Women in the Working World

Lately, as an adult women who aspires for both a thriving career as well as motherhood, it seems as though having both is a puzzle I can’t figure out.  I am turning 25 in a few weeks, and the Artist and I hope to be fortunate enough to have children together in the future, and we both have big dreams for our careers as well, however, more and more it seems difficult to have both.  Things are different for women, we have “biological clocks”, and as we approach 30, or so I personally feel, our clocks start to remind us that time is ticking and the pressure of aging (as well as even more immense pressure from society) can be abundantly felt.  So here is what started my thoughts on all of this….

As my 25th birthday approaches, I have decided that I would like to further my educational career with a master’s degree and have been accepted to Washington University in St. Louis.  It is a 2 year MSW program and quite pricey, and I got a partial scholarship.  I am in desperate need of funding to even begin to be able to afford this, and have a deep gut feeling that I will not be attending classes this fall because I can’t afford it.  To read more about my situation on this: https://emilyandherartist.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/bittersweet/

So that is another year before I can apply to other MSW programs, and another year delaying the beginning of a career, would then put me age 28 before my careers even begins after graduation, and then building a secure lifestyle that allows me to try and get pregnant and be financially stable enough to take time off, and be able to afford it, to care for a child….pushing me past that ripe age of 30 that I mentioned above.  I know plenty of women have children well into their thirties, and I might be one of them, but wouldn’t it be nice to not feel pressured to have a child by the big bully called age?

Which is what sparked these thoughts for me in the first place.  It is like having to choose between having children in your mid-late twenties, or going to grad school during this time instead, and delaying having children until afterwards.  I know plenty of people have children while in grad school, but I don’t think that that choice is for me.  Or at least, it is my current thought.  So as of right now,  I plan to go to grad school at some point, we both want to get our careers up and running (which is really testing our patience, at almost 25 and 29, we just want to have established careers already!), and at that point, we will consider children.  I don’t want to have this feeling that I have to choose one or the other, so I just simply will not.  I am striving towards 2 careers; as a social worker with an MSW, and if I am fortunate enough to be able to bear a child, as a mother.  But you never know what life will throw at you, and the next day is never a guarantee, so although we have big plans for our futures, we try and live in the moment and enjoy each day as it comes.  Such as seeing a Shakespeare’s Henry V in Forest Park together, enjoying a picnic while we wait for the show, and having some quality time together, cracking open a fresh coconut, cooking a nice meal, celebrating birthdays, admiring the Artist’s thesis painting, chocolate chip pancakes and the best bacon I have ever had.  Because you never know what tomorrow will bring!

Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare in the Park



Sweet and a little spicy, orange chicken with cashews.


10443360_10201500778035074_5190049372748222402_n 10004063_10201500778755092_1775993306246344857_n


Best, yet healthiest, bacon ever!

Best, yet healthiest, bacon ever!

So I encourage everyone of both genders to embrace the women in your lives as they balance life 🙂  I applaud all the women out there who are rocking it in their careers and as awesome moms, I look up to you all. ❤


Moving Food.

Recently, we were talking about food experiences that have moved us.  I am not just talking about super delicious foods, or what our favourite foods are, I am talking about being so moved, there are no words to describe the level of deliciousness going on, that it is life changing.  My life changing food experiences?  Eating at Mission Taco- everything on the menu.  Buttermilk cake donut from World’s Fair Donuts.  Discovering how much I love banana peppers on a wrap or sandwich.  And the sauce the Artist made for our chicken last night, which was his take on a General Tso’s.  The Artist’s food moving experiencing included; a kabob he had on the beach in Spain with this mystery sauce, anything at Mission Taco, and this parmesan cheese from a wine show in Toronto.

Before I move on, I would like to take a moment and talk about why Mission Taco is so amazing.  I have never had a good restaurant experience with Mexican food, other then at Mission Taco.  Other places are so salty I get a stomach ache afterwards, or are so bland I could have made it better myself at home, or are greasy, etc.  And chopping up vegetables and putting them in the same bowl, does not equal pico de gallo- they need to be dressed in something and have some flavour.

At Mission Taco, the menu has so many options, from tacos, to burritos, to tortas, churros, side dishes, starters, and house made salsas.  I have tried a few of the tacos and the flautas, and the Artist has tried most of the tacos.  We have also been recommended by others that the guacamole and side corn is amazing, and the tortas are a must-have.

