Back to School for the Artist

The Artist has been back to school now for a few weeks, and has his yearly “back to school cold”.  I used to get them too when I was going to school.  It consists of cold like symptoms accompanied by seasonal fall allergies due to the mental strain of going back to school.  You see, the Artist and I both like to spend our days doing whatever we want, on our own schedule.  The key here, is our “on our own schedule”.  Having class at certain times, and due dates for assignments does not mesh well with a person who likes to run on their own time.  I suppose that is why I excelled extremely well in online non-paced university courses- you just had 6 months to complete all the materials, assignments, exams, etc.  So if I felt like going to the beach one day instead of doing homework, I did.  And made up for it on a rainy day, or in the evening.  So this back-to-school-cold is basically caused by the stress it takes to shift from this style of schedule for the 4 months of summer, to the school/attending class/deadlines style.  It makes one feel rundown and exhausted, and when accompanied by allergy symptoms, makes you ill.  Since I am not in school, I am available to tend to the Artist and take care of him, and give him lots of extra TLC.  Except on days when I have “out in the world eyes”.  Those days consist of the two of us recovering in bed, taking oil of oregano, and eating comfort foods.

Out-in-the-world eyes is a similar oddity that we share.  When out and about all day, interacting with people, learning new things, and just being social in general, one comes home and begins to relax and the effects become apparent.  I usually wear make-up which makes it much worse, and if allergies are in the air, well now you are just miserable.  The effects include dry, irritated, tired eyes, and if left untreated, a headache evolves, and you feel exhausted.  All the stimulation from the world, combined with allergens in the air, combined with make-up, combined with sunshine, combined with being on the computer, combined with reading, combined with sensitive eyes…equals out-in-the-world eyes.  To treat them, I like to remove my make-up, rinse my face with cold water, and take a few minutes to relax and chat with the Artist about our days.  Ideally, a shower and comfy clothes should follow, if the evening’s itinerary permits.  If none of these can happen, a headache will evolve, and I will be likely to take Ibuprofen, and then do the above, resulting in feeling exhausted.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have any photos to go with this.

Switching gears, I wanted to tell a cute story.  I was waiting at the bus stop near our apartment building the other day and the Artist was out.  The bus was not showing up.  In St. Louis, transit runs anywhere between every 20-40 minutes, depending on the route and day of the week.  Well, I was 20 minutes past the time it was supposed to come, I was going to be very late.  But then, I see the Artist pull up to our building in the car!  So I ran over as fast as I could, and he gave me a ride.  When I got in the car, he had a huge smile on his face.  He said that his meeting was over and he wanted to zip by to see if I had caught the bus before we went to his studio, because he had a feeling the bus wouldn’t make it on time.  So when he saw me running in the distance, he had a huge smile 🙂  What a thoughtful guy.

Reminiscing back to this time last year; we were still settling in to our apartment having just arrived in St. Louis, my parents helped us move, my parents, brother and aunt came to visit during the Labour Day weekend, things were new and exciting, the Artist was moving into his studio, and so much more.  It is crazy to think that a year has gone by, it went by so fast.  And I just know that this next year will go by even faster.  St. Louis will be the longest I have ever lived in one place other then my childhood home in Creemore, and also the longest time the Artist and I have lived in the same city together.  Who knows what opportunities we will be pursuing at this time next year- but I look forward to it.  It will be bittersweet I guess.  Cheers to another great year in St. Louis!



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