Raspberry Kiwi Sorbet Recipe

The Artist got me an ice cream maker for Christmas.  I always make homemade popsicles, and had been talking about trying homemade ice cream.  Well, without an actual ice cream maker to churn it, it was not working for me.  He got me one that does not require all that ice and salt to surround the bucket, the bucket is lined with a gel and you keep it in the freezer.  Pop it out to make your ice cream, wash it, and pop it back in to re-refreeze.  SO easy and convenient.

I decided to give sorbet a try, and the results were AMAZING!  The texture was so incredibly smooth!  Here is my recipe 🙂  I looked at some recipes online, and checked out Alton Brown’s recipes and tips….his recipes are my favourite.  I am sure there is sort of a science behind the ratio of fruit to sugar etc. but in the end after reading all the recipes, I winged it.

1 pint fresh raspberries

2 fresh kiwis, skins removed

3-4 tbsp sugar (more or less to taste, my berries were very ripe and sweet, but sometimes they are much more tart)

1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice


Step 1: Puree fruit.  I used a Magic Bullet and it worked well.

Step 2: Add sugar and lemon juice.  Blend a few more seconds.

Step 3: Push through a fine sieve.  I had to use a spoon to stir it vigorously, and at towards the end press the pulp/seeds with the back of my spoon to squeeze out all the remaining juices.  Th result is not a juice texture or consistency however, it is quite thick.  Discard seeds and excess pulp.


Step 4: Pour into ice cream maker and turn it on.  Churn until it is thick!  Mine took about 25 minutes, but times will vary.


Step 5: Enjoy as soft serve, and freeze any leftovers.


I tried a little as soft serve and it was delicious, but wanted to freeze it. This is the container ready to go in the freezer!


Or place mixture in freezer to harden for a more scoopable sorbet.


My scooping marks after freezing it overnight….aren’t they beautiful?!



   Frozen overnight!


Enjoy 🙂