First Sewing Project

The Artist and I have birthdays only a few weeks apart, so my parents bought us a joint present- a sewing machine.  The Artist has been yearning for one for quite some time now, mostly for sewing canvas and other fabrics and materials together, and I have been wanting to try it out for mending and altering clothes, and maybe even-gulp!-making something from scratch!  So here it is, my very first sewing project! 😀



Not too bad!

Although….the ever so difficult technique of “sewing in a straight line” definitely needs to be improved…especially considered that all I did to this skirt was hem a long skirt into a short one.  When I reached the end and was back to where I started the hem, the starting point and ending point were a good centimetre or two away from one another.  It took me longer to figure out how to work the sewing machine then it did to hem the skirt.  After 3 practice tries on scraps, I finally figured it out.  What I did differently to get it to sew properly?  No idea.  Ha!

But I am looking forward to playing with this new toy, I already have my next project started.  But whether or not it turns out as something I can wear, or gets used as paint rags, only time will tell.


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