“The Land of All Missing Items”

I think there are two common things that most people experience: always losing pens, and always losing socks.  Am I right?  Where do all the pens and socks go?!  I know I never recover them, as if they found a worm hole that is a portal to an alternate universe.  But for the Artist and I, it is more then just pens and socks.  Those would be the daily missing items that we experience, and despite all of my re-tracing of my steps, and insanity-induced searching in every nook and cranny, my socks and pens never turn up.  But I would take a lost sock or pen any day over the things that vanish for us that are much, much worse.

I have sent mail containing all my personal information and important government issued documents, with extra postage security, tracking numbers, delivery signatures- the works.  And when I go to track it online, there is no record of it.  So I contacted the post office and showed them my receipt and tracking number, and they also couldn’t find it, nor could an investigation.  At least I got reimbursed, but my mail as never recovered.

I have had articles of clothing disappear, entirely.  And of course they have to be my favourite ones.  In particular, a striped tank top.  I even had witnesses who saw me wearing it the day it went missing, and the Artist saw it in the closet. Then, boom- gone.  There were no windows open, no doors unlocked, no else was in the home or had been recently, no pets, nothing.  I searched everywhere.  I started tearing the closet apart, then the rest of the closets and clothing storage spots, then I started looking in crazy places like the kitchen cupboards and bathroom.  I searched like a lunatic in a frantic frenzy until the entire place had been torn apart.  You know when you get into one of those moods, and it is just driving you crazy to find this item, because you KNOW you saw it in a certain spot minutes ago that it HAS TO BE somewhere?!

This is when I came to the conclusion that all of these crazy disappearances that have happened throughout my life, have fallen into this crazy worm hole into the alternate dimension of “the land of all missing items”.


Most recently, I lost and important tax related document.  But sometimes, when the item in question is actually crucially important and you really need it, you have to cut your losses and focus on damage control.  None the less, I figured it out, but the original document remains a mystery. I have a great memory, especially for meticulous details, and when something isn’t exactly where I remember, it drives me crazy!  And because I have a good memory, and usually a witness (I ask the Artist to see where I put things because I have learned over time how useful that can be!), it makes be especially confused.

My only pair of black heels?  Gone.  Forever.  Exactly like the striped tank top.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, the most notable of circumstances.

But as the most recent event happened, the one with the important document, I checked the mail and had received a parcel from home.  I think my mother knows exactly when to put something in the mail so it reaches me a certain time- because aren’t all mothers a little psychic? 😉


I just love the tin box! She knows me so well 🙂


When I saw all this, I knew immediately where she bought the box of goodies- the local pharmacy, her favourite place to shop lol! The had a big sale on Rexall items and they have great gifts that are unique.


Salt and pepper shakers!

DSCN2279  DSCN2281 DSCN2284 DSCN2286


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