So the Artist has learned how to juggle.

His current jugging items?  Rolled up socks, rolled in a fashion that they are in a ball shape.

His favourite time to practice?  As soon as I have brushed my teeth and crawled under the covers and close my eyes.  Just when I think he is about to crawl in with me I hear, “watch this!” or “look!”.

Sometimes he drops them, and they hit me in the head.

Now that he has mastered general juggling, and can do it with various items for a long period, throwing both high and low, he has moved on to learning tricks.

His current trick that he is trying?  Throwing under the leg.  This is when I get hit in the head the most.

He also likes to have me throw him on of the sock balls mid-juggle…usually at the time I am getting ready for bed.

Sounds like a bit of a nightmare, eh?

Well, here is the thing…..I often find myself slowing sitting up in bed.  Maybe propping a few pillows behind my head.  Smiling, and even laughing.  Because the thing of it is- it is just really cool and exciting to watch.  Try and master a few rounds of juggling socks without dropping them in 1 quick session….it is impossible.  Let alone being able to have sock balls tossed to you, being able to juggle and walk, or just keep going for a long period, making it look effortless.  You see, the Artist is unique.  He can learn things really quickly, especially things that are visual, and trial and error style.  Like, altering something a tiny bit, almost not at all, to therefore produce results.  For example, he can balance just about anything, on top of just about anything.  He can set up a crazy cause-and-effect chain where one thing hits another causing another thing to move and then another to do something else, and so on.  And it all has to be precise to the exact millimetre, or other smaller measurement.  The same goes for juggling.  He has to alter the height, speed, etc. by minuscule amounts to get a rhythm going.  And of course, he makes it look SO easy.  And SO fun.  Rachel, you know what I am talking about 😉  And then you try it because it looks so easy and fun and exciting, but it is not.  It is hard.  And you quickly get flustered because you can’t figure it out.

It is mesmerizing to watch.

It is so amazing how he can learn something, and his way of learning is so strange, and unconventional.  One day, he bought a guitar and fiddled with it and can now play it.  He did the same with a harmonica.

This quality, this gift he has, encourages and motivates me to try new things.  To simply play- something we don’t do enough as adults.  And I realize adult life is jammed packed with work, family, logistics like cooking and paying bills, but I find taking 30 minutes to watch the Artist juggle, laugh our faces off, and spend the time together, is more rejuvenating then anything else.  Who says we have to spend hundreds of dollars at the spa to reenergize?  Even spending 10 minutes giggling as we try to squirt water into our mouths holding a straw above our face and aiming it- clearly making a mess….takes our minds off of the stress of day to day things.  Another time we were making silly faces, and having the other person try and copy it, making the faces harder and harder to do- the Artist has crazy control of his facial muscles- I am talking Jim Carrey style.  So it is can be challenging.

I find it is a common expression to say something like, “remember the old days?” or something like that, how children spend their free time playing and such instead of household work or waiting on hold to get someone out to fix your internet connection.

Ever wonder why kids are so happy and energized 24/7?  Try playing, being silly, giggling, or anything of the like, and you will see why.

For some reason, right before bed is a popular time for us to do silly things, or late at night in general.  And spending 10 minutes doing this is enough to get really into it, and not want to go to bed, not caring how early you have to wake up, or what errands you have to do on your lunch break.

Sound familiar?  I remember when I was a kid I used to play and goof around while I was supposed to be brushing my teeth, in some sort of weird imagination game, and my mom would tell me how early I had to get u for school so I had to get to sleep.  Or that I needed my sleep, because of a big test in the morning or skating practice.  But in that moment, all I cared about, all I wanted to do, was continue my little game, and not care about the early morning, the test, or the practice.

Getting lost in the act of playing, isn’t easy at first.  But you will find it.  And it will be the best de-stressing tool in your self-care toolkit.

It is true what they say, laughter is the best medicine.

Here is my Artist jugging ❤

DSCN1563 DSCN1570 DSCN1571


Look at this adorable face <3

Look at this adorable face ❤


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