My Recomp.

I have experimented with all types of exercise and I have had all kinds of eating habits, both good and bad. I started with doing group classes like zumba, kickboxing, and yoga, then I started adding in some weights but mostly doing isolation workouts with lighter loads. I really enjoyed the group classes and it was a great way for me to be introduced to world of fitness. The deal I got on the classes came to an end and it ultimately was not a sustainable routine for me. It was too expensive and the class schedule eventually didn’t match my life’s schedule. I tried running. I hated it. But I thought that was what was needed to be fit, and what I “should” be doing. Again, not sustainable solely because I hated it yet…and yes, I stuck with it for many weeks, even months, because people told me I would learn to like it. Wrong.

Then I found heavy weightlifting, which evolved into powerlifting. The Artist and I do it together, so it is fun, supportive, and something we are able to share together. I couldn’t even lift the bar alone let alone add any weights to it. Now I am strong and have developed muscles that have explosive strength. We are able to do this at a “regular” gym that is very affordable, but we hope to join a powerlifting gym one day. During my experimenting days, missing a workout or spending the weekend visiting family stressed me out big time. I was so afraid of gaining weight or losing stamina or something. But now, I can be busy, sick, etc. and miss a whole week, and nothing changes. I change my routine as my goals change. Finally, I have found what I truly like, that fits my life, and that is sustainable for the long term.

I am currently trying to “recomp”. I want to change my body composition by losing fat and building muscle mass. I know many argue that you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat and a surplus to build muscle, so this goal of mine will not be possible without bulking and cutting cycles. But I beg to differ. I am not trying to enter a competition or anything of that nature, at least not at this point in my life. I just want to go to about life and add working out into the mix. I want to be able to treat myself, and have a semi-relaxed diet and workout regimen. I knew progress would be slow, but that’s ok. I am in it for the long haul. I am gluten-intolerant, which has led to me minimizing my overall grain intake, which I seem to respond well to. I focus on eating a diet that is high in protein, healthy fats, fibre, fruits, and vegetables, eating a bit more carbs on heavy lifting days and a bit less on the other days. I don’t count calories, I don’t weigh my food, it is all just best guess. I treat myself once in awhile. I workout as often as possible while commuting for full time grad school, working, completing a student placement, and having a life. Right now, I aim to lift heavy doing the main powerlifting lifts twice per week, and hopefully be able work in 2 days of medium-heavy accessory work. But again, I keep it semi-relaxed to allow for a good balance of a fun, life, school, work, and working out.

Here is my recomp progress after 1 year and 11 months. I really wanted to improve my upper body strength, and seeing these photos makes me so proud! My back rolls and love handles are shrinking, the cellulite on my legs (photo of me standing to the side) is smoothing out, and I am growing traps!

And I know I am making good recomp progress because my weight is the same throughout- floating around 180lbs ūüėÄ





No, I don’t want to buy your $5 per serving shake/meal replacement/smoothie/whatever you are selling.

Has anyone else noticed that everyone is becoming a representative of some sort of product lately? Skin care, food, kitchen supplies, make up, etc., but the most common thing I keep getting asked to buy and become a part of, is shakes. But the most common thing seems to be shakes and meal replacements, but for me, the answer is no. I get it, though. It is a REALLY tough economy right now and everyone is scrambling to find income and survive. And kudos to all the awesome people in my life that these things work for, who are on a journey of health and wellness and have created a business they love. But please understand, this is not for me. Here is why.

