Pizza, Plantains, Muffins, and Life

I walk in the door today, and the Artist immediately, as usual, begins talking my ear off about all the art he has made while I was out.  Just like show and tell.  He shows me all the new works he did, tells me about how they came to be, crazy mishaps along the way, and asks me what I think of them.  His voice is so full of pride it is bursting out of him- this in turn, makes me burst with admiration.  Seeing such talent at work every day is such a wonderful thing.  I feel so fortunate to get to witness it.  And he has been alone all day, so he has been dying to talk to someone about it, and I love being that someone.  The Artist has such a poetic sense about him- he has poetic-ness in every aspect of his life.  His art, his hobbies, his whole life.  But most of all, his words.  I never heard someone speak so poetically before.  He has the hugest vocabulary, and teaches me something new every day.  He is very philosophical, and we have some pretty amazing talks.

Our most common time/places for these big talks:

– right before a shower

– right before a workout

– laying on our bed in the middle of the day

– as soon as I get home from somewhere and he has been home making art all day

– late at night before we fall asleep

– in the shower

– in the car

– sitting in to eat at a fast food place

– eating out anywhere

– any time, really…he is always bursting with intelligent, thoughtful things to say.  We definitely get each other’s brains thinking, having studied two very different fields.

This whole weekend he has been spoiling me by doing all the cooking and dishes afterwards.  Here he is stretching home made pizza dough.



And then we had a candle-lit dinner ❤



This is definitely one of the wonderful things the Artist has done for me lately.  But my favourite is the poetic nature he has, and the show and tell I get whenever I walk in the door.  He is so proud to show me his work.  Recently, it was like  50 drawings (easily, or more) and he was showing them to me and chattering away.

Me- Look at all these drawings, they are amazing.  (as he finishes showing me and collects them on a pile) You seem so proud of them.

The Artist- Ya, look at all these.

His tone was hilarious.  It was like, “Uh…duh.  Yes, I know these are amazing” haha!

As for the other way around, I made him a big breakfast of eggs and toast and fresh fruit, with coffee of course.  And I also made some plantain chips.  Our attempts started off really awful for these.  I used my chipster- huge, sticky, disgusting mess of a fail.  We tried a frying pan- just nasty tasting.  Then we found the most important secret- you MUST use green, hard, tough plantains.  Otherwise they will be soggy and taste horrible.  So we tried slicing as thinly as possible with the greenest plantain we could find, and they turned out a little better.  Still a bit soft, but at least the taste was good.  The Artist was doing this batch, and after cutting his thumb, making a mess, and struggling to get the plantains out of the oil fast enough, he had had enough.  So I gave it a go.  Again, not our best.  This time, it was all me.  I used a mandolin to get them thin, and roasted them in the oven.  I burned most of them, but the good ones were definitely super crispy, and very tasty!  But not quite what I want.



Maybe a bit of a thicker slice next time, or try dunking them in hot oil versus brushing them with cold oil as you do in roasting.  It seems that most of the nice things I write about doing for the Artist involve food.  We both love food, and the Artist needs lots of it.  He is what I like to call, a “big guy”.  He is tall with a thick frame and lots of muscle, which needs a lot of food.  I may have mentioned this in an earlier post, but we share the same level of intense intolerance for hunger.  We both need lots of food, often, frequently, and watch out if too much time passes and we don’t get it.  I also read him these posts out loud, and with all the nice things I say, it puts a smile on his face and he lights up.

I also recently made some healthy, no added sugar or bad carbs blueberry oatmeal muffins.  I like to experiment with this kind of stuff and see what I can do without adding sugar, extra and unnecessary carbs and fat, and also by adding things like protein powder or flax.  They turn out ok, obviously a muffin topped with sugar or chocolate chips at Tim Horton’s is the thing to beat, but I am going for healthy.  And knowing how rich in nutrients they can be, I gobble them up.  But the Artist generally hates these items.  To use his exact words, “you probably love making nasty things”…implying that I get them all to myself because he doesn’t devour them before I get one.

What a character.

I wouldn’t change a thing ❤

(Darn, I can’t find the muffin photo.)



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