Special Edition Sister Post

I just couldn’t wait to do another special edition family post, “remember when…” style!  My last post got me thinking about my family, I just had to get it all out to the world, because I have such a great family!

For Sherilee…

Remember when we were pen pals when we were young?  And how you used to always send me homemade beaded jewellery with your letters?  I still have some of them.

Remember when you worked in Creemore at the Tea House, and we came for ice cream while you were working?

Remember when you were a lifeguard and we would come swimming when you were on duty?  And you gave us little toys that sank to go diving for?

Remember when I got married, and you made all those delicious desserts?  And how supportive, helpful, and wonderful you were?  I could think of no one better to bear witness to my special day.

Remember when you an Allan came camping, the summer I was entering high school?  And you taught us all how to play president?  It is still Sean’s favourite game.

Remember the trip to Florida this past Christmas?  And how much fun it was?  And how Steve melted the tea kettle?  And how Allan was our on-call handy man?  And all those games of Taboo and chocolate martinis?  And our big 5am talk in the car about careers, children, working moms, etc.?

Remember when we used to get out the skipping ropes in the house when we were younger?  Yet there was a huge yard outside….maybe it was winter.

Remember teaching us how to make swamp water by mixing different juices?

Remember how you got me connected to Guelph University?  And how that has saved the Artist and I many times?

Remember how you and Allan helped me with all my resumes, cover letters, and job applications?

Remember when we were kids, and you used to get to stay up later then us because you were older, and I was so jealous?

Remember when you came to a wedding with us (one of my uncles got married?), and I was sick the entire time, and slept through most of it, and then proceeded to throw up in the car on the way home?

Remember the wedding we went to in Ottawa, and drank shots all night and danced our faces off?

Remember the countless times we have laughed so hard our cheeks were sore?  Usually because of some crazy story about the Artist and I, or something the Artist did that was hilarious?

Remember when you got married, and how beautiful you looked?  I knew I was in the presence of true love.  You and Allan are just amazing, very inspiring people.  And so generous to provide us with the means to travel to be there.

I could name a million more.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing sister.  You have such an impressive resume, it is intimidating (haha!).  You motivate me to work hard and go for what I want.  You were very helpful in breaking my “impostor syndrome”, insisting that it me and my intelligence pulling off assignments and exams with little preparation, and getting wicked grades with little effort.  I cannot believe you are getting a PhD.  That makes me speechless.  I love telling everyone about my sister and her husband, and the adventures they go on and the places they go.  I am so grateful that we have a strong relationship, and even though we live far away, when we get together it is like no time has passed at all.

I am looking forward to next time we are together, and the insane laughter we will share 😉

sherilee2 sherilee


2 thoughts on “Special Edition Sister Post

  1. Hey Emily,
    What a kind and thoughtful post! Thank you so much for the nice words – they made my day!

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