A Night Out- Loving Life.

The most recent outing the Artist and I had together was to a midnight showing at a local theatre of Ghostbusters.  Tickets are only $3, and instead of regular movie theatre chairs they have big comfy couches and tables.  There is even a lounge, bar, and of course a concession stand.  I even had a coupon for a free popcorn!  It is in a unique building, with interesting architecture and design.  I had never seen the movie before, so we decided to treat ourselves.  I am a HUGE fan of Bill Murray, so obviously I found Ghostbusters hilarious!  There were members of the St. Louis Ghostbusters club there, in costume- which was awesome, to tell us about the movie a little, the club, and Ecto-Con- which is a Ghostbusters convention here in St. Louis.  It was pretty cool, I wish I brought our camera to the theatre so I could get my picture taken with them.  Their costumes and props were AMAZING.  Here we are all dressed up and ready to rock:

DSCN0981 DSCN0985 DSCN0990 DSCN0998 DSCN0976

I am married to the most wonderful man in the world.  I am so happy, despite tight budgets and not the most desirable circumstances.  If we can be this happy together when we are just starting out, I can’t even imagine later on when we embark on even more journeys together.  I feel like I have such a good, ridiculously awesome marriage, it is like I am in a separate realm of things.  It is this happiness, having it with my Artist, that stems anxiety in places that I never thought twice about before.  Routine tonsillectomy when I was single and care free?  No problem.  Now, thinking of having a routine surgery is scary, because I have a husband and an amazing future I can’t wait to experience, and being sedated freaks me a little.  Or watching a sappy movie while single and care free?  I could giggle at those crying.  Now?  I cry my eyes out!  Putting myself in that situation in the movie, and I can’t help but cry a little.  The power of true love and happiness is amazing.

When the Artist and I are saying goodbye, whether one of us is heading out, he has class, etc. we always kiss, exchange I love yous, hugs, and give well wishes.  Because really- anything can happen in the world.  And when we reunite, we embrace so lovingly, and we are so thankful we were able to come home to one another, yet once again.  We chat about our days, getting excited to hear about the other’s good news and funny stories.  We try to keep healthy for one another too.  I worry about my health sometimes, always wanting things to be perfect.  When I was single?  A little cold or medication adjustment was no big deal- I didn’t think twice about it.  But now, they pose as a potential threat to my amazing life.  I don’t want to miss a single day because I have a cold.  I don’t want to have any sort of illness that could harm me.  I want every day to be just as magical as the last.  I don’t want my Artist to be sick and stuck in bed, I want him to be healthy and happy, so we can have the best day possible-every day.  I want the both of us to be stress free, because spending the day feeling overwhelmed and dealing with the problem to get it fixed, means that is one day less that we have together in pure bliss.

I used to feel much more stressed and worried about small things, or things that don’t even exist.  I am guilty of frequently worrying about the “what ifs”.  But I have gotten so much better since I have met the Artist.  The other realm of happiness we experience is so wonderful, that relishing in it and enjoying it is all I have room for.  I don’t want to waste any time worrying about a what-if type situation, I want to give my full self, and be 100% present during our time together.  I want to enjoy it fully, and not have a part of my brain secretly thinking about something else.  Yes, I still am a worrier, and think too much about the what-ifs, especially on and around the time of a doctor’s appointment.  But the improvements I have made are outstanding.  I never thought it possible.  My coping skills have really developed in a such a positive way.  I never thought it possible to be so content in life.  I love living in the city.  I love living in the country.  I love being busy and working hard on my career.  I love being at home, and taking on homemaker roles.  I love going out.  I love lounging around.  I love everything.

I love life.