New Hair Cut!

The Artist is a man of many talents.  He can cook, clean, fix just about anything, paint his heart out, and among many other talents, he can cut hair.  He has been cutting his own for awhile now, and so I decided to let him have a go at mine.  It went great, and it has been a few years now that he has been cutting my hair 🙂  I have never coloured my hair, and I don’t blow-dry or flat iron on a daily basis (or ever, really…I don’t even think I own a flat iron?).  I don’t style my hair, I just let it do what it wants, and air dry after a shower.  So all I need is a basic trim with some long layers.

Before: I hadn’t had my hair cut in several months, so the layers were gone and all blended together, my hair line at the bottom was a straight line, and I had lots of split ends.


After: Rounded hair line at the bottom, no more split ends, spruced up long layers.  It feels so much healthier, and exactly what I wanted.  The Artist always does a great job.


And then I was able to style my hair nice and wavy for the MFA Open Studios night!  It never holds any curl, so I have to curl it super tight, and by the time we get out the door, it goes flat and looks like this 😉

DSCN1936 DSCN1941DSCN1942 DSCN1944

And then we came home, and the Artist starting painting away.  When he paints, I love to be there to watch.  He gives off such good vibes of energy, seeing him in his niche, doing what he is so passionate about, just warms my heart.


And to make it an even better day, he comes back with this:


He isn’t much of a chocolate fan, but knows that I am!  So he brought me this as a surprise!  And earlier that day I had been thinking to myself, that I wanted a good bar of dark chocolate, so when I crave some, I can have a square and not feel guilty.  He reads my mind on a regular basis, it seems.

Man, I have the most thoughtful, caring, loving, sweetest husband ever ❤  I know he is aways thinking of me while we aren’t in the same room, just as I am always thinking of him.

Spread the love.

Happiness is contagious.


2 thoughts on “New Hair Cut!

  1. I know my wife would never let me touch her hair with a pair of scissors. What a trusting person you are Emily and the artist did such a great job. His creativity goes well beyond paintbrushes and paint.

    • It sure does! He is also good at making homemade greeting cards (I do that too, but they are not nearly as interesting haha) as well as interior design, to name a few.

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