The Perfect Sunday

I awoke, and it was quite dark.  I thought to myself, why am I up so darn early?  But, as I look at the time, it is 10:09am and overcast and raining.  I get up, brush my teeth, and gently wake the Artist as I am sure he doesn’t realize we slept in since it is so dark.  We turn on our bedside lamps and lounge around in bed for a bit longer.  Our lounging in bed turns into quite a deep conversation about poetry.  The Artist was reading to me from Max Beerbohm, and talking about how funny it is, and how crazy it is.  We then watched some readings of other poetry online.  This then got me thinking, and reminded me of the story he once told me called An Appointment in Samarra.  The Artist is an amazing story teller, and I especially like this quality because I feel it is a skill that has been lost with time and the technology that has become the present.  He has lots of old books of short stories, fables, fairy tales, and the like, of which he frequently reads, and then tells to me.  I love story time with the Artist.  An Appointment in Samarra is among our favourites, so we checked it out online.  We watched some readings of it, and talked about the crazy, non sequitur ending.


Reading Max Beerbohm at the park.

Then I really began to think about how the Artist is extremely poetic, but not just when reading or talking about poetry.  He is poetic in every aspect of his life.  Reading, painting, cooking- everything.  He finds beauty in the seemingly ordinary, and the minutiae of day to day life and then can talk wonders about it.  Who would have thought that a shadow, shape, interesting tree branch, water splatter patterns, or sunlight, can be so interesting and beautiful?  And not only would I never have noticed these little things, yes, I would have just walked on by, but I would never have been able to talk so vividly or enthusiastically about them.  My Artist, the romantic poet.  I love this quality about him.


When I load photos onto the computer, I always find some interesting ones that I am not sure the the photo is of. The Artist found something interesting in this, and I have figured out that it is our bedroom ceiling.


When I load photos onto the computer, I always find some interesting ones that I am not sure the the photo is of. The Artist liked the shadow on the blinds.


When I load photos onto the computer, I always find some interesting ones that I am not sure the the photo is of. The Artist liked something about this. It is a stamp on a piece of cardboard box, I think.


At the Botanical Gardens....of all places to look, and all the beautiful sights, he is looking at something on the ground.

At the Botanical Gardens….of all places to look, and all the beautiful sights, he is looking at something on the ground.

He also enjoys things that resonate with him viscerally.  Painting is a huge thing for this.  And not only does painting resonate viscerally for him, I can actually see it.  When he is painting, and is in this certain trance, I can see how the acts involved in that particular piece are pleasing to him.  I like to call this trance; making magic.  When the Artist is making magic, and I get to witness it, it, in turn resonates viscerally with me.  I can feel it too.  I can’t help but continue to watch, and to experience.  Seeing him exploding with so much passion is breath taking.  This kind of talent, passion, and obsession, is something that just runs in his blood.  He did not choose it.  It is who he is.  The Artist relates well to the quote that many historically famous artists use, which is something along the lines of “painting has it’s way with me”.  If that urge comes in the middle of night, any time, any where, there is little to do but go with it.  The Artist often finds ways to make art anywhere.  On napkins, with an ordinary pen, out to dinner, visiting family, anytime he is without supplies, he still finds a way.  There isn’t a time of day when the Artist is not thinking really intensely about something.  It may be about art, or another artist’s work, or his artist statement, or what to write about his work, or the dinner he is in the middle of cooking, or that chapter he just read, or the poem we just talked about, or the strangeness of my eye colour, or how interesting the pattern on my shirt is.  He is a very passionate person, and I wouldn’t change a thing.  My life has been so enriched because of it ❤


The Artist paining in his studio.


Meanwhile, we decide that maybe we should get out of bed, and do some errands.  When we got back, the Artist immediately started sewing pieces of canvas and fabric together, occasionally calling for me to set up the thread, wind the bobbin, or fix some other crazy thing.  Clearly, when we were out doing our errands, in his mind somewhere he was thinking about sewing.  What influenced this?  Who knows.  It could have been something he read recently, something he saw while we were out, something I said when we were talking, anything.  And it somehow led him to the idea of sewing these materials together.  Amazing.  And then when he is all done with a project, he comes to find me, standing proud, and shows me his newest masterpiece.  He tells me all about it, his process, what was happening while he was making it, and every time, he blows my mind away.

I put some pork in the crock pot for pulled pork sandwiches tonight, and we are going to have some corn on the cob for a side.  I know, I know, not the healthiest choice- buns and sugary BBQ sauce.  But I usually only have the bottom of the bun and eat it with a knife and fork, sometimes haha.  And the Artist makes this great BBQ style sauce that is thin and light, and the pork isn’t swimming in it, so that helps cut back the sugar.  And I cook my corn for a very short time so its crunchy and the nutrients don’t get boiled out and I never use butter or salt.  But still, it is not the healthiest.  But oh well, it is Sunday night.  Exercise classes start up again tomorrow, so back to my regular, 5-6 days a week work out schedule.

I think the rest of the afternoon calls for a diet coke, a snack of some sort, some old VHS tapes, and snuggles with my Artist.

It has been a great Sunday so far.  I love quality time together.

I love you, my Artist.



2 thoughts on “The Perfect Sunday

  1. Love the wooden cable spool in your studio (my kind of practicality for a table 🙂 ), and so great to see a picture of the artist at his work!! 🙂

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