A Night Out- Loving Life.

The most recent outing the Artist and I had together was to a midnight showing at a local theatre of Ghostbusters.  Tickets are only $3, and instead of regular movie theatre chairs they have big comfy couches and tables.  There is even a lounge, bar, and of course a concession stand.  I even had a coupon for a free popcorn!  It is in a unique building, with interesting architecture and design.  I had never seen the movie before, so we decided to treat ourselves.  I am a HUGE fan of Bill Murray, so obviously I found Ghostbusters hilarious!  There were members of the St. Louis Ghostbusters club there, in costume- which was awesome, to tell us about the movie a little, the club, and Ecto-Con- which is a Ghostbusters convention here in St. Louis.  It was pretty cool, I wish I brought our camera to the theatre so I could get my picture taken with them.  Their costumes and props were AMAZING.  Here we are all dressed up and ready to rock:

DSCN0981 DSCN0985 DSCN0990 DSCN0998 DSCN0976

I am married to the most wonderful man in the world.  I am so happy, despite tight budgets and not the most desirable circumstances.  If we can be this happy together when we are just starting out, I can’t even imagine later on when we embark on even more journeys together.  I feel like I have such a good, ridiculously awesome marriage, it is like I am in a separate realm of things.  It is this happiness, having it with my Artist, that stems anxiety in places that I never thought twice about before.  Routine tonsillectomy when I was single and care free?  No problem.  Now, thinking of having a routine surgery is scary, because I have a husband and an amazing future I can’t wait to experience, and being sedated freaks me a little.  Or watching a sappy movie while single and care free?  I could giggle at those crying.  Now?  I cry my eyes out!  Putting myself in that situation in the movie, and I can’t help but cry a little.  The power of true love and happiness is amazing.

When the Artist and I are saying goodbye, whether one of us is heading out, he has class, etc. we always kiss, exchange I love yous, hugs, and give well wishes.  Because really- anything can happen in the world.  And when we reunite, we embrace so lovingly, and we are so thankful we were able to come home to one another, yet once again.  We chat about our days, getting excited to hear about the other’s good news and funny stories.  We try to keep healthy for one another too.  I worry about my health sometimes, always wanting things to be perfect.  When I was single?  A little cold or medication adjustment was no big deal- I didn’t think twice about it.  But now, they pose as a potential threat to my amazing life.  I don’t want to miss a single day because I have a cold.  I don’t want to have any sort of illness that could harm me.  I want every day to be just as magical as the last.  I don’t want my Artist to be sick and stuck in bed, I want him to be healthy and happy, so we can have the best day possible-every day.  I want the both of us to be stress free, because spending the day feeling overwhelmed and dealing with the problem to get it fixed, means that is one day less that we have together in pure bliss.

I used to feel much more stressed and worried about small things, or things that don’t even exist.  I am guilty of frequently worrying about the “what ifs”.  But I have gotten so much better since I have met the Artist.  The other realm of happiness we experience is so wonderful, that relishing in it and enjoying it is all I have room for.  I don’t want to waste any time worrying about a what-if type situation, I want to give my full self, and be 100% present during our time together.  I want to enjoy it fully, and not have a part of my brain secretly thinking about something else.  Yes, I still am a worrier, and think too much about the what-ifs, especially on and around the time of a doctor’s appointment.  But the improvements I have made are outstanding.  I never thought it possible.  My coping skills have really developed in a such a positive way.  I never thought it possible to be so content in life.  I love living in the city.  I love living in the country.  I love being busy and working hard on my career.  I love being at home, and taking on homemaker roles.  I love going out.  I love lounging around.  I love everything.

I love life.




More Copycat Chinese Food Dishes!

I decided to experiment with more Asian inspired recipes over the past little while- and with huge success.  I will definitely be making these again, and they taste just as delicious as take out!  The major difference is that I don’t have a deep fryer, but both pan and oven cooking work great 🙂  I start by looking at some recipes online, and reading comments and reviews to see how it worked for others, noticing trends, and see what the most popular ingredients are.  Then, I go into the kitchen, and sort of follow a recipe, but mostly I just wing it.  Usually, I don’t have exactly the ingredients, especially if they are not cheap or economical to buy, so I substitute similar ingredients with no problems.

