Lifting Weights and Mid-day Crashes

The Artist and I hit the weights together yesterday.  He is naturally really muscular and strong, and can lift quite a bit, and in order to get a good workout, he has to lift pretty heavy.  Me on the other hand, I consider myself reasonably strong, and enjoy a challenge.  I love it when I can increase the weight on something.  But I do have the muscle definition the Artist has.  So we are lifting together, and nearing the end.  We are sweaty, exhausted, tired, and struggling to get a fresh breathe of air in the sticky, hot weight room.  The air in there is so heavy, its gross.  And earlier, I had bicycled to the Athletic Complex, it is a good distance with large hills, to attend day 2 of a self-defence course I am taking.  Day 2 was a little bit of “lecture”, but mostly learning moves and practicing them, and practicing them with the instructors holding pillowy cushions while you punch.  I have done kickboxing before, group fitness, drop in style, punching and kicking the air to music.  This class was 3 hours but it was a slow pace as we were learning technique, but actually punching hard and having your punch have contact with something is down right exhausting.  I was dozing on the Artist’s shoulder before we went to the gym.  I can’t believe I even made it there let alone lifted weights.

So we are nearing the end of our workout, doing biceps.  I am quite sweaty, but the Artist is clearly sweating and is very uncomfortable.  I am deliriously exhausted and tired, and I get the giggles.  And I am a giggly person even when I am not tired.

Artist: (As he finishes a set) Do we still have triceps after this?

Me: Yep.

Artist: F@#k.

Me: (laughing) Next time we should bring a water bottle with some gatorade in it to drink while working out.

Artist: Next time, lets bring the camping chairs, so we can sit down.

Me: (laughing)

Artist: And a beer.  And a hotdog.

Me: (laughing embarrassingly hard)

Artist: (as he finishes another set) And a puke bucket.

Me: (laughing so hard there are tears)

Artist: (gasping for air) And an oxygen mask.

Me: (laughter is not uncontrollable)

We finish up and head home.  And in good timing because my muscles had had enough.  Anything further and fainting would have been a possibility haha!  The Artist makes a delicious protein shake, and we always find ourselves coming back to life with every gulp.

A bit later, I made the Artist a big sandwich.  Ham, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, black pepper, mayo, mustard, and “sub sauce” on a ciabatta.  There is no sub sauce here in Subways.  Crazy, right?  I don’t order it, but the Artist loves it, and it is like the most popular sauce.  So he tries to make it at home, or buys an oil/vinegar/herbs salad dressing.   He loved it.  He said it as better then Subway, his mouth was tingling for another one.  Heck yes.  I make good, hearty sandwiches.  Probably because I love sandwiches myself.  But, the key here is that my sandwiches are hot.  I guess I should say I love hot sandwiches.  And I don’t like deli meat, I like regular meat that I cooked ahead of time.  And I don’t like a normal loaf of bread, unless it is grilled cheese, I like french bread, ciabatta, baguette, buns, and it can be whole wheat, grainy, white, anything.  I like “fancy” sandwiches, most importantly, hot ones.  Or sometimes grilled like a panini.  Mmmmm.  If there wasn’t leftovers in the fridge I would be grilling one right now.

I don’t have any photos for this post, because I don’t bring a camera to the gym, and believe me, you wouldn’t want to see photos of that anyways, haha.  So use your imaginations.

Today shall bring: a community BBQ down the street, some baking maybe? suggestions?, and resting to recharge the batteries for next week.  Yesterday was crazy, and I was so tired I was dozing on the couch by 6pm.  I attributed it to the days events causing physical exhaustion.  But today, I crashed in the late afternoon and have felt very lethargic.  Like I have brain fog, and feel like a zombie.  But for no particular reason.  I got plenty of sleep, it felt good to sleep in this morning, I had enough to eat and it was good, healthy foods, so I don’t know.  Maybe I am fighting a cold, or coming down with something?  Maybe I didn’t get enough water?  Maybe I have low vitamin B12?  But of course, the first thing that comes to mind is that my thyroid medication isn’t doing it’s job.  If you read a previous post of mine: you will see why I worry.  I just started a higher dosage of medication, so I worry when I get that mid-day crash of intense fatigue.  However, trying to stay positive, these crashes have been happening less and less often.  Even if my crazy day yesterday wasn’t caused by physical exertion, but by my thyroid, 2 days out of the week is a lots better then 7.  And at least I wake up refreshed instead of exhausted.  Hopefully the next while will be better, and the mid-day crashes get even less frequent.  I would love to go to the doctor in December and have nice looking blood test results 🙂  Cross your fingers and think positive thoughts for me!

Nice thing I have done for the Artist: Make him a glorious-better-then-Subway sandwich, tell him how much I love his crazy long hair and beard, and how much it suits his personality.

Nice thing the Artist has done for me: Make me a protein shake when I am too weak to do so myself even though he is just as tired, helped me with dinner telling me it is always more fun when we cook together (awww!), and then served me.

Happiness is contagious.