Memories, Life, Bacon, and Pancakes

Last time I talked to my grandparents, on Skype, my grandpa asked me if I kept a journal of any sort.  I told him the only thing I really write is this blog, about my life and interests.  And he said that one day years from now, having that written down will be a great memory, and something to share with my family.  And if I have kids, and they read it when they are my age, they will think I am crazy!  Haha!  They won’t believe it!  My grandpa makes a really good point.  I love memories.  And I love sharing memories and hearing others.

Here are some photos of me when I was a baby with my grandparents and mom.


Grandparents and I.


My mom, grandma, great grandma (oma) and I. This is my grandpa’s mom.

Today, as of right now, this very moment, I want to remember that I woke up looking forward to just spending the day with the Artist, and embracing the days left before he starts school again.  If it is sunny we will go out for some fresh air, perhaps Forest Park.  If it is raining or overcast, who knows- but we will be together.  If we simply run an errand, get some groceries, or pick something up from the library, it will be a great time.  We love to laugh and giggle, be silly, talk in weird voices, and recite hilarious lines from our favourite shows.  We do this just around the house too, which makes for a great day.  We have nothing planned so far, but I just know that it will be one to remember, because every day is.  The Artist is my best friend, my husband, the person I most admire and look up to, he is motivating and encouraging of anything I do, and supportive in every way possible.  And I for him.  When I wake up in the morning, I am thinking about ways I can make his day better, even just little things- and him for me.   This morning, I am going to make him breakfast while he is still sleeping so he can wake up to something delicious.  And the other day, the Artist gave me the rest of his peanut M&Ms, because he knows how much I love chocolate and candies, and would rather see me enjoying them then himself (even though I had my own and polished them off earlier).  The little things to make each other’s day better really do make the difference.  And even though I know how to cook, and am reasonably good at it, I love when the Artist cooks for me.  And he loves when I cook for him.  I think I may have said this before, but when something is made with love, it tastes so much better.

This is the breakfast in bed I got on my birthday recently.


Even though it is not his birthday, the Artist is about to get spoiled with something similar 😉

Here are some photos of our recent silliness, and fun and games.

fun fun2 fun3 fun4 fun5 fun6 fun7

We are a great team.  Right from the beginning.  The best of friends.  In love.  Married.  Happy.

This photo was taken before the Artist and I were even dating.  It was shortly after we became roommates and instantly best friends.

This photo was taken before the Artist and I were even dating. It was shortly after we became roommates and instantly best friends.


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