T-shirt Art and Orzo

As I am watching Melrose Place, the series from the 90s not the newer one, the Artist gets up from doing his readings for school and starts puttering around.  I continue to watch my show on the computer with headphones, because I don’t have the DVDs and the computer is so quiet, headphones are needed to hear better.  I guess I could have hooked up speakers, but come on, that is just way to much hassle and avoiding any unnecessary movements are key to beat this heat.  Besides, I disturb the Artist much less this way.  Then I see him look like he is trying to talk to me, so I take my headphones out.  He is holding up a shirt, asking me how on earth it is made because this particular t-shirt does not have seams down the sides.  We conclude, that neither of us have any idea.  This shirt was from the pile of clothes that are too small, have holes, or are otherwise unwearable, and are used for rags, fabric for sewing, or whatever else we devise.



Having lived with the Artist since before we were even dating, I didn’t think anything of this.  I continued to watch my show and hear the faint sounds of rustling and bustling in the distance.  When the episode is over, I see this on the floor beside me:



Funny looking on the left side eh?  And then I see the scissors nearby, and immediately knew what he had done- began a masterpiece.  Earlier, he had wanted to buy some blue camping tarp, just the cheap stuff at Walmart for one of his pieces, but said that the colours sucked and didn’t get any.  Clearly, this was the colour he was after.  So I go in to the other room to find the Artist smiling proud, in front of this:



He is arranging and rearranging the fabric pieces on canvas to decide how and where to attach them.

How can I do anything but smile at this?  Instead of donating the old shirts, he insisted on keeping them, as he does with everything else, because you never know when you might need them.  I have quickly learned that yes, they will actually get used.  Even old cans, pop bottles, cardboard, etc. gets used in his art.  What talent.  And I love finding his shenanigans and then hearing the story of they came to be.  It is always hilarious, yet impressive.

Then we go about our days.  I go to yoga and the Artist goes to an evening class.  I get home around 7pm and immediately re-heat some left overs of this delicious dish:



Orzo, baked chicken, tomatoes, olives (for the Artist, I pick them out- yuck), onions, and a mediterranean inspired seasoning with balsamic.  It is absolutely delicious, one of our favourite dishes ever.  It is a take on a dish that friends made us when they had us over for dinner, and we have been experimenting with it ever since.  You know who you are, so if you are reading- THANKS 😀  I hope there is enough left for lunch later.  Then I jump in the shower, and the Artist comes home and heats himself up a serving, it is not about 8pm.  After catching up on how our days went, we decided to watch House, because we just borrowed the DVDs from the library and were anxious to see what happened to the Dr. in rehab.

Me: I am kind of hungry, like I could eat again.

The Artist: I am f*#@ing starving.

Me: (laughs)

The Artist: You know when you are hungry and you could be handed any option of all your favourite things, but nothing seems satisfying?  Like you have no craving or desire?

Me: Ya, that is the worst.  I have been wanting Ruffles brand All Dressed flavoured chips for so long, but no where seems to have them.  Anywhere.  (so to any American readers, are there Ruffles All Dressed flavoured chips in St. Louis, or in America in general or is it a Canadian thing?)

The Artist: Actually, my one thing that I could never turn down and enjoy no matter what, are Tim Bits.

Me: They have to be actual Tim Bits from Tim Horton’s right?

The Artist: Yes, sour cream glazed or old fashioned glazed.  F$#k.  Lets drive to Michigan, they have Tim Horton’s right?  Nothing else will suffice right now. (closes his eyes and lets out a huge sigh of yearning)

So we continue to watch House, and cuddle up to go to bed.

I can’t help but come to the conclusion that we are always hungry, eating, or preparing food.  Always.  Maybe we have big appetites?  Or maybe because we lose our minds if we get hungry?  Or maybe because we just love cooking and eating?  All of the above?  Whatever it is, I love to cook, especially when we get to do it together, and I love to eat.  I guess I am fortunate to have these interests and enjoy them, because I get to enjoy preparing foods and get to eat healthy, home cooked meals often 🙂


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