When I tell you I can’t afford it, I really can’t. When you say things like “you are worth the investment”, I appreciate it, and I know that that my health is important and worth a lot of effort an attention. But that doesn’t change my ability to afford it. I use my campus food bank, I budget like crazy, and there are still nights that I have gone to bed without dinner, simply because pay day was around the corner and I had no food because it all went to rent or another crucial bill. This is not the norm every night, though, so don’t worry. I still manage to eat healthy foods on a $100 or less budget per week, in Toronto, for two adult powerlifters with big appetites. We both have smoothies for breakfast that cost $1-2 per person. Mine packs about 40g protein, 10g fiber, 1 fruit, 1 vegetable, lots of fat and carbs, and an array of vitamins and minerals. Sometimes I even eat an orange or kiwi on the side which will up the vitamins and fiber too. These are dietary requirements that are specific to my needs, and meal replacements generally do not meet these needs. Also, I can’t have gluten, which is surprisingly in a lot of that stuff, and I choose not to eat much soy, because it is bad for, and aggravates, all of my weird bodily conditions.

When you say that if I join the business, it will help with my money problems, please understand that I am a full time university student with multiple part-time jobs that I enjoy- I barely have time to shower in a day, let alone participate in the constant social media presence involved in these things. I do enjoy social media, but not for posting every meal and workout I do in a day. And my part-time jobs are ones that are enhancing my life in some way, and I enjoy them.

When you say that I won’t have to step foot in the gym or cook dinners, because all workouts are done from home and dinners are a shake (for example), this does not sound appealing to me. I LOVE going to the gym and cooking. Mostly, I love eating home cooked meals. I do powerlifting, which requires a gym, unless you have your own gym, which would be incredible lol! When you say that I can get weights and modify the workouts to include them, the answer is no. I do powerlifting, it is not the same as getting some dumb bells and following a video.

So I ask that you understand that I have different interests than you, and that is ok. I am excited for you that have a business you love and are healthy and enjoy what you do. I also enjoy what I do, it just happens to be something different. I am so proud of you for working hard towards your health goals! I am also proud of myself. My goals are a little different, and that is also ok. I am looking to gain muscle mass and intense strength, which requires intense workouts at the gym and lots of calories consumed. Hence, low calorie shakes are not suited for me, and meals that cut calories are out of the question. My basal metabolic rate, which is just to maintain my body, muscle, organs, etc. at rest is a little over 1600 cal per day. Add in a workout that burns probably 700 cal AT LEAST, plus add in additional calories to create a surplus for muscle building…that is a lot of food.

So all in all, these shakes and meal replacements just do not suit my life, my goals, or my interests. They may suit yours, which again, is ok. Lets focus on encouraging one another to strive towards our goals, no matter what they are ūüôā

The 27 year old undergrad.

It has been a busy, stressful summer. ¬†I started classes the day after moving into our new apartment and we still aren’t completely unpacked and set up. ¬†We have been frequently thrift shops looking for furniture, but haven’t had any luck. ¬†Things are slowly coming together back up in the great white north!

My summer semester was definitely hard, it is such a shock going from the working world back into school full time. ¬†But I made it, and with decent grades. ¬†The biggest shock of all, however, was the fact that I am at a completely different life stage them most of my classmates. ¬†Being a 27 year old in undergrad classes, I am 8 years older then some of my peers. ¬†Although that really isn’t much when you consider one’s lifespan, it is quite a difference in what “phase” of life is happening.

I am 27, will be celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary with the Artist at the end of this month, I have lived on my own and with the Artist for many years and in turn have many bills to pay, and my favourite pass times include reading, watching films, listening to CBC radio, cooking (well, I am the assistant- the Artist is the actual cook!), relaxing while listening to our record collection, getting crafty, and powerlifting. ¬†Through conversation with other students around campus, it seems, as it should when you are 19, that going to bars and hanging out with friends are what the kids are doing these days. ¬†I wish I was saying that I was declining invitations to go out to the bar because I just wanted to go home and relax, but it must be obvious that I am an old lady. ¬†Either that, or I come across as an unapproachable person. ¬†Its probably both. ¬†Chandler from Friends articulates it perfectly…

Chandler Bing

I also feel like I am one of the last people to be fit the “starving student” archetype. ¬†I feel like I am surrounded by people who can afford all kinds of travelling and vacations, Mac laptops to bring to class for note taking, take-out food whenever they want, and no problems paying tuition or rent. ¬†Meanwhile, I am doing my laundry in my bathtub, using the campus food bank, sharing a laptop with the Artist (we need a computer equally for our own livelihoods) as well as a cell phone, and taking notes in class with a notebook that my parents bought for me and a pen I took from their ¬†house. ¬†I filled that notebook completely, so lets hope they buy me a new one for the upcoming term, LOL. ¬†I also have no idea how I will be paying my tuition that is due at then end of this month, not to mention bills, and I continuously sew together the same few clothing items that keep gaining new holes or tears.

