn’t be ideal on a picnic.  It would be greasy, crumbs would be everywhere, and there is lots of bones and stuff to discard somewhere.  Just really messy in general.  But, tradition got the best of me and we brought fried chicken.  I don’t remember the last time I had fried chicken, but let me tell you, it was insanely delicious.  Yes, it was messy.  Yes, it was greasy.  Yes, there were crumbs everywhere.  And yes, we had lots of napkin garbage and bones.  But wow, was it ever good.  I see people eating fried chicken all the time around here.  Picnics, outings, packed in lunches, carrying bags full of take out, and even pulling tupperware out of a bag or purse and eating it while shopping.  But now I understand.  It is just so good.  Seriously, so beautifully delicious.  Actually, it was so good, I was wolfing it down like an animal, and for sure passers by were staring at me in my nice dress, sitting on a blanket in the grass, stuffing my face with chicken.  Although, next time I need prepare for mad sweet cravings that come afterwards, because I couldn’t get my mind off of ice cream.  I definitely need something sweetsy afterwards.  Lesson learned.

DSCN0801 DSCN0802

The Artist grabbed his book afterwards, and settled down to read.


But I got out some magic bubbles where you can touch them with your hand or have them land on the grass without popping, normal bubbles too of course, and some silly putty.  I couldn’t concentrate on reading just yet, my mind was still going nuts for something sweetsy and we didn’t bring anything, haha! 😉


The Artist couldn't resist playing with the magic bubbles too ;)

The Artist couldn’t resist playing with the magic bubbles too 😉

DSCN0816 DSCN0824

A bubble landed in my hair!

A bubble landed in my hair!

Silly Putty bracelet.

Silly Putty bracelet.


Me playing with silly putty, making my newest creation.

Me playing with silly putty, making my newest creation.

A silly putty braid.

A silly putty braid.

A nice fountain, the sound of water is so relaxing.

A nice fountain, the sound of water is so relaxing.


Gorgeous skies.

Gorgeous skies.

Our setup.

Our setup.


Tons of bunnies!

Tons of bunnies!

We spent a really long time here, it was a gorgeous afternoon, nice and warm but not so hot that you can’t take a breath of air without feeling faint.  Early dinner, goofing around, and some reading.  It was a really nice time together, and this was just at the park nearby.  It was our first time here, and we have decided that we want to return often.  Even if it is just for an hour to read before the sun goes down.

P.S. The nice, amazing, sweet thing the artist did for me lately: tell me how wonderful I look in a simple dress, sandals, and no makeup on.  Go on a creative rampage and make tons of art while I was out.  And then get excited to show me and tell me all about it when I got home.  The nice, amazing, sweet thing I have done for the artist lately: prepare his coffee for him while he was still sleeping before I left the house, made him an “everything” sandwich for lunch the other day (chicken, bacon, mixed greens, tomato, and mayo, on a warm ciabatta bun), and tell him how much I love his creative rampages and how excited I get to hear all about it upon discovery.


P.S. #2- The artist cracks me up.  As I type, he tells me how hungry he just became.

The Artist- I just entered the bad place.

Me- (laughing)

The Artist- What are we doing for dinner?

Me- (laughing)

The Artist- I need to know if you’re with me on this, or I will just end up eating sticks of butter.

Me- (laughing harder)  Just grab something handy so you can get your mind back to think about a meal.

The Artist- I need to eat something huge.  (flops on the couch in a hunger coma)

I can relate, I felt this earlier today when I ate a late lunch.  And I still haven’t recovered.

A Classic “Emily and Artist Adventure”

The plan for Saturday was to go to and check out a local hot spot, World’s Fair Donuts.  And then, proceed to the Botanical Gardens which happens to be right near by.  Saturday mornings before noon, residents of the county or city get free admission, so we thought it would be a nice accompaniment.  The Artist has been craving doughnuts, and was looking forward to coffee and doughnuts “on the outside”.  As we were approaching, I noticed it was 11:30am and thought that maybe we should take the doughnuts to go so we didn’t miss the free admission.  But as we pulled in, we saw a huge sign in the window saying they were on vacation this week.  There was no way the Artist could spend the afternoon at the Botanical Gardens without coffee, or breakfast, and no way I could either (minus the coffee, I don’t drink it), and we didn’t have time to stop somewhere else or we would miss the free admission.  The artist has his mind set on take-out coffee so he suggested McDonald’s, for their $1 coffees, and I suggested we go to the zoo instead, as the zoo here in St. Louis has free admission, all day every day.  We got to McDonalds, and I thought…

Me- There won’t be any doughnuts or anything here to go with your coffee though.