The flautas are fried, but somehow, they aren’t heavy.  I was a little sceptical about the corn inside, but it compliments the flavours SO well.  The chihuahua cheese also married well with the rest of the ingredients, and the ancho BBQ sauce was utter perfection.  And the flautas were rolled nice and tight, which made for easier eating and they didn’t fall apart.

All of the tacos we have tried all have the same things in common: lots of meat, perfect flavour combinations, light and tasty.  Each taco is topped with different things in order to best serve the protein, rather then top every taco with  cheddar, lettuce, and sour cream.  And I don’t like it when someone puts insane amounts of lettuce on something.  One time, the Artist got a fast food taco, and it was basically a smidgen of ground beef, unseasoned, and copious amounts of lettuce.  Nothing else.  But mission taco uses other flavour profiles like arugula, cabbage, avocado, pickled onions, different salsas and sauces, and instead of overloading the meat with twenty thousand toppings, they select a few that best go together, and create flavour combinations that just blow my mind away.  So.  Good.  The thought that goes into each and every dish, and specially choosing each ingredient so they all add something to the dish, is just amazing.  If you are in St. Louis, check out Mission Taco!!!  I cannot wait to go there again!!!

Then the Artist starts talking about his favourite foods, like burgers, and basically any meat.

Artist: There is nothing better then a freshly caught lobster and big bowl of butter.

Me: (laughing)

Speaking of food…

Artist: I need to eat more.

Me: (is he being sarcastic because he is holding his stomach saying that?) Actually, ya!  I ate normally yesterday and it was still more then you ate.

Artist: Ugh.

Me: And you need a lot more food, you are a bigger person and have tons of muscle that needs to be fed.

Artist: I need to eat more.

Me: I think it is because of who you are.  You are a romantic artist, obsessed with your craft that eating and other daily activities are not priorities.  Or do I need to feed you more?

Artist: Both.

Me: (laughing)

Artist: You know I’m kidding, right?  Yes because I am an artist, and no you don’t have to feed me.  But when you do, I love it.

Me: I will feed you lunch after I do the dishes, it is a pig sty in there.

Artist: (face beaming with excitement)

I think these thoughts he had stemmed from the delicious breakfast I made for him.  We did a hard workout last night, and I was feeling loving and generous so I offered to make him any breakfast he wanted.  It ended up being 3 scrambled eggs, a plain bagel with butter, and coffee- I even freshly ground the beans.  He isn’t a big fan of eggs, but eats them often for their nutritional value and protein, especially after a workout.  But for some reason today, he loved them!  He gobbled them up so fast, making “Mmmmm” noises as he ate.

He is so funny.  He was so grateful for such a nice breakfast, I was showered with gratitude and cuddles ❤  I think if he was any sweeter, he would melt.

He makes me laugh so often, that I have realized how much smiling and laughter can really have a positive effect on even the worst of moods.  He came home from a long day of working, all hot and sweaty from walking in the warm weather, and clearly, the best place to flop down as soon as you walk in the door after a hard day is the floor (right beside the soft, comfy couch) 😀


And clearly, the best place to paint is in the kitchen, on the floor, in the muddy entry way 😀


How can I not be so in love with him? ❤

Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Well, today was the Thanksgiving Day parade here in St. Louis.  The Artist wasn’t partial on going, but insisted we go for my sake- I really wanted to go, and he knew how much fun it would be.  I have only been to the small town Creemore Ontario parades…..and let me tell you- this was crazy different!  There were marching bands, dancers, singers, performing on stilts, people in costumes, people doing flips, girl scouts, police, fire fighters, the mayor, all of the various “Miss_____” winners in the area, animals, church groups, local organizations, the Grinch, Ronald McDonald….the  works.  It was so cold, our camera didn’t power up all the time, so this isn’t even the half of it!

It was amazing.  I have never been to anything like that before!

It was a sunny day, but VERY cold.  We bundled up, and braved it.  By the end, we were dying to get in the car and blast the heat on the way home.


Waiting for it to start.


Police officers lead the way!


The Artist had the right idea….warming up in the nearby Starbucks! I joined him after a few minutes lol the parade was about 2 hours long!