It is all very weird, being in undergrad classes at 27.  When I was 19, I thought for sure that at 27 I would have the best job that ever existed and been done school with a prestigious degree(s) and have my dream home and life all figured out.  Well, I have come to the conclusion that you never really figure life out.  It is an ongoing journey with changing goals and aspirations along the way- so you might as well enjoy things, one day at a time.

Today I enjoyed bacon, egg and veggie scramble, and hash browns for lunch.  I enjoyed grocery shopping and still having about $10 left over for any other food needs that might arise this week.  I am going to workout later with the Artist, and despite my current sciatic pain, I will enjoy that too.  I will enjoy watching the Olympics tonight snuggled up with my love, and I will enjoy how beautifully gloomy and rainy it is this afternoon.

To see more photos of me enjoying the simple things in life, check me out on instagram @capitaineflash

As much as I would LOVE to travel and take a vacation, not have to worry about how I will pay tuition, or go shopping for new clothes and shoes whenever I feel like, I am sharing my life with someone who makes me smile and laugh every day, who shows me unconditional love, supports me, and inspires me….and that is more important than anything.

Suddenly, the mangled and torn insoles of my shoes seem so insignificant ‚̧

A Glimpse of the Day I Turned 25.

This 4th of July, I turned 25.  Yikes.  25.  Life is moving so fast.

The Artist asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday.  There are so many fun things to do on a budget in St. Louis, but all I ever want is just some good, quality time together.  I had been wanting to go bowling for awhile, so we decided to incorporate that into our day, and there is so much good food around here of which I have a hard time choosing where to eat, I asked the Artist if he would pick the restaurant and then not reveal it until right before we left.  That in itself is a great birthday gift, haha, because I can never make a choice and am always overwhelmed by the oh-so-many delicious options.  It was SO nice to not even have to think about where to eat!  He decided on one of our favourites: Mission Taco.  Read about the extreme levels of awesome they have here,

But even after we made these plans, I told the Artist that I didn’t care if they didn’t happen or if we ended up doing something else, that if the night organically led us elsewhere, or nowhere other then the couch, I wouldn’t mind. ¬†The Artist and I spend a lot of quality time together on a regular, daily basis, and we are always going out on dates and doing fun things. ¬†So my birthday was like any other day when you boil it down. ¬†Even if we both have a busy day, we always take some time together, even if it is just a few minutes. ¬†Sometimes we will chit-chat and snuggle and giggle before we go to sleep, or sometimes we will take time out of our busy days to cook together, which always brings about great conversations. ¬†This is a quality about our marriage that I just love; we don’t use special occasions as a “reminder” to do something nice for one another or to go out on a date. ¬†Actually, the last 2 years we weren’t even in the same city on Valentine’s Day, and we did our own little thing weeks earlier. ¬†But on that day, we knew we were thinking of the other, and that is enough ‚̧

My birthday ended up including a delicious breakfast of chocolate pancakes and bacon, sleeping in late, a great after-breakfast conversation about our favourite actors (which included Anthony Hopkins, Meryl Streep, Nicolas Cage, Steve Carell, among so many others), a present, drinks, bowling, RummiKub, and tacos.  I have been loving the TV show Orange is the New Black, and really want to read the book.  But all the libraries around here have pretty large waiting lists, and each person have have the book for up to 3 weeks!  I was so disappointed when I discovered this, because I have such a craving to read it!

