A Sunday Afternoon of Food and Sewing

So on a glorious Sunday afternoon yesterday, I began my next sewing project- and I am happy to say that it didn’t end up in the paint rag pile 😀  This skirt I got from the Goodwill Outlet, the same place I got the last one, and it was too small around the waist and hip area.  So after close inspection, I concocted some way of creating space for my curves.  I removed the zipper in the back and added a “patch” of fabric in a “V” shape.  The skirt is also sort of a wrap-around style, so I was able to cut where it connected to open it up more, and then hemmed that.  It is super hard to get on and off because there is no zipper (I was home alone, and got rim-rocked for awhile, it was scary), and the fabric is not of a stretchy nature, so I have to struggle it over my head to get it in place.  But it is worth it!  And it is nice and secure around the waist, which I like (the perfect amount of tummy control) 😉




So after this project was complete, and of course I was all sweaty from the intense heat here, the rest of the afternoon called for a cold shower, a snack, and a movie in bed.  I had tried making kettle popcorn once before, and it was a disaster.  The sugar scorched like crazy and not only was the popcorn a black sticky mess, but the pot was impossible to clean, and the smell of the smoke burned my nostrils!  Ha!  So I tried again after I cleaned up the mess, and that I time simmered butter and brown sugar together and tossed it on the popcorn that I pre-popped.  It was good, but it was sticky.  And I am after super crunchy.   Today was a much, much bigger success.  I placed a bit of oil, (and a bit of butter for the flavour) in a pot, and when it got hot I added white sugar and stirred it all together.  I found that it helped if I took the pot off the burner for this step.  Then I added the kernels.  I shook vigorously and on a lower heat, and probably cooked it less then I should have because there were tons of un-popped kernels- but I was afraid of the nostril-burner fiasco of last time.  I poured it into a bowl, sprinkled with salt, and wow- what an amazing goodie.  It was absolutely delicious, and had the perfect crunch.  Not quite as good as the vendor who sells it at the farmer’s market, but still amazing.  This vendor’s popcorn is what got me hooked on kettle popcorn, and the root cause of this craving in the first place.


I got all nestled into my bed with my bowl of popcorn, and watched my movie.

The Artist then cooked a chicken-rice-vegetable stirfry for dinner.

What a truly great day.


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