\   DSCN1377 DSCN1378 DSCN1379 DSCN1381 DSCN1385 DSCN1386 DSCN1387 DSCN1389 DSCN1390 DSCN1391 DSCN1393 DSCN1395 DSCN1396 DSCN1398 DSCN1399 DSCN1401 DSCN1404 DSCN1405 DSCN1408 DSCN1409 DSCN1412 DSCN1415 DSCN1416 DSCN1418 DSCN1419 DSCN1421 DSCN1422 DSCN1425 DSCN1427 DSCN1428 DSCN1431 DSCN1432 DSCN1436 DSCN1437 DSCN1438 DSCN1439 DSCN1441 DSCN1442 DSCN1444 DSCN1447 DSCN1449 DSCN1451 DSCN1455 DSCN1456 DSCN1458 DSCN1460 DSCN1462 DSCN1463 DSCN1464 DSCN1466 DSCN1468 DSCN1471 DSCN1472 DSCN1473 DSCN1474 DSCN1476 DSCN1477 DSCN1478 DSCN1480 DSCN1481 DSCN1482 DSCN1484 DSCN1486 DSCN1487 DSCN1488

The Artist had the right idea....he was warming up in a nearby Starbucks, and I didn't last long outside before I joined him.  The parade was about 2 hours long, and I could no longer feel my toes.  I waddled over, hardly able to walk- it was FREEZING!

The Artist had the right idea….he was warming up in a nearby Starbucks, and I didn’t last long outside before I joined him. The parade was about 2 hours long, and I could no longer feel my toes. I waddled over, hardly able to walk- it was FREEZING!


Santa was the final float of the parade, but I had to take a photo from Starbucks because I was cold to the bone.


The only way I could get my feet warm!!! HAHA!

All in all, it was a great morning, and a great start to the Thanksgiving holiday here.  We are not visiting home for the extra long holiday- the Artist gets 3 days off plus the weekend!.  Canadian Thanksgiving was in October and our families celebrated the long weekend there, and because of the clashing calendars, we weren’t able to make it.  But we will be home for the Christmas holiday in a few weeks!

If there is one thing I learned from the parade, it is that I wish I was in a marching band.  But the true dilemma is…should I play an instrument?  Dance?  Baton or flag twirl?  Conduct?  They all look so fun.  I used to play the piano and the flute back in the day.- and I was pretty awesome 😉  It came naturally to me.  I could sight read pretty well.  I took piano lessons for years and never even owned a piano at home to practice on!  I had a little kiddie keyboard thing that had like 1-2 octaves- ha!  But I was awesome still.  And if my previous music teachers are reading this, close your eyes and close the window lol….because I never practiced.  But I got A’s and perfect quiz scores, aced my theory homework, and performed in front of several audiences, including our local Creemore Christmas parade!  I think we sat on a wagon with hay bails, but it was still super fun.  I also love dance.  I danced hip hop and ice dancing for several years back in the day as well, and loved it.  I love performing in general.  Performing with our school band was such a thrill for me, there are no words to describe the satisfaction I got.

Me: I want to be in the parade!  Aww, I want to be in a marching band too.

Artist: (Looks at me and smiles)

Random little girl: I want to be in a parade!

Me: Ha, I just said the same thing as that little girl…..hey look they are giving out candy!

Artist: I knew just by your body language you were looking to see if they were throwing candy from those stockings.

Me: (smiles cutely as the World Bird Sanctuary float passes us with very cool, huge birds) Aw, I have heard fun thing about that place, we should go!

Artist: And did you hear these things from your friends who took their kids there?

Me: Ya.  But still, it will be fun!

Artist: Ok I will take you if you are good 😉

The Artist is always telling me how I always want to do the kids stuff.  But come on, who doesn’t want to get their face painted on the 4th of July?  Go to Wild Bird Sanctuary and see eagles and owls?  Decorate shortbread cookies at the Delmar Ice Festival?  Eat cotton candy at fairs?  Go mini putting?  Enjoy a slushie or Icee?  Wear temporary tattoos during the Terry Fox Run, Christmas eve, Canada Day, etc.?  Especially a cute little one on your cheek?  Watch cartoons, especially when you aren’t feeling well?

Sounds like fun to me!  And we always have a good time.  And besides, the Artist is a very playful, mischievous person, and he brings it out in me.  If there is anyone who understands playfulness and fun little things, no matter how insane or absurd, it is my Artist.  Like from the movie Step Brothers, “don’t lose your dinosaur”.  Steve never lost his, and helped me resurrect mine.  And now, I think it will be impossible to ever forget ❤

Once again, happiness, truly is, contagious.