To my surprise, when I opened my birthday present, was a brand spanking new copy of Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman. ¬†It smelled amazing. ¬†I even fanned the pages a little because there is just something about the shininess and smell of a brand new book that is just so satisfying. ¬†We usually use the library to read books, or get them for a quarter a piece at thrift stores or library book sales and in used conditions, so this brand new copy of my very own is such a treat ūüėÄ

He also got me new sunglasses because I broke mine and my backups are scratched like crazy, and then took me to the new candy shop that just opened down the street to pick out some candy. ¬†He gets me. ¬†He pointed out Sour Patch Peaches to me because he knows how much I LOVE peach candy, (a very specific flavour, I know, haha) and I couldn’t resist. ¬†I also picked out some taffy, a cherry jolly rancher stick (which is awesome because that is the only flavour I like and didn’t have to buy a whole pack to get a handful of cherry candies), and what I was most excited about: the Harry Potter Chocolate Frog.

DSCN3952 DSCN3954 DSCN3953


Then onto a blueberry lemonade Smirnoff slushie, tacos and bowling.  I grew up with 5 pin bowling with tiny balls, so this intimidating 10 pin stuff was hard!  My goal of zero gutter balls went out the window in a hurry.  But it was fun, and we will be back.


DSCN3962 DSCN3961 DSCN3955 DSCN3958


When we came home, we decided to play RummiKub, which is one of our favourite games. ¬†We turned on some oldies music, ¬†and of course, I won ūüėČ



We finished the night with some silly pictures, and watched Corner Gas in bed.

DSCN3970 DSCN3973 DSCN3990



What a wonderful life I have ‚̧

My Latest Project, and so much more….

I knit. ¬†I sew. ¬†I bake. ¬†I cook. ¬†I clean. ¬†I walk to get my exhausted husband a Diet Coke when it is minus a million degrees outside. ¬†You can just mail me my Wife Of The Year Award ūüėČ

I love crafting and doing little projects. ¬†There is something really satisfying about finishing a project, and that feeling is what feeds my mini-addiction. ¬†I am working on a yellow scarf for my Artist, just a simple knit stitch. ¬†He wants it super long, so it is taking me awhile. ¬†But in the meantime, I wanted to switch things up. ¬†I made this super soft and fluffy scarf in just one short sitting, with no tools- just my arms and hands! ¬†I don’t know what to call it, maybe “arm-knitting”? ¬†And I made it pretty long so I can wear it many ways.


I just tucked the ends in my coat a little for an infinity scarf look. I didn’t want to attach the ends so that I can wear it both ways, also like in the pictures below.



DSCN2024 DSCN2025DSCN2023

I am looking forward to making more of these!  They come together so quickly and easily, and if you buy yarn that is a good deal, it costs very little and are so comfy and warm to wear.  Next up?  Crochet.  I want to get a crochet hook and learn how.