The Artist- I will get a coffee and a burger instead.

Me- Hmm, are you getting lunch?  If you are, maybe I will too.

The Artist- Ok, you get a fries and drink combo.

Me- (we usually share the drink and fries, just to save the extra couple bucks, or sometimes get no combo at all, just sandwiches)  Ok, you know how I feel about fries though, especially McDonald’s fries.  I have the inability to share and I eat them like an animal.  But if you need a drink other than coffee, you can share mine?

The Artist- Oh I am going to get a combo too, I’m starving.  Oh!  Maybe I can ask them to substitute a coffee in the combo instead of a pop?!

Me- (laughing so hard I was crying and making a scene)

The Artist- People are staring.

And we place our orders.  And yes, the Artist got a burger and fries with a coffee.  And then we were off to the zoo.  The zoo is located in Forest Park, and the traffic in the park was horrible.  We were at a stand still so many times, there was no parking, cars were parked on the grass, up on curbs, it was a zoo in itself.  And before we knew it, the road began to leave the park.  We decided that it was just the time of day, since it was a little after noon.  Since we were close to home, we went home to print off some coupons for Dippin Dots ice cream, and grab a blanket so if nothing else, we could lay on the grass and have a mini picnic or something.  Then we headed back out a little while later.

Nothing had changed.  In fact, it was worse.  We took the first parking spot we saw and just walked all the way to the zoo.  Right inside the entrance was a funnel cake stand- obviously that had to be our first stop, especially since we didn’t get our long awaited doughnuts.  But that was about the highlight of it all.  The zoo was packed.  It took 10 minutes just to walk a few feet, and there were line ups to get even a little bit close to see the animals.  And we couldn’t find our way to anything, because the crowd was so intense.  I even went to 2 different Dippin Dots locations and neither would accept my coupon.  Ugh.  And to top it all off, I forgot my water bottle in the car, and was dying of thirst.

We made it back to the car and saw some trails in nearby, so we took a gander.  This was more like it.  Quiet and peaceful, just my artist and I walking and talking, and actually able to hear one another speak.  It would be nice to go back there for a mini hike and wear appropriate shoes and clothes, and not a skirt and these horrible flip flops that I should have thrown out years ago.  We had a nice time exploring together.  The artist amazed me once again with his curiosity, looking at all the different trees and leaves, and knowing all the names of them.  He has been learning about plants and gardening a lot lately, all stemming from our original first visit to the Botanical Gardens a few weeks ago.  I love listening to him talk and tell me about interesting topics, and I learn so much from it.  All the while, I am admiring his keen interests with a smile.  I know the Artist likes to play BolaBall, so I suggested we find a nice place to set it up and play, perhaps tomorrow, and bring a picnic, and enjoy the scenery.  Perhaps the zoo again on a weekday.  Crowds are not our thing, but they are especially not the Artist’s thing, and I thought he might like picnic and BolaBall idea better.  It was a winner.

We make such a great team.

As title says, this was a “Classic Emily and Artist Adventure”.  We seem to have these a lot.  But it also makes for great stories and humour, which we love.  Our day did not go as planned, but we sure had a great time.  For tonight: chicken and vegetable wraps for dinner (since it is only 5:30pm, obviously we will be eating a “second dinner”, perhaps an episode of Criminal Minds (I think I would make THE best profiler for the BAU), and the best company- each other.

DSCN0732 DSCN0735 DSCN0736

A classic move the Artist does...takes secret photos of me while I lag behind because I have sore feet, and walk slow.  And here, trying to keep my skirt from blowing open in the wind.

A classic move the Artist does…takes secret photos of me while I lag behind because I have sore feet, and walk slow. And here, trying to keep my skirt from blowing open in the wind.

