Cous Cous Taboule, Chocolate Pretzels, and Granola.

Yesterday, the Artist had a big day getting lots of readings and a paper finished for today.  He was hitting the books hard.  So I made him a big breakfast burrito with 3 eggs, cheddar, onion, and loads of salsa, a side of grapes, and coffee.  For lunch I made the most amazing raviolis ever.  They are from Costco, and are filled with different cheeses, and are surprisingly lower in fat then you would think, and really high in protein.  So I made those with a basil pesto sauce, and added a little hint if spice with red pepper flakes.  So delicious, I wish I took a photo.  But I will be making them again very soon because they are so good, and will be sure to photograph.  I also like to do a tomato sauce on these as well.  And I made a fresh veggie assortment on the side.  For dinner, I tried a new recipe- the taboule salad recipe on the back of the cous cous box.  It was SO good.  I will definitely be making that again.  After I cooked and fluffed the cous cous, I added a drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and finely chopped onion, green pepper, and tomato.  Lastly, I look some fresh mint leaves from our mini herb garden and chopped them up and added that as well.  Amazing.  I wish I made a huge batch to have for leftovers.  I also made roasted pork with carrots and onions, and edamamme.



Since the Artist still had work to do, and was well fed and ready to get it done, I settled in for a little guilty pleasure time.  I made extra dark chocolate covered pretzels, grabbed my new-to-me magazines (the library has a magazine donation bin, and they are free to take, so I frequently take advantage, they are sometimes only 1 month old, and sometimes they are several years old, but none the less, I enjoy reading them!), the Power Rangers movie, and my snuggly bear to cuddle with.  The Artist encourages these guilty pleasure times for me, because he knows I will enjoy the “horrible” movie, and then he doesn’t have to watch it 😉 haha.  But when the urge is strong, he will watch anything with me ❤

DSCN0518 DSCN0516


Here is another sample of what a guilty pleasure night might look like, diet coke, plantain chips, Scream, and corn puffs.



Last week I was feeling crummy, my allergies were bothering me and giving me a sinus headache.  The pressure above my eyes and near my cheeks was terrible.  So on this rainy Sunday I watched The Tommyknockers with the Artist and enjoyed some Alphaghetti.  I used to only like the brand name kind, but now I prefer the kind from No Frills that my parents so kindly brought down the last time they visited.  The Goofy Movie inspired this.

DSCN0509 DSCN0510


On a healthier note, I made some super healthy granola.  It was not super crunchy like granola, but it was mildly crunchy.  I didn’t want to add any sugar, and that is probably what makes the difference.  I just used all natural, organic, no salt added peanut butter, a spoonful of honey, whole rolled oats, Grape Nuts cereal, chopped, raw almonds, and ground flax.  I mixed it until it was crumbly and baked it.  It is super high in fibre, healthy fats including omega 3, and packs quite a bit of protein.  All the while have very little sugar and isn’t too high in carbs but is a reasonable amount.  I had it for breakfast with milk today and half a banana, and it was delicious.




Clearly, we love food.  I am undecided on dinner tonight, I am unthawing chicken breast, and thinking of something yummy to do with it.  We don’t have any tomato for our favourite Orzo dish, which is what I really want to make.

I would love suggestions/recipes/ideas! 😀


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