I am the type of person with many interests. ¬†I really love music, and art, and of course, crafting. ¬†I like geography, and film, and dance, not to mention the theatre, and literature. ¬†I enjoy learning a new language, travelling, culture, and history. ¬†And while I am engaging in any of my interests, I am enthralled and fascinated by it. ¬†But how can I not be? ¬†People, and culture, and those with amazing abilities and talents are captivating and enchanting. ¬†Life is full of so many beautiful wonders, I want to experience as many of them as I can. ¬†So how does knitting relate? ¬†Well, I just made a scarf with nothing but my hands, in very little time and for really cheap. ¬†And that, is something I find fascinating. ¬†I find that knitting and sewing and crafting in general is a lost art of sorts. ¬†How many people do you know who can do one of these? ¬†Two of these? ¬†More? ¬†I know my list is pretty short. ¬†We humans often get caught up in technology and work and the hustle and bustle of the exhausting ways that is adult life. ¬†I know that I have to really make a conscious effort to turn off the TV sometimes, or close the computer, and pick up a book, go outside, or start a new project. ¬†Over time, it gets easier and easier to do so, or so I have found, as our imaginations love to work hard. ¬†I am proud to say I do not have a cell phone and neither does the Artist. ¬†We have in the past, and probably will in the future, but for right now it doesn’t make sense for us economically. ¬†We also don’t have cable or any sort of TV provider, Netflix or other internet streaming subscription, no iPads or tablets, and no music playing devices like iPods or whatever the newest trend is. ¬†We have an old cube, non-flatscreen TV, a radio, a working record player that we use often, and in addition to a regular DVD player (nothing fancy like Blu-ray), we have 2 working VCRs and a large collection of VHS tapes. ¬†And I love it. ¬†Our TV is starting to flicker a bit, and sometimes the top inch or two isn’t visible, but it is still working. The Artist and I were talking about getting a new one. ¬†I told him that my TV needs include: not gigantic, not necessarily flatscreen, not mounted on a wall and not up high- at sitting eye level, not that better-then-real-life quality, and not worth more then our car. ¬†Because really, why? ¬†We have a flat screen that we got given to us, and a line of pixels went out after only a short time, yet the cube TV has been around and working since my childhood. ¬†And to be honest, I prefer our older one for reasons unbeknownst to me. ¬†It is just my taste I suppose. ¬†And the best part? ¬†The Artist agrees with me on the new TV buying guidelines. ¬†And when I became a little sad that we might not find something quite like what we have now that works any better, he didn’t tell me I was crazy, to get with the times, to be more modern, or to just simply get over it- he told me that he appreciates the romanticism I associate with it. ¬†Because of all people, my Artist can relate to the romanticism and poetry of life. ¬†This quality in him has enriched my life so much, and has given me a perspective of the world, and of our lives together, that makes me so insanely, ridiculously, indescribably happy, right to my bones ‚̧



Donuts, Poutine, Truffles, and a Homemade Scarf.

My cheat treat this week was poutine, something I had on my mind and it was long overdue for achieving satisfaction. ¬†I did it at home, because St. Louis has no clue what poutine even is. ¬†I couldn’t find any cheese curds, so I just used mozzarella. ¬†For make-shift poutine at home- I did pretty darn good. ¬†It was really yummy, and the Artist even liked it too.



The next morning we planned on grabbing donuts at World’s Fair Donuts-ok, so I had 2 cheat treats lol-on our way to the free admission of the Botanical Gardens. ¬†We are cursed for this. ¬†We have to get there before noon to get the free admission on Saturdays, and something always happens. ¬†Sometimes there is traffic or an accident and we are stuck, etc. but this time, we got lost. ¬†The road we were supposed to take was not a through road, therefore we couldn’t turn where we were supposed to. ¬†Obviously, we got lost and drove around for like 2 hours. ¬†We got there just after noon, and they wouldn’t let us in unless we paid. ¬†So we got donuts afterwards and went grocery shopping instead. ¬†World’s Fair Donuts are amazing, and so cheap. ¬†A buttermilk cake donut is just 56 cents. ¬†And boy are they ever tasty.



There are no words to describe this.  You must try it to fully grasp what I am trying to tell you.  I could eat an endless amount of these and never get sick of them.  So good.

Hopefully next time we make it to the gardens on time. ¬†I want to go again now that it is fall because of all the beautiful fall colours and nice weather. ¬†And by nice, I do not mean scorching hot. ¬†And by nice, I do not mean lung burning cold. ¬†By nice, I mean a light jacket or sweater is all that is needed because the breeze is fresh and the sun is out- and we are far enough away from it now in November that it doesn’t feel scorching.

