Stomach Aches and Chips

The Artist has been complaining of an upset stomach all day, and seems concerned.  After we talked a bit about it….

Me- I’m sure it will just go away.

The Artist- I don’t think there is anything I can do right now, maybe just take anti-inflammatories.

Me- You took some today?

The Artist- No.

Me- (laughing my head off at his hilarious tone) Why not?

The Artist- I took some yesterday and it helped.

Me- (continuing to laugh my head off at his hilarious tone) So what’s the problem?

The Artist- It came back.

So he decides that some kale chips could be a good, healthy, stomach friendly snack.  And they are something I have been wanting to try as well, so into the kitchen he goes to concoct some kale chips with kale, oil, and salt.  As they are in the oven, he comes in to sit with me.

The Artist- (holding some bread) This will help my stomach. This, and a beer (showing me his beer).

Me- (laughing my head off at his hilarious tone as the Artist sits down)

The Artist- I spilled.  In my beard and all over my shirt, see?  Ugh, and I just showered, and its all in my beard and went through my shirt and is touching my skin!  I forgot it was a full can of beer.

The kale chips turned out to be reasonable.  They were super easy to make, and crunchy, salty and healthy.  The scorched pieces left a bitter taste in your mouth though, and that moment right after chewing but before swallowing was kind of like having wet chewed up paper in your mouth.  But, we came to a verdict that we are going to try them again with different seasonings and flavours.  I don’t find them as addicting as some people have said, but they were alright.

Making the kale chips is definitely a smile-on-my-face moment from the Artist.  They are something I have been wanting to try, and the artist made them for me.  And he says that my healthy habits are rubbing off, and are encouraging him too.

I don’t have a picture of the kale chips, but I have also made potato and sweet potato chips using a Chipster.  It is a gadget that you place your potato or whatever on and put in the microwave.  No oils or anything needed, just your vegetable and seasonings of choice is desired.  They are AWESOME!  Reminds me of Baked Lay’s varieties.  I leave the skins on, because that’s where all the fibre is, and I prefer the taste as well.

The Artist flavouring with salt and vinegar (couldn’t really taste the vinegar, I think popcorn seasoning would have worked better)


Sea salt.




Super satisfied!


Sweet potato- Delicious!  (I didn’t like them salted actually)


Until next time.


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