Homemade popsicles…and more heat.

I love making homemade popsicles!  I think it stems from my mother always freezing juice in popsicle moulds for us when we were kids, I ate Tang popsicles like crazy!  But now, I opt for more healthy choices of treats 🙂  I like to make fruity ones, and protein packed ones as well, with no added sugars, and with all natural ingredients.  So I sometimes enjoy several a day during these scorching times!  And they are super easy to make, I am never without them.  The fruity ones are best done in the food processor, but the protein packed ones can be done in the food processor or blender.

How to make homemade fruity popsicles:

1. Cut up fruit or berries of choice and remove any pits, place in food processor (I leave the skins on usually, because that is where all the fibre is!  It makes for more a textured popsicle, but the nutrients are worth it for me!)

2. Turn on food processor and wait several minutes to get the smoothest texture.  I taste, and then add honeydew melon to sweeten (or watermelon if I have no honeydew), especially with berries that can be more tart.  Add as much or as little melon, as per your taste.

3. Pour into moulds and freeze!

So easy!  So far I have made:



Cherry-Blueberry (with whole blueberries)


Cherry-Lemonade (just cherries, fresh lemon juice and lots of melon)




Peach (again)


Plum-Green Tea (freshly Brewed, unsweetened)


The protein packed popsicles are super easy too!  I just combine protein powder, non-fat plain Greek yogurt, a splash of milk, and some fruit in the blender, pour into moulds and freeze.

Strawberry-Chocolate-Banana (strawberry flavour is protein powder and chocolate flavour is cocoa powder)


Blueberry-Watermelon-Vanilla (the vanilla flavour is sugar-free vanilla pudding mix, but no protein, I didn’t have any on hand)


And I have also made a Banana-Chocolate one, but don’t have any photos.  It was chocolate protein powder, banana, non-fat greek yogurt, and banana, with a splash of milk.  Play around with the measurements until you get a taste and texture that you like, especially when working with protein powder.

I can home today and saw that the Artist went out while I was gone.  He had been talking about getting some sort of string to make hanging devices for plants, so I asked him how that went.

The Artist- Good, look in the fridge, I got you a treat!

Me- A watermelon!  Aww!  Yay!

(several minutes pass as we chat, check emails, etc.)

The Artist- Wait, I got you tons of treats!…..macaroni and cheese in a box, onion rings, and those chicken fingers you like!

Me- (run to the freezer to look at my goods, obviously for “cheat” days 😉 haha!) Aww, thank you!!

The Artist- I got you so many treats, and nothing for myself.  I only got myself string and summer sausage, and I don’t even like summer sausage.

This made me laugh really hard.  His tone of voice and uncomfortableness from heat, was just too funny.  The Artist is now sitting with a cold face cloth on top of his head.  What a brilliant idea!  I MUST try this.


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