DSCN0743 DSCN0746 DSCN0749

Telling me about the various plants around us.

Telling me about the various plants around us.

DSCN0755 DSCN0757 DSCN0758 DSCN0759 DSCN0762 DSCN0763



Admiring the leaves of this plant.

Admiring the leaves of this plant.

"Must get more plants for the apartment!"

“Must get more plants for the apartment!”

A classic Artist thing to seek out and admire.

A classic Artist thing to seek out and admire.

Running up the hill to find the car and head home.

Running up the hill to find the car and head home.

And when we got home, the Artist of course gets straight back into his groove, and makes some art.



My most favourite sight to see. The Artist making art puts me in such a good mood. Seeing him engaged in something he is so talented with and passionate about, is moving. xoxo


A Sample of Some of My Baked Goods

I am pleased to say, that I woke up this morning and I was freezing!  And by freezing I mean the fans were blowing directly on me with no blankets at 77 degrees!!!!  Finally, some heat relief.  I have never been so happy to pull on blankets and be all snuggly warm.  It was marvellous.  It is sunny and gorgeous outside, definitely going to be an outdoorsy type of day.

Speaking of snuggly, the latest thing about the Artist that I love is this contrast he has.  He appears large, I tell people he is a “big guy”.  He is very muscular, with very broad shoulders and very strong.  He has longish hair, for a man anyways, and a big, full beard.  He looks very manly, very masculine.  But he is the biggest teddy bear ever 😀  The contrast here is the cutest thing in the world.  He is super sweet and sensitive, caring, loving, thoughtful, and very affectionate and cuddly.  I am a very affectionate and cuddly person too, so this works out well.  The event I am thinking of in particular here happened last night.  I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to find myself laying the on edge of bed with the Artist laying where I should have been laying, and he was wrapped right around me.  He was so snuggled up, and warm, and sleeping peacefully, that I tried my hardest to stay awake to savour this moment as long as possible.  For those of you who know me, this didn’t last long because I am the hugest “sleeper”.  I have no tolerance for being sleepy.  If I am at all tired, I have to sleep- or watch out.  And I need a good 9 hours a night to feel refreshed.  Too many nights in a row with less then that exhausts me.  And I can sleep through anything- severe weather and storms, loud noises, people talking, and I can even sleep through pain.  And no matter where I am!  Whether it is in the car (yes, at 24 years old I still fall asleep in the car often), the bus or subway, at home, during the day, it doesn’t matter.

So back to my story, I love this crazy contrast about the Artist’s appearance and personality.  And that moment last night was so amazing, I wanted to hold on to it so tightly.  And this morning, I was trying to get out of bed, but with his eyes still closed and that mischievous smile, he held on tight so I couldn’t get up.  “Lets snuggle”.  Of course I don’t need to be asked twice!  It was a great Saturday morning.

So here is a little collection of baked goods I have made over the past few months, I consider these “the stars”, because I have made lots of things, these are just the best ones.  My Artist loves baked goods, especially cakes and pastries.  So I am always making them for him to enjoy.  And I think I am the most understanding wife, because as I type I am thinking about how I got everything clean yesterday except the floors.  Why?  Because the Artist has art all over them.  But instead of nagging for him to clean it all up so I can vacuum and mop, I told him him what nice work he has made, and which were my favourites.  I have my whole life to clean the floors.  In this house, “life” comes first!  Spending time together, doing fun things, spending time with family, and the like, all come before cleaning or organizing.  If my mom calls when I am about to do dishes, being so far away from her, it is no competition.  I throw in the towel, literally, and have a nice long chat.

Back to the baked goods!

The Artist was in New York for Valentine’s Day and I was here, so I made these fun cupcakes!  Much easier then they appear.  It involves cooking some of the batter first (and colouring it) and then cutting them into shapes and awkwardly holding them in the cupcake pan while pouring the white batter around them, and baking again.  And remembering very precisely where and how to cut so you can see the shape, haha!


The Artist’s birthday cheesecake, that we had while my parents were visiting.  That was such a great week.


“For No Reason” cheesecake swirled brownies that I made one weekend.


