A Stitch…

I have had a “stitch” in my upper side for 2 days now….it comes and goes.  I hate it.  It is on my upper left side and hurts when I take a deep breath.  I thought it was because I didn’t have any water and it was going on noon, so I started guzzling. But I have been being conscious of drinking more water for 2 days now and it won’t leave me alone.  I have also tried Advil, and taking a hot shower.  The hot shower seemed to work while in the shower, but as soon as I got out it was back.  It seems to alternate between being almost nothing, usually while sitting, to being quite uncomfortable.  And the worst part is, I can’t think of what I did to cause this.  Maybe I am just getting out of shape this summer because my normal exercise classes don’t start up again until September, and my lack of exercise is what caused it.  Ugh.  It is driving me crazy.  This is the longest “stitch” I have had I think, maybe it is from lifting weights on Friday.  Waking up this morning it felt completely better, but as I got my day going it creeped back.  Maybe I am just sleep deprived from these last few days of 6 hours or less of sleep per night.  And this, ladies and gentlemen, does not fly with me.  I need my sleep.  A good 8 hours minimum to function, but too many nights in a row of just 8 hours won’t cut it.  The perfect amount is 9 hours.  I feel refreshed and energized.  I have a zero tolerance to feeling sleepy the same way I have no tolerance for feeling hungry.  And if I am tired I can’t control it at a certain point….I will fall asleep on a bus, subway, in a car, on a couch, sitting up, laying down, in the middle of the day- anywhere, anytime.  If I am tired enough, I will sleep.

To get my mind off this lingering stitch, the Artist and I got some Pad Thai.  This place we have been going to for years whenever we are in the area serves the best Pad Thai ever.  It is the right amount of spicy and sweet, with the egg whisked in really finely (I don’t like big chunks), the noodle is not too skinny but not too fat either, and there are some delicious ground peanuts on top as the perfect garnish.  And the portions are large, so there is usually enough leftover for lunch the next day 😀  I love a good Pad Thai, and this hit the spot.


The Artist also makes a really delicious version of this.  He is such an amazing cook, he can make italian, chinese, thai, and mexican dishes better then take out places.  Especially pastas, I don’t generally order them at a restaurant anymore because I always find myself thinking “The Artist can make this waaaay better at home”.  Although certain things are just better for take out.  A nice greasy pizza, or deep fried chicken wings, are among the best to order out.  But as for fine italian fare, the Artist is the best.  Typing that made me think of Kenny Bania on Seinfeld…”The best Jerry, the best!”

Here is one of my favourite pizza dishes the Artist makes, it is homemade dough (we have really been enjoying thin crust with our home made dough), homemade sauce, low fat mozzarella, basil pesto (often home made), baked chicken breast, and grilled red peppers.  Sometimes we add diced tomatoes too.


And then we convert the flavours into a pasta dish, not using any tomatoes, and adding onions.

pesto pasta

The Artist also makes this really good brushetta and broccoli pasta.  He makes a home made brushetta topping of freshly diced tomatoes, olive oil, a splash of canola oil, loads of fresh pressed garlic, salt, pepper, oregano, and parsley.  He mixes it all up and it is so yummy on toasted baguette, so wonderfully fresh.  It is even good to “marinade” a little in the fridge, if you make it the day before you use it, the flavours really settle into one another.  But he boils some noodles and tosses them in this mixture along with baked chicken breast slices (we often bake a bunch of chicken breast with simple seasoning like just salt and pepper for example, and keep them in the fridge and slice off as we need them), and some briefly steamed or blanched broccoli.  I love my broccoli only briefly cooked so it is nice and super crunchy.  This is a favourite staple dish in our house.


My Artist is such an amazing chef, he always cooks for us on special occasions, and a lot on weekends, and sometimes even lights candles for dinner, and serves me my plate all fancy looking like in a restaurant.  And then he cleans up and does the dishes afterwards!  He likes to spoil me, and I love to be spoiled.  We both definitely love being spoiled, as well as doing the spoiling.

I have the best marriage ever ❤


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