This nice weather makes me actually want to spend time in the kitchen, and not have to slave over a hot stove and oven sweating like a maniac- like during the summer. ¬†So I made some healthy treats that taste amazing. ¬†These little truffle bites are made with chick peas. ¬†The Artist says they taste “healthy” but I think they taste the same as my non-healthy ones. ¬†I posted about the non-healthy version previously….chocolate-peanut butter-pretzel truffles (or balls, or whatever you want to call them). ¬†These ones consist of chick peas, organic natural unsalted peanut butter, a few pieces of chopped dates, and pretzels, blended together in the food processor. ¬†It is sort of crumbly, but you can form balls in your hands and I rolled a few in dark chocolate, a few I left as-is, and a few I rolled in crushed peanuts. ¬†I keep them in the freezer and eat them frozen- for some reason I like to eat frozen things. ¬†Cheesecake, brownies, chocolate bars, fruit chunks, cookies, etc. etc. ¬†I think it started with my impatience for not wanting to wait for them to unthaw, and now I prefer them frozen.

DSCN1070 DSCN1071

On another note, I recently finished up another knitting project. ¬†I have been doing this one forever- like over a year haha. ¬†Like I said in my last post, I don’t get addicted to projects with smaller needles and yarn- and this one is both. ¬†I made a scarf, with alternating knitting stitch stripes and stockinette stitch stripes. ¬†It is attached at the ends, so you put your head through the whole, versus wrapping it around.

DSCN1209 DSCN1211



The Artist is so sweet, today he made the bed for me. ¬†And the other day he “forced” me to buy a $1 pair of Christmas socks, because he knows how much I love festive items, especially socks. ¬†And this pair, for some reason, are my absolute most favourite, and he could tell instantly that they were perfect. ¬†He also talked with me about future plans, where to live after he is done school, goals, career moves, etc. and we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning having an amazing heart-to-heart laying in bed in the dark. ¬†Snuggling of course. ¬†It was a really great talk. ¬†He knows me inside and out, and there is nothing we wouldn’t do for my happiness. ¬†And I for him. ¬†This morning I made hime his coffee before I left, and placed a little love note on top of the coffee make so he would see it right away. ¬†He says when he makes coffee, and when he does, it tastes like swill. ¬†Swill, or hot brown water. ¬†But the funny thing is, I don’t even drink coffee. ¬†We came to the conclusion that when something is made for you by someone else with love, it makes a difference in the taste ‚̧ ¬†The other day he made me smile, and warmed my heart to the core. ¬†He is so funny, and I love discovering his antics after the fact. ¬†I come in and sit down on the couch beside him, and told him that his shirt is on inside out. ¬†He hadn’t realized this and had been walking around all day like that. ¬†“Thankfully”, he said, he “didn’t go out in public”. ¬†My heart=warmed instantly. ¬†He was more then likely focused on his painting and other works that he didn’t realize. ¬†He sees the world in a way that no one else does- every shadow, shape, and colour is interesting. ¬†Flaws are not undesired, but rather, beautiful and tell a story. ¬†From his perspective, noticing his shirt on backwards, or being bothered to switch it, wasn’t important. ¬†The world has too much else to offer.

Sometimes, we don’t need to “do” or “say” something, all we need to do is embrace one another. ¬†These extended hugs communicate everything between us when words don’t have the right, or enough, meaning.

Take a moment out of the day and hug your wife, husband, partner, or significant other, and pause for a moment. ¬†Embrace with your heart. ¬†Draw a gentle circles on his/her back with your hand, or cradle their face. ¬†Tell your partner how much you love them, how you feel. ¬†Give gentle, tender kisses. ¬†Maybe whisper words in their ear so it tickles a little, maybe even causes some giggling. ¬†Touch your noses together, in an eskimo kiss. ¬†Take a moment from the hectic, crazy, wild adventures of the day to really be 110% present with your partner during this embrace. ¬†You may not even need words, because your hearts will say everything. ¬†I can’t think of a better way to recharge. ¬†Life is precious, and the little moments can really make a difference in helping to enjoy every moment of it, and treasure it. ¬†You will be surprised how intimate this can be, and how it can really help connect you when your brain is running a mile a minute.

Happiness is contagious.

