Nice Things

I mentioned when I first started this blog that I was going to make an effort to always mentioned something nice I have done for the Artist, and something he has done for me.  Whether it is for “no reason” or not.  I think I have been slacking lately, so I am going to post a few things to catch up a little.

The other day, we had a very nice, peaceful, morning.  We started out my doing funny faces, mostly the Artist was, in our pyjamas, lounging on the couches in our living room, coffee in hand for the Artist.  I would say an emotion like happy, angry, surprised etc. and he would make a face…but it was always the opposite of what I said.  The Artist is really good at making facial expressions, he has amazing control of his facial muscles.  We were laughing our pants off.  Then we got talking about art, and moving, and our future in general.  We have really great conversations.  All the time.  Every day.

Nice things I have done for the Artist: I made him his morning coffee, a huge sandwich with loads of toppings (all his favourites) for lunch, and cleaned up a little and did the dishes.  Having a relatively clean house and dishes done makes for less stress.  I find I get stressed more easily if there is too much clutter and mess around me.  And same for the Artist.  And he is always appreciative of my efforts, and feels less stressed as well.

Nice things I have done for the Artist in the past little while, other then cleaning, and laundry: making his morning coffee, making him big breakfasts with eggs and all the extras, baking one of his favourite types of cookies, getting a favour from a friend to pick up some doughnuts from a place she drives by, because I know how much he likes them.  Packing him snacks for when he goes to school.  Talking with him about his art, and art in general.  Going with him to his studio later one night because he wanted my company, and how could I resist those big blue eyes? 😉

Nice things the Artist has done for me: Drop me off where I needed to go.  Cooking dinner with me tonight. Last night, as I was laying on his shoulder/chest while falling asleep, and his arm was around me, he rubbed my back until I fell asleep.

Nice things the Artist has done for me in the last little while: Cooking dinner.  Rubbing my back, as mentioned above, often.  Letting me choose a movie to watch.  Carrying most of the groceries into the house, and all the heavy stuff.  Being so appreciative of the housework I do when he is busy with school, and showering me with gratitude and affection.  Finding me a pair of new sunglasses for $1.50 and helping me pick out the style.

Happiness is contagious ❤


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