Spicy Szechuan Chicken and Vegetables

DSCN0964 DSCN0965


First I browned the chicken breast, which was cubed, in a pan with some minced garlic, a tad of oil, and some of the sauce.  Then I added an assortment of veggies and the rest of the sauce.  The sauce contains: low sodium soy sauce, rice vinegar, water, chill sauce, cayenne, ground ginger, and a bit of paprika for colour.  I poured that on the chicken and vegetables and let it come to a boil, and it starts to thicken a bit, and I added a spoonful at a time of cornstarch and water mixture.  I served over rice with chopped peanuts.  The peanuts are a great accompaniment, the dish wouldn’t be the same without them!

Orange Chicken:



Sauce contains: orange marmelade, teriyaki, rice vinegar, water, dried and de-seeded red chilies, minced garlic, red pepper flakes, and slowly adding a spoonful of cornstarch and water mixed together at a time until it thickens.  I added some vegetables, and served it as is!

General Tso’s Chicken:



Sauce contains: worcestershire sauce, teriyaki, water, rice vinegar, minced garlic, hoisin sauce, sugar, and a spoonful of bottled General Tso’s sauce.  Dried and de-seeded red chilis, as well as onions go well in there too.  And same procedure with the cornstarch and water mixture, adding small bits at a time until it gets thick.

The trick with adding the cornstarch, is not to add too much.  I add a spoonful, stir, and let it sit on the heat for a minute to thicken.  Giving it a minute, it will usually thicken up with only a spoonful or 2 of the mixture.  In the beginning, the sauce may look like it won’t be enough- but it will be.  You just want a coating on everything, not having your chicken and toppings sopping in it.  Well, I don’t anyways.  I didn’t serve this over rice, just as is!

These were all amazing!  The chicken and vegetables can be cooked pretty much however, you can use whatever vegetables you want.  It is the sauce that is the best part 😉 AMAZING.

I am about to take a bite…..


Here I am after tasting a bit of each, and so proud!  And yes, I was cooking in my jammies.

DSCN0972 DSCN0973

The Artist loved these as well, I would have like more spice flavour in the orange chicken for next time though.  But none the less, it was all delicious!!!!  The Artist was impressed with me trying new dishes and succeeding to well on the first try.  He is so sweet.  He was waiting and waiting while I was preparing this.  I hadn’t prepped anything, so I was cutting the chicken and mixing the sauces- but he said it was WELL worth the wait and he was so glad he didn’t miss it.

I am definitely in a copycat recipe phase.  Check out my Copycat Butterfingers, and Copycat Cheddar Bay Biscuits!  Mmmmm, biscuits.  Cheddar Bay biscuits are probably one of the few foods that “moved” me.

Yes, food moves me.

I love food.

Sweet n’ Sour Chicken and Chicken Fried Rice

I can’t think of the words to describe this.  It is the equivalent of good Chinese take out, and better then the mediocre places.  I will be making this again- often.  It is so insanely delicious.  I looked at several recipes and noticed trends, read comments, what worked for others etc. and then winged it for myself.  Here is my mouth watering sweet and sour chicken:



How beautiful is this?!

The Artist made the complimentary dish, which is a classic of his- chicken fried rice.  That one is easy.  Just drizzle a small amount of canola oil in a pan, add cold, cooked rice (leftovers work great!), a bit of low sodium soy sauce (amount depends on your taste), green onions, peas, carrots, scrambled egg, and oven baked chicken breast, sliced.  Here is the better then take out dish:



This will be a quick blog, because I truly cannot find the words to tell you had good this was, but I had to share.  The best I can say is to comment below, message me on Facebook, or something, and I can try and describe how I winged the sweet and sour chicken.  So if you want to give it a go….I am looking forward hearing about how it worked out for you 🙂

Mom- didn’t I tell you this was perfection?  You would love these, especially the sweet and sour chicken.  Next time we are together, I will make some for you.

Until next time.

Parcels and Halloween!

I opened the mail, and there was a notice inside saying there was a parcel waiting for me at the post office.  A parcel?!?! 😀  From who?  For what?  I couldn’t wait!  The post office was closed, so I had to wait until the next day.  I was bursting with so much excitement I could hardly contain it.  I patiently waited until I could get to the post office on my way home the next day.  As I approached, I got butterflies in my stomach.  What on earth could it be?  I didn’t order anything, nor was I expecting anything.  And aside form bills or flyers, I love getting mail.  I love getting cards and stuff from my family.  But a parcel?!?!  I hand them my slip and so them my ID.  They come back with not 1, but 2 large boxes!!!  


