Sick Artist

How to know if the Artist is seriously ill, usually with allergies, versus feeling rundown or having a cold:

– instead of his brilliance being turned on 24/7 and him not being able to ever turn it off, it is in fact, off

– instead of laying awake until the wee hours of the morning unable to sleep due to this brilliance always being on, he is asleep before 9:30pm with the TV and lights on (***note- the Artist NEVER falls asleep in front of the TV, he can be tired, but can’t fall asleep until he turns the TV and lights off)

– instead of his legitimate fear of something near or touching his eyes preventing him from taking eye drops for his quite severe allergy symptoms, he no longer cares and drops the stuff in

– instead of cracking jokes, making mischief, and pestering me (I love to be pestered by him ūüėČ haha, we have a lot of fun with it), he is bed ridden and curls up around me….when I ask him if I can get him anything or do anything to help, he says he just wants to cuddle and be near me

– he falls asleep on the bed, laying upside down, on a diagonal, with his feet on my pillow

– he has little energy for eating or showering, which are essential things he likes to do several times a day (cool rinses are key in this hot weather here)

– he stays in the same clothes for far too long

– he becomes a cuddle monster 24/7

– instead of waking up to every little sound, some that I don’t even think exist, he sleeps through the TV blaring, me on the computer, lights on, me talking on the phone, me sneezing, and/or loud neighbours or other outside ruckus

– I will find multiple kleenexes as I make the bed in the several days following his illness

I will always take care of my sick Artist, and he always take care of me. ¬†When I am sick, he cooks for me, serves me in bed, gets me hot beverages and snacks, covers me with blankets, cuddles me like crazy, gives me back rubs, and the tenderest of kisses. ¬†Sometimes, if we are feeling like having a lazy day at home in pyjamas in front of the TV for an entire day, we call it “having a faking it day”. ¬†Essentially, we joke that we are faking sick. ¬†So we stay in bed, in comfy clothes, eat delicious, yet junky foods, cuddle, give back rubs, and watch guilty pleasure movies. ¬†Usually we need one of these days as a mental health day. ¬†So it is not like we are sick from a virus or anything, but having a lazy day to just us, to avoid burnout. ¬†It is a great tool for us when we are super busy, on the go, especially the Artist with school, to rejuvenate and spend some quality time together talking and giggling and indulging. ¬†These “fake sick” days are something I always look forward to it on a lazy weekend day.

Self care is very important, and I think I have a very good self care tool kit.  My number one item/tool in it is my Artist.  If I have had a rough day, just seeing his face makes it all better.  A hug and kiss and cuddle just makes me melt.  Then we talk about what is bothering me, and he helps me through it all with so much love and support.  And I for him.  Sometimes he just calls or emails me because he wants to hear from me or listen to my voice as a little boost to get through the day until I get home.  And in turn, my day gets boosted.

Cozy bed, kisses and cuddles, and screen time.

IMG_5144 IMG_5832 IMG_5852IMG_3535 IMG_5160

I love my Artist ‚̧

Happiness is contagious.


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