Crafting and Siblings

To say again, I love to knit.  Especially using great colours.  It is very calming and meditative, and I feel such satisfaction finishing one of my projects.  My latest ventures have included a scarf for the Artist, 2 ear warmer/head bands and a hat.  My current undertaking is moving things up a notch on the difficulty level; leg warmers.  Ha!  All the hard core knitters out there are probably laughing at me right now.  It isn’t overly difficult to be honest, but I like to stick with fairly simple tasks.

DSCN2215 DSCN2212 DSCN2211 DSCN2209

The Artist's scarf!

The Artist’s scarf!


And while the Artist was in Chicago, I made myself this dress, with a zipper and everything 🙂


The Artist and I were talking about our unique quirks and weird habits, and I got to thinking back to childhood quirks and fun times with my brothers.

– eating chocolate covered granola bars while watching 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain

– melting chocolate chips and eating them with a spoon, and mom always trying to bake, only to find she has no chocolate chips….ever

– watching the episode of Mr. Bean where he is at the theatre watching a horror movie, while eating fresh popcorn and copying all the weird things he does with it….I am surprised we never got it stuck up our noses!

– having trading sessions teddy bear and other stuffed animal toys, pogs, and crazy bones

– Sean having a yard sale in the living room trying to raise money to buy a toy or a movie (or maybe a pet of some sort?) and selling things for a few cents each to all of us… adorable is that?!

– making things out of popsicle sticks, especially boats, and then filling the bath tub with water and using hair dryers to race them

– bouncing on the trampoline, may it rest in peace!

– snow forts and adventures in the waist-high snow during snow days off school, always followed immediately by hot chocolate and a movie

– TVO kids shows…..Cliffford, Arthur, Dragon Tales, Peep in the Big Wide World, Little Bear, Reading Rangers, Zoboomafoo, George Shrinks, Fun Food Frenzy, Sharon Lois and Bram, Tiny Planets, and so many more!

– drinking Tang like crazy

– little glass bottle of fruit punch

– all the flavours of Chubbie pop drinks

– 2 cracker packets of soda crackers

– mom’s homemade pizza buns for school lunches

– Michael and Sean playing mini stick hockey in the hallway, all day, every day

– Mega Bloks

– Power Rangers and Beatle Borgs

– the treasure box at the dentist’s office

– The Golden Apple restaurant

– Breakfast with Santa in Creemore

– the extent of my cooking abilities when we were home alone: KD, grilled cheese, hash browns, scrambled eggs, fried bolgna, mini pizzas, chicken fingers and fries, and Alphaghetti

– making forts indoors with that round table and watching TV/movies from inside it

– Creemore Children’s Farmer’s Market

– book fairs and book orders at school

– creating “clubs” in the summer time and making membership cards

– camping

– chewy Chips Ahoy cookies

– Guitar Hero marathons

Despite all of our arguments and such, we had good times together.  It is kind of sad that we are no longer kids just playing and hanging out at home, spending so much time together.  But I do have fond memories I can look back on, and when we get together as adults, we have just as much fun.  After all, our siblings are our very first friendships ❤


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