The Aftermath of Scary Movies

Have you ever been in the shower, after having recently watched or read something scary, and maybe the shadows of what are hopefully passing cars come and go on the wall, and the sounds of what are hopefully your neighbours above you, do you think that maybe, just maybe, the villain or serial killer you watched on TV might be waiting for you when you open your eyes after shampooing?

This is how I feel when I am showering, and am home alone.  Well, most times this is how I feel.  I am not a total lunatic.

Primarily, when I open my eyes, currently the most popular villains I expect to see are; any of the entities from Insidious- specifically the main demon with the red face and yellow eyes, voldemort- I just watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone so I am picturing the cloaked version of him in the forbidden forest, or your run of the mill serial killer who is strangely calm, or general burglar pointing a weapon of some sort.

When I get out of the shower and begin my regimen of lotions, plucking, and/or brushing my hair, standing in front of the mirror carries it’s own freaky-deaky-ness.  At this point, I am waiting for something to appear in the mirror behind me, or as I walk by I see something in the distance.  Based on what I have been currently watching it is likely to be; any dark shadowy figure- like in Paranormal Activity, something crawling on the floors or ceiling in a twitchy way- like on the Exorcist, a disgusting face of a demon or entity- like the Old Lady from Insidious, or something from the Sixth Sense, or that a nearby door will slowly creek open and reveal any of the above.

The supernatural, for some, scares me so much more then serial killers, kidnappers, robbers, or type of living human thing.  I think it stems for the recurring theme in my dreams/nightmares that have been apparent throughout my life.  In my nightmares, I am kidnapped, attacked, shot, held hostage, robbed, captured by the various un-subs from Criminal Minds, and chased.  But as scary and horrifying as they are, I always use my brain, think hard, and find a way to survive, escape, get help, and/or kickbox my way out- like I am talking really do a number on these crazies and take them all down without putting forth much effort.  Maybe it is a little Derek Morgan meets Ninja Turtles meets kickboxing class?  And when I wake up I am not in a panic or terrified, I am relieved that I made it, I won.  So when it comes to supernatural stuff, you can’t always see it, it has capabilities you may not know about or be able to defend yourself against, and worst of all, they are scary looking.  Plus, who is going to believe you and help you?  If it is a human, at least everyone is on your side.

Now for actually sleeping.  Sometimes, despite how hot it is, I cannot leave my feet outside the covers- they must be tucked in.  Obviously something is going to grab ahold of it and drag me around the house while I scream, much like in Paranormal Activity and the Conjuring.  And I cannot let my arm drape over the side of the bed, for a rotting corpse hand will grab it from underneath or a rapid wolf will chomp it off.

Getting up in the night to us the bathroom, get a drink, or a midnight anything?  Forget it.  Although, I can sleep through anything and not wake up due to thirst, need to use the bathroom, pain, anything, so I rarely need to get up in the night.  And on the rare incidence that I do, I can wait.  Because I will have to turn on every light which will not only wake up the Artist, but myself too.  And then I will be too awake to go straight back to sleep and I start the cycle all over again.  Occasionally, if the Artist has not fallen asleep yet, and I want to get up for something, he always volunteers to keep watch while I walk around.  Wow, does he ever understand me.

However, if we watch something scary together, his amazing story telling and acting skills play to my disadvantage.  He will say that he sees something out the window, that is a foot away from my side of the bed, and then vividly describe and jump up and act scared.  For example.  There are many other tactics he uses.  But, he knows how scared I get and quickly learned that he can only do this and have his fun if he is willing, and has the time (because it is often quite late), to “fix it” with a nicer story, loving words, a back rub, snuggles, or a change of topic.  Or all of the above.

So why do I even bother to watch shows like Criminal Minds, or movies involving chainsaws, death traps, supernatural entities, or villains of any kind?  Good question.  I am not sure.  I like them?  It is fun?  I get snuggled after by the sexiest man in the world?  Perhaps all of these play a role.

Next on my creepy-crawlies list; the Tommyknockers movie or mini series or whatever it is based on a Stephen King novel.

I just read this over, and I am aware of how insane it sounds.  I know, I am a bit of a weirdo.  But this is me 🙂


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