Done With Kale

The title pretty much speaks for itself- we are done with kale.  It is really high in nutrients and has a dark, rich green colour, and we have tried it several ways, but all in all- it sucks.  The taste is bad, the smell of bad, the texture is bad, and eating it raw is the worst. Now don’t get me wrong.  I have tried to like it, tried using it in lots of different ways, and was extra open to new tastes because I have been looking to try new recipes, ideas, and incorporate more variety in my cooking.  I gave it so many chances to be good, and it never seemed to please me.  I am a spinach girl- all the way.  And here is why I am done with trying to like kale, done eating it, and why I am not missing out on the nutrients.

*The following is based on the nutrition info on the bags of spinach and kale that I have bought.

In terms of taste: I don’t like the taste of kale.  It is too strong and overpowers any dish I make it with, and I always remove all of the stems.  Spinach has a milder taste, and tastes good raw.  Whereas I don’t like raw kale, the taste just doesn’t jive with me.  It is too strong or something.

In terms of smell: For some reason, I think kale stinks lol.  But I don’t find the same problem for spinach.  When I was reheating some leftover pasta with kale in it, all I could smell was kale.

In terms of texture: Having tried kale cooked, raw, sauteed, etc. and the texture is always the same to me.  Even though cooking it makes it softer, it still is chewy.  I even tried making kale chips.  They were good- for the first few chews.  Then it was like chewing a ball of grass and I couldn’t get it down.  That is how I feel anytime I am chewing kale.  The texture just bothers me.

In terms of price: No cheaper or more expensive then spinach, they are about the same.

In terms of nutrients: Kale is loaded with several hundred percent of your daily intake of vitamins K, C, and A.  It has some mineral content, and isn’t that high in fibre.  Spinach has over 100% of your daily intake of vitamin K, and is still a good, high source of vitamins C and A, but does not exceed 100%.  It has a lower fibre count, similar to the kale, and has some mineral content, similar as well.  So obviously, kale is loaded with much higher concentrations of vitamins then spinach is.

But….here is my opinion.  Do we really need more then the 100% of a daily intake of a nutrient?  Unless you are on specific recommendations by a doctor or something.  But I am not.  So do I really need more?  I feel like after 100% is a waste, and over-doing isn’t always good either.  And as for the less-then-100% of vitamins C and A, I eat a variety of fresh produce, and a variety of foods in general in my day-to-day food intake.  So I am not missing out.  I regularly eat fruit, including apples, oranges and berries, so vitamin C isn’t a problem for me, and I regularly eat carrots and sweet potato which are loaded with vitamin A.

So, all in all, why would I keep torturing myself with kale if I don’t like the way it tastes, smells, I don’t like the texture, and I am not missing out on any nutrients, and I love spinach and there is no price difference?  Exactly.  I am not going to.  I am not missing out on anything, except stinking up my kitchen when reheating last night’s kale.

Here is a photo of the pasta dish I was referring to that had kale in it.  Normally I use spinach for this recipe, but tried kale instead. It is whole wheat penne, baked chicken breast, onion, kale, spice, and asiago cheese sauce (which is  just asiago cheese and milk to thin it out a little).



Writing this makes me wonder, do others feel this way too?  It’s not like I am never going to eat kale again because I refuse to eat it, I just won’t likely buy it again for my own cooking.  If I am out, or having dinner somewhere else and there is kale, I would eat it.  But I do not prefer it.  So, are others feeling the same way, but just eating it anyways and “tolerating” it because it is the “new super food”?  Are they eating it just because it is hip to be doing so?  I, for one, do not care about belonging in the kale-club.  I guess I am not “hip” enough, haha.  Is kale the new fad?

If I am missing something, I would love to know.  Am I missing the key secret as to why everyone is crazed for it?  Or is there a mysterious nutrient I haven’t mentioned?  Anything- I would love to know.

On to nice things the Artist and I have done for each other: The Artist wanted me to come to his studio with him, so I did, to keep him company.  And of course, being in the presence of his passion and talent brought out so many nice things to say about him.  The Artist also drove me where I needed to go bright and early in the morning.  Before I woke him to do this, I prepared his coffee for when he got home.  This weekend we have decided to try and do something fun like go to the zoo, park, or whatever if the weather holds up.  The Artist also told me how nice I looked in my outfit the other day- his eyes lit up when I emerged all dressed, even after 3 years of marriage.

I love my Artist.

Happiness is contagious.


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