My Latest Project, and so much more….

I knit.  I sew.  I bake.  I cook.  I clean.  I walk to get my exhausted husband a Diet Coke when it is minus a million degrees outside.  You can just mail me my Wife Of The Year Award 😉

I love crafting and doing little projects.  There is something really satisfying about finishing a project, and that feeling is what feeds my mini-addiction.  I am working on a yellow scarf for my Artist, just a simple knit stitch.  He wants it super long, so it is taking me awhile.  But in the meantime, I wanted to switch things up.  I made this super soft and fluffy scarf in just one short sitting, with no tools- just my arms and hands!  I don’t know what to call it, maybe “arm-knitting”?  And I made it pretty long so I can wear it many ways.


I just tucked the ends in my coat a little for an infinity scarf look. I didn’t want to attach the ends so that I can wear it both ways, also like in the pictures below.



DSCN2024 DSCN2025DSCN2023

I am looking forward to making more of these!  They come together so quickly and easily, and if you buy yarn that is a good deal, it costs very little and are so comfy and warm to wear.  Next up?  Crochet.  I want to get a crochet hook and learn how.

I am the type of person with many interests.  I really love music, and art, and of course, crafting.  I like geography, and film, and dance, not to mention the theatre, and literature.  I enjoy learning a new language, travelling, culture, and history.  And while I am engaging in any of my interests, I am enthralled and fascinated by it.  But how can I not be?  People, and culture, and those with amazing abilities and talents are captivating and enchanting.  Life is full of so many beautiful wonders, I want to experience as many of them as I can.  So how does knitting relate?  Well, I just made a scarf with nothing but my hands, in very little time and for really cheap.  And that, is something I find fascinating.  I find that knitting and sewing and crafting in general is a lost art of sorts.  How many people do you know who can do one of these?  Two of these?  More?  I know my list is pretty short.  We humans often get caught up in technology and work and the hustle and bustle of the exhausting ways that is adult life.  I know that I have to really make a conscious effort to turn off the TV sometimes, or close the computer, and pick up a book, go outside, or start a new project.  Over time, it gets easier and easier to do so, or so I have found, as our imaginations love to work hard.  I am proud to say I do not have a cell phone and neither does the Artist.  We have in the past, and probably will in the future, but for right now it doesn’t make sense for us economically.  We also don’t have cable or any sort of TV provider, Netflix or other internet streaming subscription, no iPads or tablets, and no music playing devices like iPods or whatever the newest trend is.  We have an old cube, non-flatscreen TV, a radio, a working record player that we use often, and in addition to a regular DVD player (nothing fancy like Blu-ray), we have 2 working VCRs and a large collection of VHS tapes.  And I love it.  Our TV is starting to flicker a bit, and sometimes the top inch or two isn’t visible, but it is still working. The Artist and I were talking about getting a new one.  I told him that my TV needs include: not gigantic, not necessarily flatscreen, not mounted on a wall and not up high- at sitting eye level, not that better-then-real-life quality, and not worth more then our car.  Because really, why?  We have a flat screen that we got given to us, and a line of pixels went out after only a short time, yet the cube TV has been around and working since my childhood.  And to be honest, I prefer our older one for reasons unbeknownst to me.  It is just my taste I suppose.  And the best part?  The Artist agrees with me on the new TV buying guidelines.  And when I became a little sad that we might not find something quite like what we have now that works any better, he didn’t tell me I was crazy, to get with the times, to be more modern, or to just simply get over it- he told me that he appreciates the romanticism I associate with it.  Because of all people, my Artist can relate to the romanticism and poetry of life.  This quality in him has enriched my life so much, and has given me a perspective of the world, and of our lives together, that makes me so insanely, ridiculously, indescribably happy, right to my bones ❤




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