Almost a Year With my New Lifestyle.

It has been almost a year since I made a big change in my life.  About a year ago, the Artist and I were talking and we decided we wanted to get gym memberships at his school.  We had been doing “home workouts” here and there, and were really excited to start working out in an actual gym again.  I had been been a little displeased with my body, and found myself wondering how to maximize these workouts.  The Artist is an expert in all things fitness and food, so when we were talking he was able to explain to me how the body works with regards to eating and exercise- my mind was blown.  This conversation changed my life.  With the incredible knowledge the Artist had, I was able to re-evaluate my lifestyle and decide what I wanted to change.  We are such a good, supportive, encouraging team.  The Artist was supportive of me in my goals to change my lifestyle, and I couldn’t wait to get home to tell him about my workout or how I had improved on something, and he was so happy for me every time.  And I was encouraging and supportive of his workout goals too, and on the weekends we would exercise together.

So not only am I proud of my body, but I am proud of how I changed it- with a healthy lifestyle.  For me, it is not about how many calories I consume or how many hours I spend exercising each day, it is about where my calories are coming from and the type and efficiency of my exercise.  I eat like 5-6 times a day LOL!  I treat myself about once a week, and try to do a variety of exercises including strength, cardio, core, and yoga.  I also like to do fun classes like kickboxing or zumba for cardio, I am not much of a runner.  Another goal I had was wanting to ride my bicycle more, so I rode it to and from each workout.  Even in the winter (in St. Louis…what winter? HAHA!).  It has taken a long time, weight has come off slowly, but that means it will be off forever, because I have a whole new outlook on food, exercise and being healthy.  Learning about foods and exercise and how they effect my body sort of “shocked” me into change.

So all in all, I have dropped about 20 lbs.  My pant size before: 14, other clothes: S-XL, weight: 170-175lbs.  My pant size now: 14 (maybe a 12 if they are stretchy), other clothes: S-XL, weight: 150-155lbs.  Now much change right?  Well actually, there is a huge change.  I have much more muscle, less fat, I am stronger, I have a lot more endurance and stamina, I am more flexible, and I have tons more energy and am often in a happy mood.  My body is very different, but based on the scale and my pant size, it doesn’t look like much.  Which is why I don’t pay too much attention to those, but going by how I feel- and I feel great.  Yes, some of my clothes are much too big to wear now, but mostly, my clothes fit nicer, my “muffin top” has shrunk, oh it is still there for sure, but definitely smaller. and I feel more comfortable and relaxed in my clothes because I am not constantly thinking my stomach is hanging out or having my pants dig in because they are too tight.

And just to make myself a little more proud, I continue to do all this while combating a pretty hefty thyroid condition and a little genetics, none of my female relatives have small frames, we are curvy 😉

I love how good I feel.  I love to exercise.  And I really love food.  That’s right, I ate/still eat pasta, pizza, etc. on a pretty regular basis, and I did not go running/jogging every day for hours, and I still lost weight.  But most of all, I love my Artist.  I am so lucky to have him as a coach, and to have shown me good fitness routines and eating habits.

I feel much healthier, and have more energy.  And therefore, the energy to embark on lots more fun adventures with the Artist.  ❤

I don’t have any “before” photos really, but here are some recent photos of me, down 20lbs and feeling great 😀

New Jammies :D

New Jammies 😀

Heading to the gym.

Heading to the gym.

Sewing project complete

Sewing project complete

The Zoo

The Zoo

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare in the Park


2 thoughts on “Almost a Year With my New Lifestyle.

  1. you can see the change for sure! You look great, and most importantly feel great! 🙂 I miss you, remember our hip hop class days? and practicing in your attic? Oh good memories of childhood 🙂 haha

    • Thanks 🙂 I have been eating loads of junk lately, this hot weather is insane. Cooking isn’t fun when you sweat to death lol! And yes of course I remember. I loved it! The closest thing I do to dance right now is zumba, but I miss the real thing!

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