Why Not Having a Cell Phone Makes Me More Organized, Reliable, and Resourceful.

When the Artist and I moved here from Ontario, Canada, we cancelled our Canadian cell phones.  Our intent was to get new ones when we got settled in St. Louis.  However, it seemed like the best financial and most practical option for keeping in touch with family back home, and considering our current needs, that cell phones were not needed, rather, a home phone would work.  Our home phone is exactly $19.99 every month and it includes unlimited nationwide calling, including Canada.  Our bill never changes.  At this point, cell phones would be only for talking with each other, as international minutes and texting is not something included in basic cell plans.  It was very weird at first, not having a cell phone.  And it was really inconvenient, and even now, 2 years later, it is still inconvenient.  But all in all, I have come to enjoy not having a cell.  I use Facebook and this blog when it comes to social media, but that’s it- no instagram, twitter, etc.  I don’t download music or movies or anything, I prefer to listen to the radio or my record player.

I do not like listening to music while walking outside as I feel like I am not aware of my surroundings and it makes me feel sort of unsafe at times.  And instead of doing whatever it is people do on their phones while at the movies waiting for the movie to start, I talk with whomever I am with, I read that free magazine about the up and coming movies, or really enjoying my concession snacks…..out for dinner, instead, I talk with the company I have, I consciously think about the food I am eating and how I am enjoying it, and maybe even have a conversation with the server….while driving I listen to the radio or talk with my passenger (rather then endanger us and other drivers because I am on my phone!)….while walking outside I take in the scenery, or talk with whom I am walking with….while on a plane/bus/transit of sorts, I read a good book, talk with whom is next to me, meet someone new and hear their story and where they are from, or catch up on some sleep….the list goes on.  And for each of these examples, sometimes just being alone to my thoughts.  When I had a cell phone, this never happened, in fact, I didn’t really have “thoughts” as I was on my phone all the time.  Also, notice how I said “talk with whomever I am with” for each one?  What if I was on my phone the whole time and missed out on all of those great conversations?!  Since I have not have a cell phone, I read more, talk more, notice scenery, nature, and architecture more, I enjoy food more, and I just enjoy the simple things more.  I notice the weather more, the sky more, I notice smells and sights, colours of things, and people.  And I like it.  I like not being able to be reached 24/7.  What did people do before cell phones?  They had a home phone and if you were gone when someone called they left a message and you returned it when you were available.

Now to focus on the title of this post, not having a cell phone does make me more organized, reliable, and resourceful.  I am sure that being able to look something up on your phone on-the-fly is a great tool, and sometimes that option would benefit me no doubt.  But lets take a new perspective….when you don’t have your phone as your resource, then what?

1. I look up directions ahead of time, and print them off the computer or write them down.

2. I looks at maps, usually using Google, to get a visual idea of an area I am unfamiliar with.

3. If I get lost, I do this crazy thing.  I pull over, and ask someone for directions 😉 haha.

4. If I am getting picked up, which is a common occurrence with a 1-car household, I am in the spot I say I will be at the agreed upon time.  I arrive at that spot early to ensure I am there before my ride.  Last minute coffee or errand, and then just text my ride that I am running late?  Nope.  I plan errands ahead of time.  This keeps me accountable.

5. Where to eat?  Research options ahead of time, or just pull into a new place and try it out.  We have found some great local eateries this way.

By not having a cell phone, I can’t do last minute emails, last minute work stuff, texting while driving, letting someone know I am running late, etc. I forces me to plan ahead and organize.  Because most of the time, those last minute emails or work things can usually wait.  However, sometimes something urgent may come up, and that is when I get resourceful.  If I am home, I call the necessary parties.  Which sounds simple enough, but I think actual phone calls are getting lost to the world of texting and emailing.  If I am out, I find a pay phone or other public phone.  If I have my laptop with me, I find a coffee shop or diner with free wifi and communicate that way.  But I am talking urgent matters here.  When it comes to notifying someone that I am running late, normally I would text them.  But now, I leave early to leave time in case there is traffic.  If I am working late and know for sure I will be late, I let them know ahead of time to expect me later.  And even if I have planned ahead, and this and that, sometimes things happen like an accident on the highway has backed up traffic for example.  Well, at this point, everyone knows I do no have a cell phone, so traffic is often the first assumption if I am late.  I will get there when I get there, and having a cell phone won’t change my arrival time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I know where several local libraries are, as they are a great community resource for computer use, internet use, faxing, copying, free of charge.  They often have a pay phone as well.  I am great with travelling and getting around because I read maps and talk to folks for directions, or suggestions of where to eat or what to do in the area.  As I mentioned, it can definitely be inconvenient not having a cell phone, but all in all, I find I notice the small things in life more, and I enjoy that.  I am a bit of an old soul, and have found that I prefer to do things the way I have mentioned here versus using a cell phone.  It just brings me more pleasure.  If you do have a cell phone, great!  If you don’t, great!

I may get one in the future, who knows.  But right now, I feel like I have found a new way of doing things, and I am not done exploring them yet.


2 thoughts on “Why Not Having a Cell Phone Makes Me More Organized, Reliable, and Resourceful.

  1. Well done and well said Emily.
    Cell phones have definitely changed society, and not necessarily for the better.
    Do have an “old school” cell passed down from my daughter, a “pay as you go”. Something like 30 cents a text and for a minute on the phone, and I will spend around $15 a year.
    Really love your spontaneity. It is living life to the fullest.

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