“Everything” oatmeal cookies, a favourite in our house, especially for the Artist.  These are so chewy and delicious, my mouth is watering.  I like to freeze various doughs in batches so I can make a few at at time and not binge on an entire batch of batter between the 2 of us in one go.  I also like to make goodies and freeze them so I can just pull them out any time!


I know this isn’t a baked good, but how awesome is it that we made our own butter?!  Just whipping cream in the food processor.  It was so good we didn’t even add any salt.  And as a bi product, we got buttermilk, which went fantastic in pancakes the next morning.


“Just Because” lemon poppyseed loaf, one of the Artist’s favourites.


I am happy to report our place is now 75 degrees.  It feels so cold, but so nice.  I guess we Canadians like the cold, because I have been losing my mind with this heat.  And winters in St. Louis?  Ha!  What winter? 😉

The Perfect Doughnut and the Little Things in Life

After dinner, the Artist decides he needs to carb-a-load.  I feel the same way, late night noshing is hard to resist when you are craving it.  But, I am resisting.

The Artist- What can I eat?

Me- Remember those doughnuts I brought back the other day?

The Artist- (reminiscing the heaven that is this perfect, fresh, fluffy doughnut from a few days ago, and answering me before my sentence is finished) That’s what I need.

Me- Those were so good.  And I gave you both.

The Artist- (with the sweetest smile and bluest eyes) I was just excited for you to be home, and then you brought those in.

Me- Aww you are so sweet (as I move in for a cuddle)!  I love coming home, especially if I know you will be home too.  And I love bringing you surprise treats!  It is my favourite thing 😀

The Artist- It’s my favourite thing too 😉

These really were the perfect doughnuts.

The Artist saying that he is always excited for just me to be coming home, is definitely one of the things he does that makes me smile.  Over the years we have been together, he has always expressed happiness and gratefulness even for the smallest things.  Every time I do the dishes, vacuum, do laundry, cook, bake, anything- I am greeted right away with hugs and kisses and thanks.  And I for him.  It is like a contagious circle.  Because now he will do something nice for me, and then I will do something again, then back to him, and so on.  The nice thing I have done for the Artist most recently is bake him some muffins.  I made some super-healthy-no-added-sugar-lowish-carb-high-fibre bran muffins, half with raisins and half without, to see if what they would be like without the raisins (less sugar of course).  Turns out, they need the raisins.  I have been wanting to make a batch for awhile now, and he has been wanting them a lot lately, so before he gets out of bed, I of course scurry into the kitchen and whip up a batch.  There is nothing like waking up to the smell of something delicious cooking in the morning.

DSCN0723 DSCN0724

Another thing I would like to share is this photo.  I was letting these bananas defrost a little before I put them in the blender for smoothie popsicle, and I walked in and saw this:


It’s the little things in life that I love.  Like waking up to the smell of goodies baking, or bacon sizzling.  Or when the Artist brings me a glass of diet coke with tons of ice right before we start a movie.  Or being greeted with a hug and kiss when he walks in the door before he even takes off his shoes.  Or knowing exactly when I need a cuddle.  Not only understanding my intolerance for hunger, but sharing it.  Knowing how much I hate doing dishes, and doing them while I am out.  And just being himself 110%.

I like to make the Artist his coffee in the mornings, he says it tastes better when I make it.  And I don’t even drink coffee.  But apparently it tastes better because it is made with love.  And it is true.  Things do taste better when someone else makes them, with extra love.  If I have to leave early for anything, I prepare it so he just has to press the “on” button.  If it is nearing noon and he is still asleep, I try to gently wake him with kisses or a back rub.  I cover him up with blankets when he is asleep and it is cold.  I bake him the latest goodie he is craving at the time, early in the morning, so he wakes up to warm cookies, muffins, or the like.  I am always able to find missing items that he can’t.  I can tell when he is hungry, and in “the bad place” and make him something to eat.  And I love when he makes the bed on me (I lay in the bed and he put the sheets and blankets on while I am in the bed).

These lists could go on and on.  This blog has been so good for reflecting on everything in life.  Even if no one is reading, I am enjoying every minute of reflecting as I write.  I think more people should do this.  It is a great tool.  It makes me feel very happy and content with life.