The Perfect Doughnut and the Little Things in Life

After dinner, the Artist decides he needs to carb-a-load.  I feel the same way, late night noshing is hard to resist when you are craving it.  But, I am resisting.

The Artist- What can I eat?

Me- Remember those doughnuts I brought back the other day?

The Artist- (reminiscing the heaven that is this perfect, fresh, fluffy doughnut from a few days ago, and answering me before my sentence is finished) That’s what I need.

Me- Those were so good.  And I gave you both.

The Artist- (with the sweetest smile and bluest eyes) I was just excited for you to be home, and then you brought those in.

Me- Aww you are so sweet (as I move in for a cuddle)!  I love coming home, especially if I know you will be home too.  And I love bringing you surprise treats!  It is my favourite thing 😀

The Artist- It’s my favourite thing too 😉

These really were the perfect doughnuts.

The Artist saying that he is always excited for just me to be coming home, is definitely one of the things he does that makes me smile.  Over the years we have been together, he has always expressed happiness and gratefulness even for the smallest things.  Every time I do the dishes, vacuum, do laundry, cook, bake, anything- I am greeted right away with hugs and kisses and thanks.  And I for him.  It is like a contagious circle.  Because now he will do something nice for me, and then I will do something again, then back to him, and so on.  The nice thing I have done for the Artist most recently is bake him some muffins.  I made some super-healthy-no-added-sugar-lowish-carb-high-fibre bran muffins, half with raisins and half without, to see if what they would be like without the raisins (less sugar of course).  Turns out, they need the raisins.  I have been wanting to make a batch for awhile now, and he has been wanting them a lot lately, so before he gets out of bed, I of course scurry into the kitchen and whip up a batch.  There is nothing like waking up to the smell of something delicious cooking in the morning.

DSCN0723 DSCN0724

Another thing I would like to share is this photo.  I was letting these bananas defrost a little before I put them in the blender for smoothie popsicle, and I walked in and saw this:


It’s the little things in life that I love.  Like waking up to the smell of goodies baking, or bacon sizzling.  Or when the Artist brings me a glass of diet coke with tons of ice right before we start a movie.  Or being greeted with a hug and kiss when he walks in the door before he even takes off his shoes.  Or knowing exactly when I need a cuddle.  Not only understanding my intolerance for hunger, but sharing it.  Knowing how much I hate doing dishes, and doing them while I am out.  And just being himself 110%.

I like to make the Artist his coffee in the mornings, he says it tastes better when I make it.  And I don’t even drink coffee.  But apparently it tastes better because it is made with love.  And it is true.  Things do taste better when someone else makes them, with extra love.  If I have to leave early for anything, I prepare it so he just has to press the “on” button.  If it is nearing noon and he is still asleep, I try to gently wake him with kisses or a back rub.  I cover him up with blankets when he is asleep and it is cold.  I bake him the latest goodie he is craving at the time, early in the morning, so he wakes up to warm cookies, muffins, or the like.  I am always able to find missing items that he can’t.  I can tell when he is hungry, and in “the bad place” and make him something to eat.  And I love when he makes the bed on me (I lay in the bed and he put the sheets and blankets on while I am in the bed).

These lists could go on and on.  This blog has been so good for reflecting on everything in life.  Even if no one is reading, I am enjoying every minute of reflecting as I write.  I think more people should do this.  It is a great tool.  It makes me feel very happy and content with life.


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