Halloween Celebrations

On the eve of Halloween, my Artist and I carved pumpkins- a tradition we have shared every year since we met.  We lay out newspapers and plastic bags, select an assortment of different knives, spoons, and other carving tools, and have at it.  We chat, giggle, and sing along to the radio we usually have playing.  It makes for a great date night together.  Here is what I came up with:

DSCN1010 DSCN1037 DSCN1027


And here is what the Artist concocted:

DSCN1036 DSCN1026 DSCN1011


I enjoyed my drinks from this fancy glass all day:



And after pumpkin carving I dried the seeds and toasted them for snacking.  So delicious.


The Artist also made some homemade chicken wings- which are always out of this world.  He knows how to make the perfect sauces that are not too bold, but full of flavours, and allows the yumminess to seep through- all the while rotating them perfectly creating the fall-off-the-bone effect with perfectly crispy skins.


On to my treats!  My mom sent me holiday packages in the mail, as per one of my previous posts, including this chocolate bar.  I had it out on the coffee table for decoration, and it has been screaming at me to eat it since I got it….but I was saving it for Halloween night.  So finally I got to indulge my treat!  I felt like Rita on Arrested Development finally getting to eat her chocolate star after yearning for it for so long.


I also made a few of these bad boys, which are caramel and chocolate pretzels.  They were super addictive.  But I tragically burned them, and only a handful were edible.  I didn’t have any more caramel, so I will have to get more to try again because the few that I had were amazing.  I don’t like plain pretzels- but cover them in anything, especially chocolate, and the sweet and salty, yet crunchiness just hits the spot.


I went for caramel apple bites instead of whole apples, but sadly my caramel didn’t stick to the apples too well.  They were however, despite their appearance, quite tasty.


The Artist wanted me to bake Halloween cupcakes, when I asked him what treats he wanted…and to help us not eat the whole batch, I shared some with friends.  Vanilla flavoured with Halloween festivities, and from a box.  Homemade are just never as good- for some crazy reason.


I also made some glazed pumpkin and oatmeal cookies.  They were ok.  They definitely needed the glaze.  I would try them again, but use a different recipe I think.


These are healthy pumpkin and fall spice muffins.  No processed sugar, flour, or butter.  The Artist always says, “you probably like when you bake nasty things, because then you don’t have to share”!  Ha!  They aren’t “nasty” but they are not your average carb-a-loaded cafe muffins with more sugar then a can of pop.  Not to mention the fat and calorie content.



The Artist had some school related things to do, so while he was out I settled in and watched Hocus Pocus.


I have been yearning to see this on Halloween for years, but have never been able to get my hands on a copy.  And for some insane reason, I can only watch it on Halloween.  Yes, I know, that is ridiculous.  I didn’t think I would get my turn in line to borrow from our local library in time, but I did!  It was a Halloween miracle.  And watching after going years with this unsatisfied craving felt indescribably good.  As a kid, I always wanted to dress up as Winifred Sanderson for Halloween.  When the Artist came home, we watched Halloween and Halloween II starring Jamie Lee Curtis, again, a craving just the same as Hocus Pocus, going unsatisfied for years.  But a few months ago I found a VHS copy of Halloween at Goodwill, and borrowed Halloween II from the library.  As we started the second movie…

Me: (latching onto the Artist’s arm) I don’t like that, it’s scary.

Artist: Come on, it is just the opening credits- the movie hasn’t even started yet.

Me: I know, but there is a skull over by that pumpkin.

Artist: It’s like Oscar on Corner Gas, “some of the letters are bleeding!”.

Afterwards, we decided to watch something a bit lighter and comical, and cuddled into bed to watch Corner Gas- where the Artist proceeded to tickle and pester me.  I love when he tickles and pesters me ❤  I may not think hat at the time haha, but I do.  All in all, this Halloween was one of the best.




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