A Night Out- Loving Life.

The most recent outing the Artist and I had together was to a midnight showing at a local theatre of Ghostbusters.  Tickets are only $3, and instead of regular movie theatre chairs they have big comfy couches and tables.  There is even a lounge, bar, and of course a concession stand.  I even had a coupon for a free popcorn!  It is in a unique building, with interesting architecture and design.  I had never seen the movie before, so we decided to treat ourselves.  I am a HUGE fan of Bill Murray, so obviously I found Ghostbusters hilarious!  There were members of the St. Louis Ghostbusters club there, in costume- which was awesome, to tell us about the movie a little, the club, and Ecto-Con- which is a Ghostbusters convention here in St. Louis.  It was pretty cool, I wish I brought our camera to the theatre so I could get my picture taken with them.  Their costumes and props were AMAZING.  Here we are all dressed up and ready to rock:

DSCN0981 DSCN0985 DSCN0990 DSCN0998 DSCN0976

I am married to the most wonderful man in the world.  I am so happy, despite tight budgets and not the most desirable circumstances.  If we can be this happy together when we are just starting out, I can’t even imagine later on when we embark on even more journeys together.  I feel like I have such a good, ridiculously awesome marriage, it is like I am in a separate realm of things.  It is this happiness, having it with my Artist, that stems anxiety in places that I never thought twice about before.  Routine tonsillectomy when I was single and care free?  No problem.  Now, thinking of having a routine surgery is scary, because I have a husband and an amazing future I can’t wait to experience, and being sedated freaks me a little.  Or watching a sappy movie while single and care free?  I could giggle at those crying.  Now?  I cry my eyes out!  Putting myself in that situation in the movie, and I can’t help but cry a little.  The power of true love and happiness is amazing.

When the Artist and I are saying goodbye, whether one of us is heading out, he has class, etc. we always kiss, exchange I love yous, hugs, and give well wishes.  Because really- anything can happen in the world.  And when we reunite, we embrace so lovingly, and we are so thankful we were able to come home to one another, yet once again.  We chat about our days, getting excited to hear about the other’s good news and funny stories.  We try to keep healthy for one another too.  I worry about my health sometimes, always wanting things to be perfect.  When I was single?  A little cold or medication adjustment was no big deal- I didn’t think twice about it.  But now, they pose as a potential threat to my amazing life.  I don’t want to miss a single day because I have a cold.  I don’t want to have any sort of illness that could harm me.  I want every day to be just as magical as the last.  I don’t want my Artist to be sick and stuck in bed, I want him to be healthy and happy, so we can have the best day possible-every day.  I want the both of us to be stress free, because spending the day feeling overwhelmed and dealing with the problem to get it fixed, means that is one day less that we have together in pure bliss.

I used to feel much more stressed and worried about small things, or things that don’t even exist.  I am guilty of frequently worrying about the “what ifs”.  But I have gotten so much better since I have met the Artist.  The other realm of happiness we experience is so wonderful, that relishing in it and enjoying it is all I have room for.  I don’t want to waste any time worrying about a what-if type situation, I want to give my full self, and be 100% present during our time together.  I want to enjoy it fully, and not have a part of my brain secretly thinking about something else.  Yes, I still am a worrier, and think too much about the what-ifs, especially on and around the time of a doctor’s appointment.  But the improvements I have made are outstanding.  I never thought it possible.  My coping skills have really developed in a such a positive way.  I never thought it possible to be so content in life.  I love living in the city.  I love living in the country.  I love being busy and working hard on my career.  I love being at home, and taking on homemaker roles.  I love going out.  I love lounging around.  I love everything.

I love life.



Parcels and Halloween!

I opened the mail, and there was a notice inside saying there was a parcel waiting for me at the post office.  A parcel?!?! 😀  From who?  For what?  I couldn’t wait!  The post office was closed, so I had to wait until the next day.  I was bursting with so much excitement I could hardly contain it.  I patiently waited until I could get to the post office on my way home the next day.  As I approached, I got butterflies in my stomach.  What on earth could it be?  I didn’t order anything, nor was I expecting anything.  And aside form bills or flyers, I love getting mail.  I love getting cards and stuff from my family.  But a parcel?!?!  I hand them my slip and so them my ID.  They come back with not 1, but 2 large boxes!!!  


