Reasons that you know are in the best, happiest marriage ever.

Reasons that you know are in the best, happiest marriage ever.

1. When you have a bad day, of any kind, it is not a positive turn of events for YOU that makes it all better- it is hearing the awesome news your spouse comes home to tell you, the great day they had, or simply seeing their beautiful smile.

2. When you have a bad day, of any kind, it is not something out of the ordinary that your spouse does to make you feel better- it is simply being themselves that hits the spot.  Just being together, smiling , laughing, and loving.  Because not only special occasions should be special, every day is special in our household.  Every day is a little out of the ordinary in some way.  I say to my husband often, after an improvement in my mood simply after we are reunited at the end of the day and we talk about our days and smile and laugh, “thank you, for just being you.”

3. You are always thinking of ways not to make your day go as smoothly as possible, or better in some way, but how you can make your spouse’s day better.  And you carry out these ideas.

4. Your spouse truly inspires you, and that provides encouragement to make you, a better you.

5. Your spouse is always supportive, no matter what.

6. When you both have your thinking caps on, there is nothing you can’t figure out, no roadblocks too big, and nothing that will get in the way of what you are after together.

7. When you say, “oh I don’t need a gift, just time together”….you actually mean it.  From the bottom of your heart.

8. You recognize all the little things your spouse does for you, appreciate them, and express gratitude.  Even if it just making your morning coffee, posing your teddy bear in a humorous way, offering you the curly chips out of the bag even though you didn’t pick them out, because they are your favourite, or bringing home your favourite ice cream, just because.

9. Homemade gifts melt your heart, and bring tears of joy to your eyes because they are so thoughtful and heartfelt.

10. Hugs, kisses, saying “I love you” and other things like that, is the best medicine.  For colds, flus, worry, anxiety, sadness, stress, or nerves.  Or even when you had an amazing day, these things just put it over-the-top-amazing.

11. You are sure that your marriage exists in this other dimension of marriages, because it is so awesome, and you are so happy, because it is so ridiculously amazing.

12. You are the best “version” of yourself when you are together, you are 100% you, and you spouse allows you to be you, and brings it out in you even more.

13. Intimacy does not always mean sex.  Intimacy can be a conversation, a hug, a moment, anything.  It is felt with your heart,  and not necessarily always bodily pleasure associated with the latter.  And with this, you are intimate many times a day, because your hearts are so connected.

14. You develop a sort of, kindred spirit.  One that only comes with hearts that are truly connected, over time.

15. This one is personal, as it is controversial and I am sure not many people will agree with it- But I know I am best, happiest marriage ever because the day we were married, we were concerned only with that- our marriage.  We did not want our wedding to be about the wedding, but about the marriage.  The life-long commitment we made to one another, and the lives we were about to start.  We couldn’t have cared any less about receiving compliments about our decor, or flowers, but rather focusing on our love for one another and celebrating our commitment- not our table setting choices or how high our wedding budget was.

I am so, so lucky to have met the Artist.  It was truly on a whim, and it almost didn’t even happen.  If I had to go through some really rough times in life, and in love, to get to the level of happiness and love I have right now- it was worth every minute.

I feel that my life is very enriched since having met the Artist.  I look at things so differently, it is amazing.

Happiness is contagious ❤


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