I think my eyes bulged a little, like a cartoon.  They were not heavy, so I was able to carry them home, which was about a 10 minute walk from the post office.  While I was walking with these large parcels, I think I was smiling ear-to-ear the whole time, because I was getting funny looks from passers by.  I was so ridiculously excited I was contemplating finding a public bathroom I could go into to open them, or a bench off to the side where I could tear into my goods.  I thought, maybe I could turn around and go to the library, or sneak down a side street….but then it clicked.  That would be insane.  I told myself, “I am an adult, I can wait until I get home, which is in 2 minutes”.  Somehow, I managed.  I got home and opened up my Pandora’s Box.

DSCN0916 DSCN0917


Yay!  It was Halloween goodies from my mom.  She is so insanely thoughtful.  It may not seem like raiding the dollar store and mailing the items is thoughtful…but it is.  So very much.  I was recently telling her that I got out some Halloween decorations, and she asked me if I had much.  I replied by saying we had a fall table runner and some bowls, and some napkins.  And I had some candy corn from the year before.  It was insanely stale, but I put it out anyways for the look.  I don’t really like candy corn- it gets stuck in my teeth, it is insanely sweet, don’t taste very good, and made with pure junk.  But, for some reason unknown, I can’t stop eating the stale bowl of neon treats.  I told her we were at the dollar store, and I wanted to buy some stuff, like a pair of socks, and maybe another trinket or something, but didn’t in order to stay on our tight budget.  I thought maybe I could fashion a decorative garland or something out of coloured paper we had at home already.  So what does my mom secretly do?  She goes to the dollar store and gets all the things she thinks I would like, including festive socks.  I love being festive with decorations and baking and cooking, and I especially love festive socks, and she knows how much it all makes me happy.  Now, with regards to all things festive, I have specific personal rules about when to get the decor out and when I can start wearing my socks.  

For Halloween and Easter: I can get decorations up no more then 2 weeks in advance, and no later then 1 week in advance.  They must come down no later then 1 week after the holiday.  I can only bake festive goodies a few days before the holiday in order to still be able to enjoy some on the actual holiday without them being gone or going stale.  I can eat associated candy on cheat days leading up, but in small amounts.  Most of the candy is reserved for a binge on the day of.  I can start wearing my festive socks, if I wish up, to a week before, and the last day being the holiday itself.

For Christmas: While in St. Louis, we get our tree and decor up around Dec. 1, I start wearing my festive jammies and socks, watching Christmas movies, and listening to Christmas music.  This is because we go to Canada mid-Decemeber, and want to enjoy the festivities in our home before we depart.  While living in Canada, we do all this about 2 weeks before Christmas, maybe closer to 3 if we are planning on going away, so maximize our time at home basking in the glory of it all.  No matter what, I stop wearing festive jammies and socks after Jan. 1, and that is also the last day for Christmas movies and music.  And about a week, later, the decor comes down- which is quite depressing.  Also, for Christmas movies, I save my favourite ones for the closest to Christmas, just because.  And I only watch these during the holidays.  Same goes for Halloween movies.  

I guess everything is just because.  There is no real logic to my madness.  I realize I am a little insane about it.  But, my theory is, if things are up too early, and taken down too late, and I watch festive movies all year round, then the actual holiday itself is less special.  I love sitting with my family, with the Christmas tree lit, giggling and laughing playing Christmas music as we decorate.  And it just wouldn’t be the same if we had been listening to the music for weeks already at that point.  We always get a real tree, so the tree passes it’s prime by the time Christmas day rolls around if we get it too early, and then everyone gets annoyed finding dead pine needles everywhere instead of admiring the tree and enjoying family togetherness at breakfast on the cold morning of Christmas day.

And there is a glimpse of my personal insanity 😛  

Back to it.  Right away, I started putting up the Halloween decor.  I was home by myself, bursting with excitement, and yearning for someone to be here to share it with me.  I hope the Artist comes home soon!!!  The Artist came in to grab a quite bite to eat before his next class as I was decorating our front door.  The smile on his face told it all.  He said how cute it was that my mom new I would love all this stuff, and the excitement he saw within me made him smile.  Even though he is indifferent as to whether or not the door is decorated or the napkins are festive, he says how cute it is to see me all giddy.  A warm hug, the gentlest, sweetest look in his eyes….Halloween decor aside, that is what truly made my day.  If he can love me even more whilst seeing me in the middle of my holiday insanity (clearly ridiculous as I am sure you can remember from the above), then I truly have myself a keeper.  He loves me for who I am, it is as simple as that.