I think my eyes bulged a little, like a cartoon.  They were not heavy, so I was able to carry them home, which was about a 10 minute walk from the post office.  While I was walking with these large parcels, I think I was smiling ear-to-ear the whole time, because I was getting funny looks from passers by.  I was so ridiculously excited I was contemplating finding a public bathroom I could go into to open them, or a bench off to the side where I could tear into my goods.  I thought, maybe I could turn around and go to the library, or sneak down a side street….but then it clicked.  That would be insane.  I told myself, “I am an adult, I can wait until I get home, which is in 2 minutes”.  Somehow, I managed.  I got home and opened up my Pandora’s Box.

DSCN0916 DSCN0917


Yay!  It was Halloween goodies from my mom.  She is so insanely thoughtful.  It may not seem like raiding the dollar store and mailing the items is thoughtful…but it is.  So very much.  I was recently telling her that I got out some Halloween decorations, and she asked me if I had much.  I replied by saying we had a fall table runner and some bowls, and some napkins.  And I had some candy corn from the year before.  It was insanely stale, but I put it out anyways for the look.  I don’t really like candy corn- it gets stuck in my teeth, it is insanely sweet, don’t taste very good, and made with pure junk.  But, for some reason unknown, I can’t stop eating the stale bowl of neon treats.  I told her we were at the dollar store, and I wanted to buy some stuff, like a pair of socks, and maybe another trinket or something, but didn’t in order to stay on our tight budget.  I thought maybe I could fashion a decorative garland or something out of coloured paper we had at home already.  So what does my mom secretly do?  She goes to the dollar store and gets all the things she thinks I would like, including festive socks.  I love being festive with decorations and baking and cooking, and I especially love festive socks, and she knows how much it all makes me happy.  Now, with regards to all things festive, I have specific personal rules about when to get the decor out and when I can start wearing my socks.  

For Halloween and Easter: I can get decorations up no more then 2 weeks in advance, and no later then 1 week in advance.  They must come down no later then 1 week after the holiday.  I can only bake festive goodies a few days before the holiday in order to still be able to enjoy some on the actual holiday without them being gone or going stale.  I can eat associated candy on cheat days leading up, but in small amounts.  Most of the candy is reserved for a binge on the day of.  I can start wearing my festive socks, if I wish up, to a week before, and the last day being the holiday itself.

For Christmas: While in St. Louis, we get our tree and decor up around Dec. 1, I start wearing my festive jammies and socks, watching Christmas movies, and listening to Christmas music.  This is because we go to Canada mid-Decemeber, and want to enjoy the festivities in our home before we depart.  While living in Canada, we do all this about 2 weeks before Christmas, maybe closer to 3 if we are planning on going away, so maximize our time at home basking in the glory of it all.  No matter what, I stop wearing festive jammies and socks after Jan. 1, and that is also the last day for Christmas movies and music.  And about a week, later, the decor comes down- which is quite depressing.  Also, for Christmas movies, I save my favourite ones for the closest to Christmas, just because.  And I only watch these during the holidays.  Same goes for Halloween movies.  

I guess everything is just because.  There is no real logic to my madness.  I realize I am a little insane about it.  But, my theory is, if things are up too early, and taken down too late, and I watch festive movies all year round, then the actual holiday itself is less special.  I love sitting with my family, with the Christmas tree lit, giggling and laughing playing Christmas music as we decorate.  And it just wouldn’t be the same if we had been listening to the music for weeks already at that point.  We always get a real tree, so the tree passes it’s prime by the time Christmas day rolls around if we get it too early, and then everyone gets annoyed finding dead pine needles everywhere instead of admiring the tree and enjoying family togetherness at breakfast on the cold morning of Christmas day.

And there is a glimpse of my personal insanity 😛  

Back to it.  Right away, I started putting up the Halloween decor.  I was home by myself, bursting with excitement, and yearning for someone to be here to share it with me.  I hope the Artist comes home soon!!!  The Artist came in to grab a quite bite to eat before his next class as I was decorating our front door.  The smile on his face told it all.  He said how cute it was that my mom new I would love all this stuff, and the excitement he saw within me made him smile.  Even though he is indifferent as to whether or not the door is decorated or the napkins are festive, he says how cute it is to see me all giddy.  A warm hug, the gentlest, sweetest look in his eyes….Halloween decor aside, that is what truly made my day.  If he can love me even more whilst seeing me in the middle of my holiday insanity (clearly ridiculous as I am sure you can remember from the above), then I truly have myself a keeper.  He loves me for who I am, it is as simple as that.

