DIY Truffles

So the Artist had got me some very, very dark chocolate awhile ago and it is 90% cocoa.  It is very rich, I can only have a small bite at a time.  But, I thought, that maybe it would be great to use in a really rich dessert or truffle!  These may not be considered actual truffles, I am not quite sure what makes a truffle a truffle, maybe these are just a take on peanut butter balls?  Anyways, they are just delicious.  I looked up some recipes, but always seemed to be missing 1 or 2 ingredients, or wasn’t happy with what I was finding.  So I made this recipe up 😉  On the down side, I hope I can remember enough to make them again and write it down!

These are pretzel-peanut butter balls (or truffles, or whatever you want to cal them!) with a very dark chocolate coating, sprinkled with cocoa powder for decoration.

DSCN0471 DSCN0477 DSCN0478

Now that I am seeing the photos on the computer, they do not look as picture perfect as I thought.  Although they are not as perfect looking as those you can buy in the store, they are so good I could eat the whole batch in 1 sitting.  They are THE perfect blend of chewy- from the peanut butter middle, and crunchy- the bits of pretzel mixed in, and the saltiness from the pretzel balances the rich sweetness from the peanut butter mixture.  And the dark chocolate coating just tops it all off, adding the perfect amount of bitterness, but in a good way, to the ultra rich bites of heavenly deliciousness.

I had some chocolate coating left over, so I turned them into “chews”.  They aren’t chewy like toffee or anything, maybe a bit less chewy then a Starburst candy.  I thickened the chocolate and added coarsely salted caramel chunks and some pecans.  Then I messily wrapped them individually in tin toil- messily because they were sticky, and I was tired by this point, and tin foil because I laid them on that to chill and didn’t want to waste any more.  And the wax paper we have it horrible, it sticks to everything, and bakes into the food if we use it in the oven.  Again, not picture perfect looking, but these chews are amazing, and even though the photo is a bit blurry, there are teeth marks perfectly preserved in each bite.  The coarse bits of sea salt in the caramel chunks made for a perfect marriage with the intense dark chocolate.



This was the perfect way to get the most out of the chocolate the Artist had given me.  It goes so nicely with these flavours, I can’t wait to eat more!

These reminded me of my sister, who shares my will-eat-anything-chocolate attitude.  Literally, anything chocolate, and in copious amounts.  I just wanted to send a huge shout out to her, and congratulate her on her huge success.  She has achieved every high school students vision as they step away from graduation.  To go straight on to school, get a bachelor’s, master’s and PhD, and roll right into the perfect job with health benefits, paid vacation, insurance of all kinds, etc.  And after over a decade of non-stop school, intense hard work, and passion so big there are no words to describe it, she has done it.  She will soon be finished her Phd in Epidemiology and has a job, with all the fixings secured.  Or is it Public Health?  I am not sure what the exact words are, but it is in that field.  I have had the pleasure to work with her on her research, and loved every minute of it.  It is so fascinating, I am so glad I got to be a part of it.  So, thank you.  I highly encourage everyone to check out her website: “” and take a look at her photos from her worldly travels all over the place for her research, her videos and interviews, and her so-amazingly-awesome-that-it-is-intimidating resume.  Seriously, I have never seen such a wicked resume.  The experience and the education is just insane.  And honestly, I am totally jealous of all her travels, meeting interesting people, and getting a PhD.  But in a good way.  I am so proud of her, and cannot look up to another person more then I look up to her (not including my Artist).  This weird seemingly illusion of people going to post-secondary school and then getting a really awesome job in their field is maybe starting to become a reality in this crazy world.  It gives me hope that I will go on to be successful in my field of study one day.

So a huge congratulations is in order here, because it is so awesome.  Oh, and did I mention that this awesome full-time, 50/50 research and teaching (professor), permanent position, with all the fixings one could ever imagine, is also on the tenure track?  Yep, it is.  She hit the gold mine.  And whether she knows it or now, she is helping me hit mine.

Congratulations, Sherilee.

Sherilee in the Arctic.

Sherilee in the Arctic.



2 thoughts on “DIY Truffles

    • It is the most honest, sincere, and heart felt truth! You have earned every bit of your success, and seeing your hard, hard work pay off so much keeps me motivated to keep on going for jobs, education, experiences, etc. It is way to easy to get comfortable in life and forget how much you want to travel, meet interesting people, see extraordinary things, and make a difference….and to help myself remember to stay on track, all I need to do is talk to you or go on your website lol! Steve feels the same way.

      As for the truffles, they are crazy good. I am having serious troubles restraining myself. So far, since I have been home, I have had at least 3 in a row, and I ate them in less than a minute 😛

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