Stones Concert

For the Artist and I’s 5th wedding anniversary, my parents got us tickets to see the Rolling Stones in Kansas City (about a 3.5 hour drive away).  I have been connected to the Stones my whole life.  When I was a kid, I remember my dad listening to them late at night during our road trips, and I just didn’t understand why he liked them so much.  Or any oldies rock for that matter.  As I became a teenager, I started to explore music more, fell in love, and there was no turning back for me.  I wanted to see the Stones during their Bigger Bang tour when I was in grade 11 0r 12, and was even calling in to radio contests to try and win tickets.  No luck.  Fast forward to now, and all of a sudden I hear about their ZIP Code tour and decided that I was willing to eat oatmeal for every meal for as long as it took if that meant I could get tickets.  Luckily, my parents helped us out.  As an adult, my obsession started to grow.  I love oldies rock so much, that I walked down the aisle at my wedding to Rod Stewart.  But the Rolling Stones are my number one, all time favourite.  I enjoy books and biographies of them, but my absolute favourite thing is to listen to their records, courtesy of my dad’s collection that I currently have.

I was feeling anxious about having car troubles or traffic and missing the concert.  I didn’t even want to wait in line at the concession stand at the stadium in fear of missing them come out, as the opening act was over.  I stood in line forever to get an over priced t-shirt, that I have zero regrets purchasing.

I packed my oregano oil because I thought I would have no voice the next day. Turns out, my response was more of a frozen-in-awe type. I don’t think my heart has ever beaten so fast. The music melted my soul. And as usual when I am touched by something, I cried.  Not obnoxious sobbing, just constant tears streaming down my cheeks.  I feel things like music very viscerally, and I guess my body needs a physical outlet for it all and it produces tears.  (read more about my love for music when I went to the Stl Symphony here: As for the old man jokes…I wish I was in a good as shape as Mick Jagger. And I hope that I am still rockin it that hard at life when I am 70-something.  I will never forget that night, and I don’t think I will ever be fully un-melted ❤

Experience. Of. A. Lifetime.  It breaks my heart to think about not being able to experience this again in my life, as the Stones may not tour again.  Even if this is the case, I am so grateful for getting to see them this once.  The music (along with many other things going on in my life I am sure) has recently given me a sense of clarity in life, how or why…it is all still unknown to me.  Maybe this clarity started forming within me when I was reading the autobiography of Keith Richards on my way to Chicago recently, and I learned that when starting out, the Stones were broke and struggling to get food and electricity, putting all their efforts towards their passion.  Sort of what the Artist and I are trying to do now.  It is a constant struggle, and it never seems to feel like any progress is being made.  Keith, Mick, Charlie, Ronnie, and the members of the Stones… inspire me to keep following my dreams no matter what.  No….matter….what.

As I raise my glass, here’s to you.

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