A Sample of Some of My Baked Goods

I am pleased to say, that I woke up this morning and I was freezing!  And by freezing I mean the fans were blowing directly on me with no blankets at 77 degrees!!!!  Finally, some heat relief.  I have never been so happy to pull on blankets and be all snuggly warm.  It was marvellous.  It is sunny and gorgeous outside, definitely going to be an outdoorsy type of day.

Speaking of snuggly, the latest thing about the Artist that I love is this contrast he has.  He appears large, I tell people he is a “big guy”.  He is very muscular, with very broad shoulders and very strong.  He has longish hair, for a man anyways, and a big, full beard.  He looks very manly, very masculine.  But he is the biggest teddy bear ever 😀  The contrast here is the cutest thing in the world.  He is super sweet and sensitive, caring, loving, thoughtful, and very affectionate and cuddly.  I am a very affectionate and cuddly person too, so this works out well.  The event I am thinking of in particular here happened last night.  I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to find myself laying the on edge of bed with the Artist laying where I should have been laying, and he was wrapped right around me.  He was so snuggled up, and warm, and sleeping peacefully, that I tried my hardest to stay awake to savour this moment as long as possible.  For those of you who know me, this didn’t last long because I am the hugest “sleeper”.  I have no tolerance for being sleepy.  If I am at all tired, I have to sleep- or watch out.  And I need a good 9 hours a night to feel refreshed.  Too many nights in a row with less then that exhausts me.  And I can sleep through anything- severe weather and storms, loud noises, people talking, and I can even sleep through pain.  And no matter where I am!  Whether it is in the car (yes, at 24 years old I still fall asleep in the car often), the bus or subway, at home, during the day, it doesn’t matter.

So back to my story, I love this crazy contrast about the Artist’s appearance and personality.  And that moment last night was so amazing, I wanted to hold on to it so tightly.  And this morning, I was trying to get out of bed, but with his eyes still closed and that mischievous smile, he held on tight so I couldn’t get up.  “Lets snuggle”.  Of course I don’t need to be asked twice!  It was a great Saturday morning.

So here is a little collection of baked goods I have made over the past few months, I consider these “the stars”, because I have made lots of things, these are just the best ones.  My Artist loves baked goods, especially cakes and pastries.  So I am always making them for him to enjoy.  And I think I am the most understanding wife, because as I type I am thinking about how I got everything clean yesterday except the floors.  Why?  Because the Artist has art all over them.  But instead of nagging for him to clean it all up so I can vacuum and mop, I told him him what nice work he has made, and which were my favourites.  I have my whole life to clean the floors.  In this house, “life” comes first!  Spending time together, doing fun things, spending time with family, and the like, all come before cleaning or organizing.  If my mom calls when I am about to do dishes, being so far away from her, it is no competition.  I throw in the towel, literally, and have a nice long chat.

Back to the baked goods!

The Artist was in New York for Valentine’s Day and I was here, so I made these fun cupcakes!  Much easier then they appear.  It involves cooking some of the batter first (and colouring it) and then cutting them into shapes and awkwardly holding them in the cupcake pan while pouring the white batter around them, and baking again.  And remembering very precisely where and how to cut so you can see the shape, haha!


The Artist’s birthday cheesecake, that we had while my parents were visiting.  That was such a great week.


“For No Reason” cheesecake swirled brownies that I made one weekend.


“Everything” oatmeal cookies, a favourite in our house, especially for the Artist.  These are so chewy and delicious, my mouth is watering.  I like to freeze various doughs in batches so I can make a few at at time and not binge on an entire batch of batter between the 2 of us in one go.  I also like to make goodies and freeze them so I can just pull them out any time!


I know this isn’t a baked good, but how awesome is it that we made our own butter?!  Just whipping cream in the food processor.  It was so good we didn’t even add any salt.  And as a bi product, we got buttermilk, which went fantastic in pancakes the next morning.


“Just Because” lemon poppyseed loaf, one of the Artist’s favourites.


I am happy to report our place is now 75 degrees.  It feels so cold, but so nice.  I guess we Canadians like the cold, because I have been losing my mind with this heat.  And winters in St. Louis?  Ha!  What winter? 😉


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