Here is a glimpse of our new festivities 😀


Not Halloween related, but a favourite of ours. There is no Swiss Chalet here.


Blurry, but it is full of candy!

Blurry, but it is full of candy!



Dollar Tree is the dollar store we go to here, and these were the exact socks I had my eye on!!!!! Dollar Tree just opened up back home.


Some chocolate eyeballs, the exact ones I had from last year that were stale! So excited for some fresh ones 😀 And a chocolate bar!


Some festive napkins under the stale candy corn haha.


Pumpkin lights 😀


LOVE these.


Fancy cups, again, the kind I had my eye on! My mom always said when I was a kid, that she knew everything. Maybe, she actually does?


Extra cupcake decorators that I used for the plants.



Thanksgiving and Halloween cards from my parents. And yes, I displayed the envelope because I like the stickers on it.


Full of candy.


Bat garland.


Up close.


Bathroom door.



  DSCN0937 DSCN0938 DSCN0939 DSCN0940


All lit up!

DSCN0942 DSCN0944 DSCN0945 DSCN0946


This upcoming weekend we plan on carving pumpkins, and on Halloween day, we are going to maybe watch a scary movie and eat candy 😀  Halloween and Halloween II starring Jamie Lee Curtis- yes please!  I also really want to watch Hocus Pocus, but can’t obtain a copy so far….so cross your fingers.  This craving goes unsatisfied every year.

Nice things the Artist has done: He knows I like the bed made because it keeps our room looking tidy and comfy, so he made the bed.  I left early in the morning, and he left later on, so when I came home it was a nice surprise!  He complimented me on my knowledge of art, and was impressed!  He also made this for the dining room, because I have been saying we need a side table in there:



Nice things I have done: Cleaned the house and did our laundry.  Made the Artist his coffee this morning, and woke him with gentle kisses.  Helped him with an assignment last night by proofreading it, giving my opinion, and reading it out loud to him.  

I can’t wait until this weekend so we can carve pumpkins together.  Here is a photo of our first pumpkin carving session together, mere weeks (maybe about 2?) before we started dating ❤ 

h2 h1


Happiness is contagious.


I consider myself to be reasonably healthy and fit.  I consider myself one who works out fairly often.  I consider myself as being reasonably strong.  I ride my bicycle to and from each workout.  I enjoy challenging exercises and pushing myself hard.  I enjoy that “high” after a good workout.

This however, was so out of league.  Did I miss the memo that this cardio class is for hard core athletes only?  What you are about to read is the honest truth of my experience.

I have been to lots of cardio classes, zumba, kickboxing, and general cardio that involved aerobics, steps, etc. and enjoy them all.  I started out in pretty rough shape, but I have improved a lot since.  I needed some cardio, so I tried this new class being offered right before the yoga class I normally go to.  these classes are drop-in style.  Only 6 of us were at the class, and the other 5 girls were insanely fit, muscular, and had been involved in athletics at least in high school (not sure if they are still doing it now in university or not).

As most of you know, I have been struggling in the intense heat that has been in St. Louis all summer.  So the first sign that this class may not be for me was that we were starting outside.  It was a sunny, hot day.  Yes, the crazy hot days are getting less and less frequent, but this day was quite warm and the sun was blazing.  No one grabbed water bottles or anything, and since I was new, I followed suit.  So we started running around this little path of sidewalk at the campus (I workout on the campus where the Artist goes to school).  I definitely should have brought my sunglasses out.  And my water.  And a towel.  I kept up with group for the first lap, and we had to go again.  Then backwards.  Then backwards again.  Try running backwards with my crazy flat arches and feet that don’t bend properly, and you get shin splints.  I get shin splints often because of this, but running backwards does it in about 2 minutes.  And yes, there were ledges to the sidewalk and I tripped.  I didn’t wipe out though, phew.  Eventually I had to take walking breaks, I am not a runner, I don’t know how to run properly, I look insane when I run, and I just overall suck at it, along with having no interest in it.  So everyone laps me, and finishes, and starts doing walking lunges around this little loop.  Again, I am last.  And so far behind the rest they are all waiting for me at the end.  So girls, if you by chance stumble upon this- I swear, I was trying my very best to keep up!

