How to….

How to make this girl smile, even after the most worrisome and stressful days:

1. Walk in the door and look at me with those heart melting, piercing blue eyes, and smile at me with that ever so cute smile.
2. Give an immediate kiss with the softest, squishiest lips, and the a hug in your big, burly chest.
3. Be ever so grateful for the delicious dinner I cooked for us while you were out, and rave about how good it is.
4. Ask me about my day.
5. Tell me about your day, your first day filling in for the teacher by yourself and how awesome it went, and how you just had the best critique ever.
6.  Lay side by side, cheek to cheek, and have the most intense heart to heart about the extreme passions of life, love, and art.
7. Look at me with such love in your eyes and tell me you love me.
8.  Be my Artist.
(#8 is the most important step)

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