Movies, Food, and Love

The Artist and I had 4 glorious nights in a row of evening movie dates and good food at home.  He is really busy for about half the week with class and stuff, and then the weekends are filled with painting and doing other related things, and we also do our errands and shopping, and fitting in something fun together.  Evening 1 consisted of Halloween and Halloween II with candy, chips, and chocolate.  Evening 2 consisted of National Treasure and homemade chicken wings with raw veggies.  Evening 3 consisted of National Treasure 2 and homemade thin crust pizza and a side salad.  And evening 4, consisted of baked chicken and orzo with mediterranean inspired flavours, and a side salad, while watching The Office, an episode we were craving to see.  We snuggled under a big comforter on the couch and only had our side table lamp on- which gives the best soft lighting.  Perfect for together time.


Homemade dough by the Artist, homemade sauce by me, low fat mozzarella, and oregano sprinkled on top. To keep it healthy, I have a protein shake on the side and some veggies.


Look at those nice arms ūüėČ


Homemade dough by the Artist, homemade sauce by my, low fat mozzarella, grilled red peppers, slices of baked chicken breast, basil pesto dollops, and a bit of tiny diced tomatoes. Having a shake and veggies to keep it balanced! Also, we make 1 batch of dough, and the Artist cuts it in half to make these 2 pizzas, each the size of a baking sheet. It is super thin, and hard to stretch, but it works. We liked the thin and crispy crust for these dishes, and it keeps the carbs lower.



Homemade chicken wings with a slightly spicy buffalo sauce. The main ingredient in the sauce be Frank’s hot sauce. Not breaded and baked keeps them healthier them if you went to a restaurant, and cooking them so they are nice and crispy and falling off the bone is delicious!


My currant favourite side salad; arugula and maybe some romaine, mixed veggies, fresh lemon juice, and a bit of an olive oil-herb-vinegar dressing.


Mediterranean style chicken with orzo.

The Artist and I were in the kitchen together making these meals, which is one of my favourite things to do together. ¬†Seriously. ¬†Cooking together brings out really great quality time together, great conversation, jokes, giggling; the works. ¬†And the Artist is such an amazing cook, and we both love eating delicious food, see how it is just perfect? ¬†We also have great heart-to-hearts when dining in at a fast food place like McDonald’s, and end up sitting there talking for an hour. ¬†Or right before we go to sleep, while laying bed, or while we are getting ready to go somewhere. ¬†The Artist has a really absurd sense of humour, as do I, and a lot of people don’t always get his jokes or antics.

The Artist: (after saying something crazy about having chicken bits all over his hands) See, you get my jokes.

Me: Not only do I get them…

The Artist: (excitedly interrupting) Not only do you get them, you do them too!

Me: (smiling) I know, I love it. ¬†Not only do I get your jokes, I love them. ¬†I yearn for them. ¬†If we haven’t seen or talked to one another all day, especially since we don’t have cell phones, I find myself craving some Artist-style jokes, humour, gestures, and general silliness.

We get one another. ¬†Like crazy. ¬†I have never felt so understood by someone else before. ¬†And it was the Artist who helped me find the words for that, he is amazing with words. ¬†He told me that he has never be able to be himself so much until he met me, that I allow him to be him. ¬†That we bring out the most potential in one another. ¬†And that I bring out the best version of himself. ¬†I had been feeling this way, but couldn’t put it into words. ¬†He nailed it. ¬†As always. ¬†He is so good with words, in every sense. ¬†He is poetic in every aspect of his life. ¬†He can articulate things like you wouldn’t believe. ¬†His vocabulary will blown your mind. ¬†He loves to read poetry and finds it amusing- seeing the humour in words. ¬†He then uses that an ammunition for his own word humour, fuelling his crazy sense of humour. ¬†I use word humour as well, the Artist brings it out in me. ¬†And sometimes I let little things slip when I am out or talking with someone else, forgetting that is the incorrect way of saying something and that it is not just me and the Artist being goofy at home.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love life.

Happiness is contagious.