A Special Edition Post- My Brothers

This is a special edition post dedicated to my brothers, because they think I write “novels” and am crazy with this blog haha!  So this is a novel about them.

For Sean….

Remember how we used to have “sleepovers” and watch Ace Ventura late at night with all the lights off, each of us laying on a couch with blankets and the pillows from our beds?  And then eat melted chocolate with a spoon?  And packs of gushers?  And laugh so hard we probably woke everyone up?

Remember when we built sail boats out of popsicle sticks and foam and put them in the bath tub to see if they float?  And when they didn’t sink we raced them using a hair dryer for wind?  Remember how we were probably “too old” to be building with popsicle sticks (considering I was in university)?

Remember how you, Michael and I went camping in Meaford by ourselves a few days before mom and dad arrived?  And how we got those onion rings that are the best onion rings on the planet?  And then how we dropped them in the dirt, and still ate them?

Remember how we went to Mr. Norm’s and always got the same, weird, yet plainest ice cream combination?  Lets see if you remember….comment the flavour 😉

Remember when we watched Criminal Minds on the portable DVD player on the way to grandma and grandpa’s, which was the start of my addiction?

Remember how we used to eat all of mom’s peas from the garden before anyone else got any?

Remember when me an Michael took swimming lessons in Stayner, and you sat with mom and watched, eating soda crackers and playing with action figures because you didn’t like swimming?  And then all of a sudden it clicked, and you loved it?

Remember when you, the Artist, and I went camping with like no supplies, because we were going to the beach for the day and then mom was bringing us all the supplies in the van that night?  Remember how it then thunder stormed?  And we had no food?  And instead of mom arriving at dinner time, it was like midnight?  And we were joking about eating rats and squirrels?  Has McDonald’s ever tasted as good as it did that night?

Remember when you and the Artist stayed up until 7am playing Ping Pong and getting just down right hammered?

Remember going to Zeke’s cottage in Wasaga and going to that little store for candy all the time?  And that little blue ball you got?

Remember how I used to make you fried bologna for lunch during summer holidays when we were young?  And mom would always give us a list of chores, and you were too little for a lot of them and I envied how you always ended up dusting and I ended up doing floors or dishes?

Remember how we always made forts, especially with that copper coloured card table?  And that awesome one outside with the TV in it, and we ate like a whole bag of cookies?

Remember chewy chocolate chip cookies?

Remember homemade pizza buns for lunches every day?

Remember Mega Bloks?

Remember Dragon Tales?  Beetle Borgs?  The Land Before Time?  Little Bear?  That other bear show where they were real stuffed animals, one of them called Old Bear?  Air Bud?  Lady and the Tramp?  Snow Dogs?

Remember your huge collection of various dollar store bows and arrows, cap guns, etc.?

Remember those little doughnuts from Wonderland?

Remember camping with Pete and Shannon?

Remember that time we went bowling, and played in their arcade, and that game where you ride a motorcycle?

Remember when you took time off work to help out with wedding stuff when the Artist and I got married?

I feel very lucky to have such a close relationship with you, and that you and the Artist are best buds.  Who else is going to drive everyone crazy running around shooting various Nerf products?  You have bailed the Artist and I out of emergency financial pickles more than once, and even though I always seem to live in places far away, when we get together it is like no time has passed.  You are very generous, and I could think of so many more examples.  I am very grateful.


The camping trip where we went without parents for a few days.

The camping trip where we went without parents for a few days.

Kinder Surprises!  Another thing we still share, a love for that chocolate.

Kinder Surprises! Another thing we still share, a love for that chocolate.

Remember how I used to suck at mini golf?  And now I am good?  2 holes in 1 last time!

Remember how I used to suck at mini golf? And now I am good? 2 holes in 1 last time!


A very "Sean" thing to do.

A very “Sean” thing to do.


The 2 playmates.

The 2 playmates.

For Michael…

Remember when we would get in trouble for talking or playing instead of sleeping when we were kids?

Remember when we used to play Power Rangers?

Remember making snow forts at school during recess?

Remember taking electives at school in Creemore?

Remember our snow scooters?

Remember trying to sneak down to play at the little stream by the barn, and mom somehow always knowing what we were up to and stopping us?

Remember the movie marathons we had during summer holidays before we were old enough to get jobs?

Remember when we went water tubing in Sherkston Shores and you were driving, and dumped me off the tube?  And how I couldn’t get back on?

Remember spending hours and hours in the pool when we would go on Florida trips?

Remember always stopping at Shoney’s on the way to Florida and eating copious amount of bacon at the breakfast buffet?

Remember that crazy ice storm that one year, where we had no hydro for so long, and no school, and thought all the ice was fun to play on?

Remember our make-shift slip n’ slide, which was a tarp?

Remember how we used to do the children’s farmer’s market in Creemore and stay up all night the night before making everything?

Remember our Super Troopers phase, where we watched that movie every day after school?

Remember getting candy at the Shell, and Slush Puppies at Jug City?

Remember when we would rent movies from Jug City and flip coins or draw from a hat who got to watch first?

You were my first friend and play mate, and sometimes I think we would gang up on Sean together, haha!  You still come to me for advice sometimes, and I am glad you feel you can come to me- because you always can.  And even though I am always the one who lives far away, the glorious invention of the internet and Facebook has kept us close.  This is just a few examples, I could name so many more!

Latest Florida trip.

Latest Florida trip.

A very "Michael" photo.

A very “Michael” photo.

mike3 mike2

Family board games while camping.

Family board games while camping.

Writing this got me thinking….about how lucky I am to have such a great family, and how lucky I am that the Artist loves my family as much as I do (and they love him like one of their own).  I think  I would like to do a few more special edition posts, and “remember when…” for my dad, mom, and sister.  I can’t wait for our next trip to Canada to see everyone. xoxoxoxo.


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