Here is a glimpse of our new festivities 😀


Not Halloween related, but a favourite of ours. There is no Swiss Chalet here.


Blurry, but it is full of candy!

Blurry, but it is full of candy!



Dollar Tree is the dollar store we go to here, and these were the exact socks I had my eye on!!!!! Dollar Tree just opened up back home.


Some chocolate eyeballs, the exact ones I had from last year that were stale! So excited for some fresh ones 😀 And a chocolate bar!


Some festive napkins under the stale candy corn haha.


Pumpkin lights 😀


LOVE these.


Fancy cups, again, the kind I had my eye on! My mom always said when I was a kid, that she knew everything. Maybe, she actually does?


Extra cupcake decorators that I used for the plants.



Thanksgiving and Halloween cards from my parents. And yes, I displayed the envelope because I like the stickers on it.


Full of candy.


Bat garland.


Up close.


Bathroom door.



  DSCN0937 DSCN0938 DSCN0939 DSCN0940


All lit up!

DSCN0942 DSCN0944 DSCN0945 DSCN0946


This upcoming weekend we plan on carving pumpkins, and on Halloween day, we are going to maybe watch a scary movie and eat candy 😀  Halloween and Halloween II starring Jamie Lee Curtis- yes please!  I also really want to watch Hocus Pocus, but can’t obtain a copy so far….so cross your fingers.  This craving goes unsatisfied every year.

Nice things the Artist has done: He knows I like the bed made because it keeps our room looking tidy and comfy, so he made the bed.  I left early in the morning, and he left later on, so when I came home it was a nice surprise!  He complimented me on my knowledge of art, and was impressed!  He also made this for the dining room, because I have been saying we need a side table in there:



Nice things I have done: Cleaned the house and did our laundry.  Made the Artist his coffee this morning, and woke him with gentle kisses.  Helped him with an assignment last night by proofreading it, giving my opinion, and reading it out loud to him.  

I can’t wait until this weekend so we can carve pumpkins together.  Here is a photo of our first pumpkin carving session together, mere weeks (maybe about 2?) before we started dating ❤ 

h2 h1


Happiness is contagious.

More of My Food.

Once again: I love eating good food.


Homemade tomato sauce!


Chocolate chip pancakes for my Artist.


Half of my tomato sauce became spaghetti sauce.  Ground beef, green pepper, mushrooms, onions, and finely chopped carrots and celery.  For seasonings I used fresh pressed garlic (about 6 cloves), oregano, basil, salt, pepper, a bit of parsley, and a bit of red pepper flakes.  My secret to delicious spaghetti; put in loads of veggies.  Loads and loads so your sauce looks too thick and veggie over loaded.  Especially loads of mushrooms.  Put a lid in with a small vent and let it simmer, stirring occasionally.  Eventually, the veggies will release their juices, the big time juice releaser being the mushrooms, and the sauce now looks normal.  It starts out looking like veggies tossed in sauce, but ends up as sauce with some veggies in there.  And the flavours from the veggies juices and moisture makes for a more complex tasting sauce, but is still somehow tastes simple and fresh.  And I am not shy on the seasonings either, I like lots!


Final product.


My new favourite obsession: this salad.  I can’t wait to try it with some chicken to have as an entree salad instead of just as a side.  I toss together arugula, carrots, edamamme, green or red bell pepper, sometimes celery, whatever we have and whatever tickles my fancy at the time.  I like a variety of veggies in a variety of colours.  Then I add some black pepper and grated parmesan and toss.  I then squeeze fresh lemon juice all over and toss.  Finally, I toss about 3/4 spoonful of olive oil/vinegar/herb dressing, and enjoy.  If I want something crunchy I use chow mein noodles or some nuts.  For the salad dressing, we buy it sometimes, but did our research first.  The only ingredients should be oil (olive, canola, or both), vinegar, and herbs like oregano or basil, and maybe some salt.  Any other ingredients or weird oils do not fly with me.  I am super picky with my salad dressings because I cannot stand my salad soaked in pure fat, carbs, and empty, useless calories, making my salad soggy.  Making this dressing at home is also good.  I love healthy, homemade dressing.  I love, love, love this flavour combination.  So yummy.  I made one for the Artist and put it in the fridge to have with dinner when he came home, and forgot to eat it.  I added tomatoes to his, and let him dress it himself, because he likes lots.

