Inspired by a Facebook Trend

There seems to be a Facebook trend where people give a number to someone else and that person has to list that number of things about themselves that others don’t know.  I liked that idea, and decided to make my own list.

Things you didn’t know about me:

I love peach flavoured things.  Candy, juice, popsicles, gum, anything.  I also love the smell.  Sean, or mom, if you are reading this, comment below and guess what my favourite peach flavoured item is 😉

I love artificial grape flavour, and bubblegum.  But not any bubblegum flavoured item, just chewing gum.  I also love the smells of grape and bubblegum.

I love chocolate.  Milk and dark.  With nuts.  Without nuts.  With caramel, raisins, anything.  Or without.  In any form.

I love apple juice.  But not just any kind.  No Name from No Frills, in the carton or in a juice box, but not as much, the frozen can.

I love grape juice.  But not just any kind either.  Welch’s.  The original stuff.  Ice cold.

I love fresh peas.

I love watermelon.

I love clementines.

Sometimes I eat so much of these I get a bit of a stomach ache.

I love candy.  Especially sour candy.  Jelly Beans, red liquorice, gummy jubes- meh.  I could take them or leave them.  Black liquorice I do not like.  Clearly, fuzzy peaches are among my top favourite.  Especially the tiny ones, that are usually 1 cent each at the Shell in Creemore.

I love tiny things.  I have been obsessed with tiny things all my life.  When I was younger, I loved teeny tiny Barbie supplies.  Shoes, hairbrushes, forks, plates, anything for my Barbie house.  I loved anything pink when I was younger, especially this very specific shade of coral.  And I had Barbie shoes that were this exact, ideal colour, that I treasured, and often just looked at.  I loved the little tiny Barbie foods, and earrings, any accessory that was exceptionally small.  Then they came out with Kelly dolls.  The toddler version of Barbies, sort of.  And then they needed proportionately small things for her!  I was in heaven, so many tiny things.  As I got older, I liked to collect small trinket boxes, and put my tiny things in them.  To this day, I still love to collect tiny things.  Not Barbies, haha, but things like interesting sea shells, stones, and I have to little Dutch dolls from Holland.  And trinket boxes.  I love tiny candies, tiny teddy bears, tiny anything.

I love flowers.  And plants.  Of any sort.  The more interesting the better.  I love yellow roses, peach roses, sunflowers, orchids, pink tulips, yellow tulips, any tulips really.  Anything.  The smells, the colours, watching them grow, I love it all.

I love soft things.  Things are are soft in the smooth way, and also things that are soft in a fluffy, plush way like teddy bears.  I still have teddy bears or other stuffed animals, and get them out to cuddle with when the Artist has late classes and I am home watching an Emily-movie.  Emily-movies are bad movies, that are good.  Things from my childhood, old VHS tapes, horror/thriller/scary stuff, or bad dramas like Melrose Place.  I love soft blankets, clothing items, outerwear like mitts and hats, slippers, robes, anything.  I would say my favourite is blankets.  I love to curl up in a nest of several blankets, even if I am on the couch, while watching a movie or reading, or sleeping.  But, my very favourite soft item is the Artist 😉  He has the softest skin and hair ever.

I love artificial dill pickle flavoured snacks.  A dill pickle is not the same, nor do I even really care for the real thing.

I love weird smells too.  I like the normal-weird stuff like the smell of rain, scented candles, smelly soaps, or the smell of autumn leaves.  But I also like the smell of, like I mentioned earlier, grape, bubblegum, and peach.  And I like these smells on a weird, probably too weird, of a level.  I love the smell of paper and back to school supplies, a brand new book or magazine, cardboard boxes when moving, new clothes, bon fires, extinguished matches, and I love what I call “smellies”.  I love scented soaps, lotions, bath supplies, shower gels, shampoos, lip glosses, chapsticks, etc. etc.  My favourite place for smellies is Bath and Body Works.  They have the best smelling stuff.  When I smell things I enjoy, it is like too much goodness is happening and I can’t handle it.  My favourite scent, however, is my Artist.  The combination of his hair products, de-odourant, freshly washed shirt, and his natural scent, fills me with joy.  He likes to use Old Spice de-odourants and always tries new scents.  When he is wearing the original scent, and gives me a hug, it brings me back to the very first time we sat close on the couch, the first time we embraced, and the first time we kissed.  It is like I am transported back in time.

I like some coffee flavoured things, but not coffee.  The number 1 coffee flavoured thing I like is the coffee chocolate in the Pot of Gold.  Do they even still have that one?  Pot of Gold doesn’t seem to have the same flavours as I remember.

I do not like the orange and chocolate combination.  But I like oranges.  And I like chocolate.

I do not like the smell or taste of peppermint, wine, cilantro, black liquorice, or mango.  I feel like I get a headache from the smell or taste of these.  So no, I do not like peppermint gum, mints, or candy canes.  But I do like spearmint, and other candy cane flavours.  My favourite being cherry.  The Allan’s brand is the best.  I can do mango if it is not the main, highlighted flavour in a smoothie or something, but that’s it.

