More of My Food.

Once again: I love eating good food.


Homemade tomato sauce!


Chocolate chip pancakes for my Artist.


Half of my tomato sauce became spaghetti sauce.  Ground beef, green pepper, mushrooms, onions, and finely chopped carrots and celery.  For seasonings I used fresh pressed garlic (about 6 cloves), oregano, basil, salt, pepper, a bit of parsley, and a bit of red pepper flakes.  My secret to delicious spaghetti; put in loads of veggies.  Loads and loads so your sauce looks too thick and veggie over loaded.  Especially loads of mushrooms.  Put a lid in with a small vent and let it simmer, stirring occasionally.  Eventually, the veggies will release their juices, the big time juice releaser being the mushrooms, and the sauce now looks normal.  It starts out looking like veggies tossed in sauce, but ends up as sauce with some veggies in there.  And the flavours from the veggies juices and moisture makes for a more complex tasting sauce, but is still somehow tastes simple and fresh.  And I am not shy on the seasonings either, I like lots!


Final product.


My new favourite obsession: this salad.  I can’t wait to try it with some chicken to have as an entree salad instead of just as a side.  I toss together arugula, carrots, edamamme, green or red bell pepper, sometimes celery, whatever we have and whatever tickles my fancy at the time.  I like a variety of veggies in a variety of colours.  Then I add some black pepper and grated parmesan and toss.  I then squeeze fresh lemon juice all over and toss.  Finally, I toss about 3/4 spoonful of olive oil/vinegar/herb dressing, and enjoy.  If I want something crunchy I use chow mein noodles or some nuts.  For the salad dressing, we buy it sometimes, but did our research first.  The only ingredients should be oil (olive, canola, or both), vinegar, and herbs like oregano or basil, and maybe some salt.  Any other ingredients or weird oils do not fly with me.  I am super picky with my salad dressings because I cannot stand my salad soaked in pure fat, carbs, and empty, useless calories, making my salad soggy.  Making this dressing at home is also good.  I love healthy, homemade dressing.  I love, love, love this flavour combination.  So yummy.  I made one for the Artist and put it in the fridge to have with dinner when he came home, and forgot to eat it.  I added tomatoes to his, and let him dress it himself, because he likes lots.

Me- Hey, you forgot the salad I made you.

Artist: Oh ya!  You can have it if you want.

Me- I already had mine.  And yours has tomato on it.

Artist- Ummm, I don’t know if you know this, but…you like tomatoes.

Me- Ya, but not on a salad.

Artist:  Just pick them off.

Me- The juices touched everything though.

Me liking tomatoes is a relatively new phenomenon.  I have always like tomato sauce on pasta though.  But now I like tomatoes in pasta, or brushetta, etc.  I have never liked ketchup, but do like ketchup flavoured chips.  But raw tomato, not dressed with anything, on a salad or sandwich?  Forget it.  I am also specific with how I like things proportioned.  For example, I do not want handfuls of lettuce on a sandwich, just a sprinkle.  I want a bit of everything with each bite, so the toppings need to be dispersed evenly, and I do not like condiments.  Hummus, if the sandwich calls for it, and that is about it.  And I don’t like certain foods touching each other.  For example, meat juices on my plate touching my other foods, tomato sauce touching my veggies, or any type of sauce touching anything on my plate that it is not intended for.  I hate getting served chicken wings at a restaurant and they are served ON TOP of my fries.


The Artist had a long couple of days, so I made him an apple crisp.  Talked to my mom about how she winged it, and then, in turn, winged it myself.


Made these homemade copycat Butterfingers.  Healthy peanut butter and bran flakes in there- even with the chocolate chips they are not too sugary, and have a good amount of protein and fibre 🙂


My delicious lunch.  These pitas are crazy awesome!  Low in carbs, and about half of the carbs come form fibre!!!  A good source of protein too, 7-10g per pita depending on which variety you choose.


I would normally add some baked chicken breast in there, but we didn’t have any to bake.  So I grilled a bunch of red peppers, smeared my pita with a healthy, all natural, non-jarred basil pesto, and some low fat mozzarella.  Then I grilled it.  It is sort of my healthy take on a homemade, healthy quesadilla.  Not fried, grilled, and with oil or coating, and low fat cheese.  Grilled red pepper and basil pesto is one of my very favourite, all-time flavour combinations.


The Artist is always saying he needs more protein to eat, especially for snacks.  So I made him some meatballs.  I don’t like meatballs- yuck.  I only like beef if it is ground up in spaghetti.  It is a flavour thing, I just have never liked it much.  These meatballs are BBQ flavoured.



And these ones are sweet n’ sour.  I made this sauce from scratch 😀  It was my first time, and they were a hit.  I made the meatballs from scratch too.



This picture is of the Artist enjoying his meatball snack.  Yes he is eating them with a stick.  Yes he is eating them in bed.  How and where else? 😉  I love my Artist, he keeps me smiling and laughing, all day long.

Happiness is contagious.