Me- Hey, you forgot the salad I made you.

Artist: Oh ya!  You can have it if you want.

Me- I already had mine.  And yours has tomato on it.

Artist- Ummm, I don’t know if you know this, but…you like tomatoes.

Me- Ya, but not on a salad.

Artist:  Just pick them off.

Me- The juices touched everything though.

Me liking tomatoes is a relatively new phenomenon.  I have always like tomato sauce on pasta though.  But now I like tomatoes in pasta, or brushetta, etc.  I have never liked ketchup, but do like ketchup flavoured chips.  But raw tomato, not dressed with anything, on a salad or sandwich?  Forget it.  I am also specific with how I like things proportioned.  For example, I do not want handfuls of lettuce on a sandwich, just a sprinkle.  I want a bit of everything with each bite, so the toppings need to be dispersed evenly, and I do not like condiments.  Hummus, if the sandwich calls for it, and that is about it.  And I don’t like certain foods touching each other.  For example, meat juices on my plate touching my other foods, tomato sauce touching my veggies, or any type of sauce touching anything on my plate that it is not intended for.  I hate getting served chicken wings at a restaurant and they are served ON TOP of my fries.


The Artist had a long couple of days, so I made him an apple crisp.  Talked to my mom about how she winged it, and then, in turn, winged it myself.


Made these homemade copycat Butterfingers.  Healthy peanut butter and bran flakes in there- even with the chocolate chips they are not too sugary, and have a good amount of protein and fibre 🙂


My delicious lunch.  These pitas are crazy awesome!  Low in carbs, and about half of the carbs come form fibre!!!  A good source of protein too, 7-10g per pita depending on which variety you choose.


I would normally add some baked chicken breast in there, but we didn’t have any to bake.  So I grilled a bunch of red peppers, smeared my pita with a healthy, all natural, non-jarred basil pesto, and some low fat mozzarella.  Then I grilled it.  It is sort of my healthy take on a homemade, healthy quesadilla.  Not fried, grilled, and with oil or coating, and low fat cheese.  Grilled red pepper and basil pesto is one of my very favourite, all-time flavour combinations.


The Artist is always saying he needs more protein to eat, especially for snacks.  So I made him some meatballs.  I don’t like meatballs- yuck.  I only like beef if it is ground up in spaghetti.  It is a flavour thing, I just have never liked it much.  These meatballs are BBQ flavoured.



And these ones are sweet n’ sour.  I made this sauce from scratch 😀  It was my first time, and they were a hit.  I made the meatballs from scratch too.



This picture is of the Artist enjoying his meatball snack.  Yes he is eating them with a stick.  Yes he is eating them in bed.  How and where else? 😉  I love my Artist, he keeps me smiling and laughing, all day long.

Happiness is contagious.

A Day of Togetherness.

The Artist and I had a great day last weekend, full of togetherness.  It was a full day, from morning to night, of amazing quality time.

We started off by sleeping in, and then not getting out of bed right away.  For about an hour all we did was snuggle, talk, giggle, and snuggle some more.  Then we headed out on foot to Starbucks down the street to enjoy our gift card, sitting on the patio enjoying the beautiful day.  It was sunny and warm, but with a nice breeze.  Not too hot, but not too cold- perfect.

DSCN0826 DSCN0829

Then the Artist asked me if I wanted to walk over to his studio to see his latest work, because he really likes it.  Obviously I can’t wait, so we enjoy the weather some more and walk over after we finish out drinks.  The amazing breeze was bringing the smell of autumn leaves into the air; it was heavenly.  I love crunching the leaves on the sidewalk as I walk.

This is his latest masterpiece, which I just love.  It is my current favourite out of all his newest work.


And I couldn’t resist posting another one of my favourites:


Then we walked home, hand in hand, soaking in the sun and enjoying the sights.

DSCN0846 DSCN0848

We headed out to get a few grocery items from Walmart and Trader Joe’s, and the Artist couldn’t resist the coconut mini-donuts.  He couldn’t wait until we got home, so he ate them in the car and washed them down with some milk.


