Hair Styling- Winging It.

I like to do my own hair, and i am good at just winging it.  However, my hair has no hold.  No amount of product, special device, heat, or professional stylist skills can make any curl hold for a long period of time.  Up-dos last a good amount time, but by the end of my fancy event, they are loose and falling out.  Curls are just flat before I even get there.  So at home, for curls, I use these spongy things on a wire that I put my hair in….think of “grandma curlers”- that is what I use.  I put my hair in them while I am getting ready as a first step.  I give a good dose of hair spray, blast heat with my hair dryer, and then another coat of hairspray.  Then I do make up, get dressed, and do whatever else.  Right before it is time to go, I take them out, fluff with my fingers, and maybe pin a piece or two away from my face, loads more hairspray, and out the door.  By now, the lovely tight, bouncy curls hanging longer and losing the bounce.  I get there, and I now have waves and volume.  But, at least, some wave and volume will last.  So basically if I want my hair to be styled “wavy” I need to to tight curls and in no time they will turn into waves- ha.

Here are the curls I did that quickly morphed into waves:



I did this on my entire head, and get this:



By the end of the night:


Silly faces.



As for up-dos, they stay up, but become loose and dishevelled, but hold a bit better.  Here are some samples of the finished products at their prime:


Back view.


Same as above, side view.




Fancy event.  

I did the one immediately above by places my hair in 3 ponytails spread apart.  Braided and secured each.  Pulled on braids to make them loose.  Rolled them up, and squished them up with bobby-pins.  Perhaps because I have never coloured my hair and don’t plan to, nor do I blow dry or straighten on a daily daily basis, my hair is super silky.  If I braid my hair and let it go, it instantly flops back to normal.  It is too “slippery” I guess.  In fact, I don’t even own a hair straightener!  I hate blow drying, I just air dry.  Every day.  On that note, I have also never had a piercing, not even my ears.  Never.  I have never, not do I plan to get a tattoo either.  Weird, I know, but I like not having to pay loads of money for hair colour, keeping it up, spending time styling or blow drying, etc.  And… I don’t even go to a salon or barber to get my hair cut- my Artist cuts my hair!  He does good layers and has a good eye for it.  He cuts his own hair too.  I was a little nervous at first, because he just “eye balls it”.  But he does a great job 🙂

Then I thought of making a knitted head band for a friend who is having a baby girl.

What happens when I try to follow directions:


Recycling haha.

What happens when I wing it:


However, this flower is not attached in a good way, it flops all over the place so I don’t think I will gift it.  Perhaps I will try again.  And then I thought of making myself one that is actually functional and not just for style!  To keep my ears warm in winter 🙂  I think it is safe to say I will be winging that too.