A Little Life Inspiration

Today, I have decided that I am going to try and post something in each blog post about how the Artist amazes or inspires me, or does something sweet and thoughtful, and also what I do for him in the same context.  I thought of this today when I was making the Artist breakfast.  He made me breakfast in bed for my birthday, and waking up to the smell of bacon was just amazing.  I wanted to return the favour.  So while he was still asleep I started to cook up the bacon, cutting up watermelon, and mixing chocolate chip pancake batter.  He woke up (probably because of all the ruckus I was making in the kitchen) and came in all sleepy with a smile on his face, and then sat down at the kitchen table while I got him some coffee.  That is when I noticed that the back of his shirt had something on it….but nope.  It was just the Old Navy logo of his shirt, because he had put it on backwards.  This put a huge smile on my face 😀  And for anyone who knows my husband, he is a sleepyhead in the mornings, and a night owl at night.  I then immediately remembered to just the other day when I walked in the door and he told me that he had his shirt on inside out and noticed it when he went to undo a button, and couldn’t.

The reason that this amazes and inspires me is because the Artist is so busy looking at the world, observing and taking in every single bit of stimulant and seeing the beauty of what is seemingly ordinary, that he was probably looking or thinking about something else while getting dressed.  And not thinking “I have to do dishes” or “What movie should I watch later?”, but rather more along the lines of seeing and thinking about the beauty of a colour, shape, or shadow in the distance, and that it would make a good painting.  Or sometimes I might walk in the door and see him eating at the table and say:

Me- Are you just having lunch now?  It’s 3pm!

The Artist- Ya, I was painting and I was on a roll, I couldn’t stop.

Me- Aww, show me, show me! 🙂

His creative genius takes over and time flies before he realizes he has missed lunch.  This level of passion has no words to describe it.  It runs in his blood.




As I mentioned in an earlier post, every day, the Artist never fails to inspire or amaze me in some way.  And I for him.  And I think that deserves a few words 🙂


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