We continued onto an international specialty food store that ha amazing prices, and the Artist got something he has be yearning for; young coconut.  He cracked one open when we got home and enjoyed every lat drop of the juice, and ever so tender meat.  You could scrape the meat with a spoon it was so sweet and tender.  The Artist loves fresh coconut, including the juice.  We also went to check out the Goodwill stores, in particular the outlet- where items are sold by weight.  Books are cheaper by the pound because they are heavy, but finding a shirt or something would probably cost way less then even a dollar.  One of my favourite stores.  It is “hit-and-miss”, but when you find a “hit”, it is worth it.  Today we found some books, a purse, and some fabric.  This cost us $3.  The big book there probably cost half the total price….so cheap.  It is the best place for getting books and movies, mostly VHS tapes, because it is so cheap.  And loads of their books are in great condition.  And they have some name brand stuff too.  When I got home I looked at the purse that the Artist had found and thought I would like, and it is from the gap and might as well be brand new.  A great find.  Sadly, I found only 1 shoe of the pair of brown Tom’s that were in like-new condition…the other one was no where to be found.


We picked up some movies at the library for the evening, mostly suiting to our latest trend; movies starring Nicolas Cage.  We find him just so funny, and the Artist does a good impression.  One of my all-time Nicolas Cage movies is Wicker Man.  It is supposed to be a little scary, but he is just so funny in it 🙂


And I enjoyed my latest cheat day craving….dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and tater tots.  And no, I didn’t eat all those tater tots, I seriously misjudged the amount when cooking them, haha.  And for dessert, strawberry fruit snacks.  The inner child in me was satisfied.

DSCN0822 DSCN0823

For the Artist, I made him a huge sub with all his favourites!  The lighting was bad in that room, it looked much better in real life.


And we started the day where we began it- in bed, snuggling, talking, and enjoying the company of each other.  The days following were super busy for us, especially the Artist.  So we took advantage of the day we had available.  I can’t wait for our next day long adventures of togetherness.  Making time for one another is something we always know how to do, one way or another.

Appreciate the little things in life.

Happiness is contagious ❤

Hair Styling- Winging It.

I like to do my own hair, and i am good at just winging it.  However, my hair has no hold.  No amount of product, special device, heat, or professional stylist skills can make any curl hold for a long period of time.  Up-dos last a good amount time, but by the end of my fancy event, they are loose and falling out.  Curls are just flat before I even get there.  So at home, for curls, I use these spongy things on a wire that I put my hair in….think of “grandma curlers”- that is what I use.  I put my hair in them while I am getting ready as a first step.  I give a good dose of hair spray, blast heat with my hair dryer, and then another coat of hairspray.  Then I do make up, get dressed, and do whatever else.  Right before it is time to go, I take them out, fluff with my fingers, and maybe pin a piece or two away from my face, loads more hairspray, and out the door.  By now, the lovely tight, bouncy curls hanging longer and losing the bounce.  I get there, and I now have waves and volume.  But, at least, some wave and volume will last.  So basically if I want my hair to be styled “wavy” I need to to tight curls and in no time they will turn into waves- ha.

Here are the curls I did that quickly morphed into waves:



I did this on my entire head, and get this:



By the end of the night:


Silly faces.



As for up-dos, they stay up, but become loose and dishevelled, but hold a bit better.  Here are some samples of the finished products at their prime:


Back view.


Same as above, side view.




Fancy event.  

I did the one immediately above by places my hair in 3 ponytails spread apart.  Braided and secured each.  Pulled on braids to make them loose.  Rolled them up, and squished them up with bobby-pins.  Perhaps because I have never coloured my hair and don’t plan to, nor do I blow dry or straighten on a daily daily basis, my hair is super silky.  If I braid my hair and let it go, it instantly flops back to normal.  It is too “slippery” I guess.  In fact, I don’t even own a hair straightener!  I hate blow drying, I just air dry.  Every day.  On that note, I have also never had a piercing, not even my ears.  Never.  I have never, not do I plan to get a tattoo either.  Weird, I know, but I like not having to pay loads of money for hair colour, keeping it up, spending time styling or blow drying, etc.  And… I don’t even go to a salon or barber to get my hair cut- my Artist cuts my hair!  He does good layers and has a good eye for it.  He cuts his own hair too.  I was a little nervous at first, because he just “eye balls it”.  But he does a great job 🙂

Then I thought of making a knitted head band for a friend who is having a baby girl.

What happens when I try to follow directions:


Recycling haha.

What happens when I wing it:


However, this flower is not attached in a good way, it flops all over the place so I don’t think I will gift it.  Perhaps I will try again.  And then I thought of making myself one that is actually functional and not just for style!  To keep my ears warm in winter 🙂  I think it is safe to say I will be winging that too.