Skype Visit with Grandparents and Parents

Last night I called my parents, and my mom wanted to call me back later because my grandparents had stopped by.  So I got my brother to set up his computer with Skype so we could all visit.  We ended up talking for about 4 hours.  It was amazing.  My grandparents have so much wisdom, it is just crazy.  The Artist and I love talking to them.  And they are hilarious, so we laugh until our cheeks are sore.  They have so many great stories about their lives and experiences, and they never fail to blow our minds away.  They are generous, supportive, loving, and really interested in what the Artist and I are up to.  We couldn’t stop talking last night, instead of sleeping, because they left us with so much to think about, in a good way.  I have always been close with them, spending tons of weekends there when I was a kid, hanging out with them and Char.  They were weekends of pure fun and games.  I remember being so sad when they said they were moving, because it would be too far away for these constant visits.  And then I got married.  And they took the Artist in right away, like one of their own.  They really truly do love him like their own, and it brings tears to my eyes just typing this.  I love that my family loves the Artist so much, and they can tell how much he means to me.  Last night, this really showed.  

So the Artist and I snuggled into bed afterwards, and we were just talking and being silly.  We were seeing who could roll their Rs the best, and talking in silly voices.  He has never been good at rolling Rs, but was doing it really well that night!  We laughed a lot, said a lot of “I love you’s”, and shared lots of tender hugs and kisses.  This is my favourite pass time.  Sometimes I think being in the real world, adults forget how to just play- myself included.  But the Artist has never forgotten, and he always “helps me find my dinosaur”.  We play and goof around a lot, he really brings it out in me.

Me- (as the Artist is awkwardly moving around the bed) What are you doing?

The Artist- Wiping the crumbs from the bed.  They are from my feet.

Me- (laughing so hard) Awww, that’s so funny!

No matter how many times I vacuum and clean the floors, they always seem to be covered with dust and crumbs.  I feel like I always have dirty feet, and I really hate dirty feet.  Just like I hate greasy or dirty hands, specifically in my palms.  Like I can’t touch butter when I am cooking or I will feel like I have greasy hands for days.  And lets say I rub some lotion on my legs, I wash my hands afterwards for the same reason.  At least he shares my dislike of dirty feet.  But it was a nice moment.  This weird scenario warmed my heart, for reasons unknown.  And I was reminded the of the other day, another weird scenario that warmed my heart.  I was sitting on the couch and could hear chainsaw noises, sort of faint and in the distance.  Now that doesn’t surprise me, because the Artist would love to be using a chainsaw to cut wood for the purposes of art making, in fact, he has before.  

Yes, that is kleenex sticking out of his ears.  He couldn't find ear plugs.

Yes, that is kleenex sticking out of his ears. He couldn’t find ear plugs.

But then it phased me, why would he have a chainsaw in our apartment, and where did he get it?  Turns out, he was watching YouTube videos about different chainsaw techniques.  Why?  Beats me.  But that is the beauty of it.  He doesn’t need a specific reason to learn about something.  He just loves to learn.  He is curious about anything and everything, and always has his thinking cap on.  And then he tells me all about what he learns and now I am an expert on it too (well, maybe, haha!).  It is just a wonderful thing to be a part of.

Or also recently, I came in the door and the Artist was wearing shoes.  Sounds ordinary right?  Well, the time had come, that there was no avoiding it- he needed a new pair.  I am getting out-of-control-cheap and we found a good deal.  So it was the fact that he was wearing his new shoes around the house that made me smile.  I knew right away that this was because he wanted to catch glimpses of himself in the mirror, and his reflection in things as we went about his day so he could see how they looked on him.  That, and he was just so excited for them, he had to wear them.  The Artist loves shopping, and clothes, and has a great sense of style.  He has a good eye for finding things for me too.  How many people can say their boyfriends or husbands love shopping, especially clothes shopping?  Just another, one of many, interests the Artist has, and something I love about him.

I asked him what nice things I have done for him lately that I should post on here, and he replies “lots of things, just being you”.  It is not even noon yet and I have lost track of how many heart melting moments we have had.  And out of all the things, he says “cutting up that watermelon”.  I like to cut watermelon into cubes to eat, but the Artist likes the wedges with the rind still intact, but I never cut it like that.  So last time I was cutting some up, I cut a bunch into wedges for him.  And we were heading out for a fun night together, and I wore this dress that he loves and did my hair and makeup.  And after being married for 3 years, he never loses that look on his face when I “emerge” after getting all fancied up.  And as we approach the car to head out, he opens my door and ushers with his hand “your carriage awaits” and then closes the door as I am in.  He is the sweetest, most sensitive and thoughtful husband ever.  Seriously.  

(These are his new shoes)

This is the dress I mentioned, and his new shoes.

We spend a lot of time together, and no matter what we are doing, it is always special.  Even if it is just laying in bed on a rainy day watching TV.  Always, we are giggling, being silly, and telling each other how we feel.  We were recently talking about the big accomplishments we have done in our lives thus far, and I said that being happily married for 3 years is a huge one.  Just getting married at all is a huge deal.  And he replied with “ya but anyone can get married….it is who I married that made it special and a big deal, and a big accomplishment in my life”.  


On our wedding day.

We may not have much, we may be “starving students”, but to be healthy and to have each other- we are truly rich.


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