My Artist <3

Every day, my Artist never fails to amaze or impress me in some way!  With his thoughtfulness, or being so caring and loving, or his addictive and crazy sense of humour, or his inventiveness, or extreme creative abilities, or patience, or problem-solving skills, or being the king of DIY projects and tasks, or having insanely incredible hands-on skills with making all types of art as well as homemade stuff (anything from cards to furniture to food, etc.), or his playfulness, or his silliness, or his laughter or smiles that melt my heart, or those crazy blue eyes looking at me with so much love….today, as well as every day- all of the above  Our mantra in life- “whatever happens in life, no matter what, we always have each other”. Happiness is contagious! 🙂  I am so grateful, and so lucky, to have such a wonderful husband who I know I can always count on no matter what, when life throws curve balls.



To switch gears a little…

There is something that I love about watching old movies on VHS tapes on a “cube”, non-flat screen TV. I have also gotten quite used to the peace and quiet of having no cell phone, cable TV, or any sort of iPod or similar device (I like to listen to records instead).  I like the simplicity of it.  The nostalgia.  The simple pleasures it brings.  The artist and I watched an old Robert De Niro movie, Cape Fear, on VHS.  It was awesome.


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