Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Well, today was the Thanksgiving Day parade here in St. Louis.  The Artist wasn’t partial on going, but insisted we go for my sake- I really wanted to go, and he knew how much fun it would be.  I have only been to the small town Creemore Ontario parades…..and let me tell you- this was crazy different!  There were marching bands, dancers, singers, performing on stilts, people in costumes, people doing flips, girl scouts, police, fire fighters, the mayor, all of the various “Miss_____” winners in the area, animals, church groups, local organizations, the Grinch, Ronald McDonald….the  works.  It was so cold, our camera didn’t power up all the time, so this isn’t even the half of it!

It was amazing.  I have never been to anything like that before!

It was a sunny day, but VERY cold.  We bundled up, and braved it.  By the end, we were dying to get in the car and blast the heat on the way home.


Waiting for it to start.


Police officers lead the way!


The Artist had the right idea….warming up in the nearby Starbucks! I joined him after a few minutes lol the parade was about 2 hours long!

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The Artist had the right idea....he was warming up in a nearby Starbucks, and I didn't last long outside before I joined him.  The parade was about 2 hours long, and I could no longer feel my toes.  I waddled over, hardly able to walk- it was FREEZING!

The Artist had the right idea….he was warming up in a nearby Starbucks, and I didn’t last long outside before I joined him. The parade was about 2 hours long, and I could no longer feel my toes. I waddled over, hardly able to walk- it was FREEZING!


Santa was the final float of the parade, but I had to take a photo from Starbucks because I was cold to the bone.


The only way I could get my feet warm!!! HAHA!

All in all, it was a great morning, and a great start to the Thanksgiving holiday here.  We are not visiting home for the extra long holiday- the Artist gets 3 days off plus the weekend!.  Canadian Thanksgiving was in October and our families celebrated the long weekend there, and because of the clashing calendars, we weren’t able to make it.  But we will be home for the Christmas holiday in a few weeks!

If there is one thing I learned from the parade, it is that I wish I was in a marching band.  But the true dilemma is…should I play an instrument?  Dance?  Baton or flag twirl?  Conduct?  They all look so fun.  I used to play the piano and the flute back in the day.- and I was pretty awesome 😉  It came naturally to me.  I could sight read pretty well.  I took piano lessons for years and never even owned a piano at home to practice on!  I had a little kiddie keyboard thing that had like 1-2 octaves- ha!  But I was awesome still.  And if my previous music teachers are reading this, close your eyes and close the window lol….because I never practiced.  But I got A’s and perfect quiz scores, aced my theory homework, and performed in front of several audiences, including our local Creemore Christmas parade!  I think we sat on a wagon with hay bails, but it was still super fun.  I also love dance.  I danced hip hop and ice dancing for several years back in the day as well, and loved it.  I love performing in general.  Performing with our school band was such a thrill for me, there are no words to describe the satisfaction I got.

Me: I want to be in the parade!  Aww, I want to be in a marching band too.

Artist: (Looks at me and smiles)

Random little girl: I want to be in a parade!

Me: Ha, I just said the same thing as that little girl…..hey look they are giving out candy!

Artist: I knew just by your body language you were looking to see if they were throwing candy from those stockings.

Me: (smiles cutely as the World Bird Sanctuary float passes us with very cool, huge birds) Aw, I have heard fun thing about that place, we should go!

Artist: And did you hear these things from your friends who took their kids there?

Me: Ya.  But still, it will be fun!

Artist: Ok I will take you if you are good 😉

The Artist is always telling me how I always want to do the kids stuff.  But come on, who doesn’t want to get their face painted on the 4th of July?  Go to Wild Bird Sanctuary and see eagles and owls?  Decorate shortbread cookies at the Delmar Ice Festival?  Eat cotton candy at fairs?  Go mini putting?  Enjoy a slushie or Icee?  Wear temporary tattoos during the Terry Fox Run, Christmas eve, Canada Day, etc.?  Especially a cute little one on your cheek?  Watch cartoons, especially when you aren’t feeling well?

Sounds like fun to me!  And we always have a good time.  And besides, the Artist is a very playful, mischievous person, and he brings it out in me.  If there is anyone who understands playfulness and fun little things, no matter how insane or absurd, it is my Artist.  Like from the movie Step Brothers, “don’t lose your dinosaur”.  Steve never lost his, and helped me resurrect mine.  And now, I think it will be impossible to ever forget ❤

Once again, happiness, truly is, contagious.





2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day Parade!

  1. Wow, the Thanksgiving Day parade is a BIG event. Would there still be a Santa Claus parade as well (since Santa was the last float)?
    Love that you love “kid stuff” Emily. The world needs more people like you, to love life’s simple pleasures and the carefree lifestyle that we lose in adulthood with it’s schedules, finances and stress. Thanks for writing and sharing. 🙂

    • I don’t think there is a Santa Claus parade as well, that I know of anyways. The 2 holidays are so close together, and the Thanksgiving Day parade was “Christmas-y” as well.

      I have noticed that enjoying, as you call it, life’s simple pleasures, have become more prominent in me since I have met the Artist. He really brings out the true, real me. And that includes enjoying the class Frosty and Rudolph Christmas cartoons, Christmas music, stockings, and advent calendars! 🙂 I suppose it was suppressed for awhile as a teenager to try and remain “cool”.

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