Update: Continuance From Last Post

After I finished typing my last post, I scurried into the kitchen to prepare the Artist’s coffee.  Then I put on the bacon, mixed up some pancake batter, and got everything started.  The Artist loves chocolate chips in his pancakes, and I love them that way too, so I added some.  I set out real Canadian home made maple syrup with our plates and cutlery and beverages.  The Artist was still sleeping, and I thought about more ways I could surprise him when he wakes up.  I know he hates when there are dirty dishes in our 1 tiny, little kitchen sink, because it makes it hard to rinse stuff and get water from the tap, so I cleaned all that up and put away the clean dishes from the drying rack.  The pancakes are on, the bacon is sizzling, and the house is filling up with the delicious smells.  As everything is nearing complete, I head in to wake up the Artist.  As I come in the door, he rolls over with a huge smile on his face, even though his eyes are still closed, and says “You’re the best.  I’m so happy.”  And then proceeds to pull me into bed for a snuggle.

He said he was having a dream about hyenas stealing our food, so waking up to this was the best.  Awwwww ❤  I went back into the kitchen to flip the pancakes and remove the bacon, and I see the Artist emerge wearing this white shirt that is my favourite.  For whatever reason, I think he just looks so good in it, even though he isn’t overly crazy about it.  He thinks he has better shirts.  But, knowing how much I like it and how good I think he looks in it, he put it on.

Doing nice things is contagious.  You would be surprised.  Little things or big things, it doesn’t matter, puts everyone in a good mood, and being happy and thankful for your kindness, they return it back.

As everything finished cooking, I plated our breakfast and brought it to the table.  Coffee for the Artist, milk for me, pancakes and bacon and vitamins for us both.  It was delicious.  I love sweet and salty combinations.  And having a big breakfast makes for a great start to a great day.  We gobbled up our goodies, and I thought some nice, cold, watermelon would be refreshing.  The Artist loves his watermelon in wedges, so I cut us each a great big one.  It was exceptionally juicy, so we scrunched in together over the sink and devoured them, in light of not making any further dishes.

DSCN0031 DSCN0032

What a great morning.  The Artist is in such a good mood because of all my little surprises for him, and I am in such a good mood for having treated him.  We both enjoying being spoiled by the other, and we both enjoy being the one to do the spoiling.  The Artist is now on the computer and reading me highly philosophical, and intelligent art related quotes.  He looks quite comfortable and content, with his thinking cap on.  I like knowing I had something to do with this happiness.  Maybe he will make some art later, (and yes, he does draw/paint me sometimes 😉 ) or cook us a nice dinner, or whatever.  It makes me happy to make him happy.  And then later, when he returns the favour, and warms my heart with a nice gesture, the circle continues.

Like I said before, we make a great team.

Happiness is contagious.


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