When Your Apartment is 90 Degrees When You Go to Bed- It is Too Hot!

The heat here has been so unbearable lately, I feel like my brain is cooking.  The humidity is so uncomfortable, it is no wonder I am going through so much deodorant.  Over these past few months of increasing heat temperatures, I have noticed the following:

1. My razor melts to the bathroom window sill.

2. When I go to bed I check the thermostat, and when it says 90 degrees, I am just so glad it didn’t increase any further.

3. When it is somewhat cloudy out, and shades our apartment enough for a temperature drop, I am so happy when it goes all the way down to 85, and I consider it a treat.

4. When sitting in front of a fan, it is feels like the equivalent of the “hot breeze” you feel when you open the oven door.  So we have resorted to freezing large bowls of water and setting them in front of the fans, so at least the air that blows around is not hot air.

5.  The Artist and I both take cold showers.  Not even turning the hot water on even a little.  Pure cold.  Pure refreshing.  And if you view my very first post, you will see how the showering process goes here.

6. Tropical plants flourish in our apartment, the “sun rooms” might as well be called greenhouses.  We have mango, avocado, tamarind, orange, etc. plants growing like crazy.  We saved the seeds from the fruits and vegetables we eat, and the Artist germinates them.  Literally, they grow roots over night.

7. When walking outside, if the distance is more then a few steps from the car to the destination, it becomes difficult to take a fresh breath of air.

8. When we reach our destination, it is so air conditioned, we want to set up camp.

9. When we return home from our outing, especially if at a friend’s house and we have taken off our shoes, our floors feel heated, like walking on a hot sidewalk or something at the beach.

10. Our garbage turns into liquid before the bag is full.  It is small, we use plastic grocery bags in the garbage can.  And still, it seems like it immediately turns into disgusting garbage juice.

11. Putting a cold face cloth on top of my head, a technique the Artist taught me, is amazing!

12. Having an ice pack on your neck, back, or anywhere really, is essential.

13. My face, at 24 years old, has so many pimples from the constant layer of shiny, greasy, sweat.

14. We have stopped minding traffic, rush hours, or needing to go long distances, because our car has air conditioning- it is beautiful.  And more importantly, getting lost or turned around causing us to take a scenic route or go around the block is encouraged, because of the air conditioning in the car.  And we frequently get lost and/or turned around.  (Awhile back when we lived in Toronto, we were headed on vacation to meet our family, which was near a Canada-US border.  The Artist and I were talking away and all of a sudden we found ourselves approaching US customs- clearly, we missed our exit.  With no passports on hand of course.  And when we first came to St. Louis, we didn’t have internet yet, and our GPS works everywhere in the world, but for some reason, not in St. Louis.  So we had to “wing it” to find the store.  Well, we got lost and found ourselves in an exit-only lane that was the on-ramp to a highway, in a traffic jam, with no hopes of switching lanes.  So we had no idea which highway it was, what direction we were headed in, where to get off, how to get turned around, or even how to get home.  But, somehow, we made it.)

15. A huge water bottle, half filled with ice, must be taken everywhere- even just to quickly go pick up some milk.

16. I feverishly check the weather forecast several times a day hoping for clouds, rain, or anything that might give a few degrees of relief from the heat.  But the weather here is so unpredictable, the 35mm of rain and thunderstorms that we were supposed to get for like 3 days in a row starting today, is now just a few clouds.  And as I write this, it once again changes, and it is now raining, probably only for a minute or two, however.  So cross your fingers for a break from this heat- even if only for a few hours.  Heck, even if only for a few minutes.

P.S.  And alas, it has stopped raining already.  But at least the sun is not out!


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