I do not like the smell of leftovers, even if it is my favourite dish.  It smells different when it is warmed up.

I can only seem to work out during the window of my day that is between my afternoon snack and dinner, or that my afternoon snack is a protein shake after doing weights.  Earlier is too early, and I can’t do it right after eating breakfast.  Later is too late, because I will be starving for dinner and wanting to wind down after my day.  A lot of things revolve around eating before I lose my mind from hunger.

I have so much empathy, it is almost crippling.  There are certain movies or episodes of TV shows that tear at my heart so much, I can’t handle it.  Just typing this is hard enough, so I am not even going to mention the titles.

I love reading books that are about depressing topics, like drug addiction, abuse, serious illnesses, death of a loved one, or homelessness.  But these novels are often success stories, of how someone overcame these, dealt with them, and sometimes the stories are biographies of real people.  Although depressing and sad, they are uplifting and inspirational.  One of my favourites is a memoir called The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls.  I also love to read Jodi Picoult.  I love all her stuff, but a few that stick out right now are My Sister’s Keeper and Lone Wolf.  I also love Room by Emma Donaghue.  And novels by the foster mother Cathy Glass of her experiences fostering children.  I even loved these types of books when I was younger, probably too young for it to be appropriate that I read them.  I also love easy-reads, guilty-pleasure stuff from my teenage years like V.C. Andrews, Harry Potter, and Go Ask Alice.

I lose my mind if the open side of the pillow cases on our bed don’t face outwards, towards the walls (versus inwards, towards each other).

I have a million treasures that I have collected throughout my life, that seem like junk or garbage, but have a great memory attached to them.  Or that I treasure for a unique reason.  Some items include buttons, pins, name tags, ticket stubs, rocks, shells, photo booth style photos, and souvenirs I bought as a child.

I do not like pretzels.  But I do like dark chocolate covered pretzels.  Or the big kind that are soft and warm.  Or if the pretzels are in a chocolate bar, like the Diary Milk pretzel and peanut butter kind.

When eating a soft cookie or Reese peanut butter cup, I nibble off the outside rim and then eat the remaining middle.  If I get a cookie that is broken is half, it just doesn’t fly.

I like to eat my Skittles 1 colour at a time.  I can only eat the lemon and lime ones together.

I cannot, cannot, cannot, never, ever, wear running shoes without socks.

I love to sleep.  Bedtime is my favourite time of day.  Being cozy while I sleep is a recipe for me to never get out of bed.  When I need a mental health day (a day to myself to indulge), or am sick, I usually spend it in bed.

I love rocks.  I love to collect them.  I can’t get enough.

I collect coins.

I collect those souvenir pennies that you put in the machine and crank the handle, and it squishes your penny and imprints an image on it.

I love stormy weather.  Thunderstorms and snowstorms make me feel so cozy on my living room couch with a mug of hot chocolate.  This stems from the fun days being off school making snowmen and forts and coming in with rosy cheeks and drinking hot beverages.  Or when the weather was so bad my parents had to stay home from work, and we would spend the day together playing games, watching movies, baking, etc.

I love the city.  And the country.  I love being at home.  I love being out in the world busy making a difference in people’s lives.  I love sunny, energetic days.  I love rainy, quiet days.  I love when I have to turn on lamps during the day time because it is rainy and overcast.  Leaving the house during this time is upsetting.

I cannot stand the sound of people chewing.  Not just people chewing loudly, any hint of chewing makes me lose my mind.  The loud chewing makes me want to jump out a window and scream/cry while running down the street.  The Artist doesn’t really bother me, strangely.

I cannot be working on a task, and have another person in the room just sitting there.  For example, I am typing an email and when I am done a movie will start, or I am going somewhere with the person present right after.  I feel rushed and panicked to finish, when it is only a 5 minute task most of the time, I feel like I can’t work.  I cannot, cannot, cannot, feel rushed.  It builds such horrible feelings inside.  If I do not have the appropriate time to do something without feeling rushed, I don’t do it.  For example, having 90 minutes to workout doing weights and get home before going out somewhere such as meeting friends, can’t happen.  If I am biking, I need 20 minutes to get there, 60 minutes to work out, 15 minutes to get home (it is downhill on the way home), 10 minutes to drink a shake, 15 minutes to shower….that is already 120 minutes, or 2 hours.  That does not include blow drying my hair, getting dressed, make-up, none of that.  I do not handle feeling rushed well either.

I have never had a tattoo, nor do I ever plan to get one.

I have never coloured my hair.

I have never, nor do I plan to, have a piercing.  Not even my ears.

I think that from the above, it is fair to say I am a little nuts.  Or as I like to describe my Artist, “wonderfully insane” 😉


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