My Artist, My Chef, My Perfect Husband

I was chatting to a friend on Facebook last night, and the Artist was in the other room.  I assume he was making art, or flipping through one of his 50 library books (literally- he has without a doubt 50 something library books checked out), or tinkering with the plants he has been growing.  I wasn’t positive which one it was, because I had a fan blasting right beside me because, what a surprise, it is blazingly hot here and I couldn’t hear what he was actually doing.

What he was actually doing was this; cleaning the kitchen, and making dinner.  How do I know this?  Because all of a sudden I hear “Dinner!”, and I walk in and see food on the table and all the dishes done, and the kitchen clean and looking stupendous 🙂  Just sparkling.  Dinner wasn’t anything too fancy tonight, mostly in the interest of “what is the quickest thing to make that creates the least amount of heat?”.  So we had chicken accompanied this delicious cheese bread thing cut into breadstick-like fingers, dipped in a homemade marinara tomato sauce, made by yours truly a little while ago.  This is without a doubt the most delicious bread I have ever had.  I was moved, almost to tears.  It made this whole healthy-eating-portion-control-only-have-1-piece thing hard, and its not like it was whole wheat or anything.  I am both ashamed, and delighted to say, I ate 3 big fat pieces.  And I was so full, I couldn’t bring myself to eat a serving of vegetables.  And I must add, this heavenly bread was the Artist’s pick at the grocery store.  It is now, without a doubt, a must-have on our regular shopping list, it was just that good.

This is one of the many reasons why I love my husband so much.  He is so thoughtful, caring and sweet.  Not only did he want that bread for himself, he knew I would love just as much.  He knows me.  He gets me more then anyone else.


Later on, we decided to snuggle into bed and watch Angels and Demons that we borrowed from the library.  I decided to whip up some chocolate covered pretzels to munch on while we watch.  (Why do I keep insisting on eating junk food?!)


It takes time to dip all the pretzels in the melted chocolate, and I was getting anxious to start the movie, and keeping in mind the eat-healthy mantra, I only made a few.  And another reason I love my husband so much, he knows how much I love chocolate, and the sweet and salty combination, so he only had 1 or 2 and let me have the rest 😉


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