Then we go inside. FInally, air conditioning and some fans.  My water bottle, and a towel to wipe my sweaty, bright red face.  When I hear that that was the warm up, I think my eyes widened quite noticeably.  We did burpies, planks, lunges with weights, jumping lunges, side lunges with weights, squats, sit ups with a partner passing a pilates ball, and lots more that I can’t remember.  My lungs were burning for air, I couldn’t ever seem to catch a minute to catch my breath, no matter how much water I drank I felt like my throat was so dry it was going to crack.  Finally, a 2 minute break.  Time for water, yay!  And I find my towel because I am soaked in sweat.

Back outside.  Oh gosh.  Running.  Again.  Then we did Indian running where you jog in single file and the person at the back sprints to the front.  When we were told to do another lap, I couldn’t.  I had to stop.  It was either be embarrassed and stop, or faint.  Even then I couldn’t catch my breathe before we were back inside doing all the same lovely things.  I had to modify some of the moves to fit my abilities and needs.  Obviously I was the only one to do this.

Crap, I ran out of water.  Ugh, and I need a new towel, this one is saturated.  Good thing they had a fresh stack.

As we put our weights and balls away I could feel my muscles quivering.  As I put the equipment on the shelf, not only could I feel my muscles quivering, I could see them.  My arms were shaking as I placed the ball on the shelf.  I couldn’t make it to the floor to sit down for yoga, which was right after, and found myself “plopping” down on my mat.  Thankfully, this yoga class is a regular I have been going to, and there was no way I could ride my bike home at this point, and at least the deep stretching this particular class offers might help my muscles.

I needed a bathroom break from all the water I drank.  As I got up, there was a perfect butt imprint formed by sweat on my mat.  You could even see the creases from my pants.  Good thing they were black.  As I went into the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  Ew.  There are not enough words to describe my sweaty, red, face.  You know when you are swimming, and hop out to use the bathroom, that feeling of pulling your bottoms down and then back up again?  All wet and yucky?  That is what it felt like.  That is how much I was sweating.  How could one even produce that much liquid?  While sitting on the toilet, I noticed sweat running down my shins.  Yes, my shins.  As I was washing my hands, I noticed in the mirror the huge rings of sweat around my armpits, and on my back.  The collar of my t-shirt was drenched.

I headed back to my yoga mat, and realized I had to take my shoes off.  Uh-oh.  My feet probably smell really bad.  So I leave my socks on for a bit so I can cool off and stop sweating a little first.  Someone asked me if I worked out before the yoga class.  Ha.  What gave it away?  I am surprised there weren’t crunchy white salt stains on my clothes.  So I responded by saying yes, I did the class before yoga, and that if anyone smells something strange, it because I have been pouring with sweat for the last hour, and I apologize.  Looking back, I was in a state of delirium.  Especially based on what happens next.

This yoga class focuses on deep stretches and lots of floor poses.  I have been going regularly for awhile now.  But my muscles are so weak and tired and shaky, I was having trouble holding the poses for a long time, and was toppling over often.  Then the giggles started, and for no particular reason.  Probably because I was also getting hungry for dinner.  It wasn’t long before my stomach was rumbling too.  My giggling was getting out of control, and others started giggling too.  I am going to pretend they were giggling with me, and not at me, haha.  Luckily, the teacher likes to encourage us to smile and laugh his jokes while practising, but also having a time and place for meditation and concentration.  So at least he got a chuckle out it.  Normally, I am not so disruptive.  But, when you try not to laugh, it makes it worse and you laugh harder.  I had tears coming out of my eyes I was so out of control delirious.  At this point, delirious from the previous class, but now from hunger too.

I come home and flop down on the bed.  Exhaustion hits even harder.  Taking a shower is a necessity, but feels like too much work at this point.  And remember I had to ride my bike home.  After I eat and shower, you would think I went straight to sleep.  But I winded down with watch DVDs of Arrested Development and calling my mom.  I told my mom this story and she is like, “what if you were filmed and put on the internet?”….no, they would need our permission first.  And she says, “no like someone walking, like a pedestrian, used their phone when you were outside and filmed the crazy girl lagging behind the group, and they put it on YouTube?”

Oh crap.  I feel like that is a realistic possibility.  The Artist said the based on my recap, I will end up on the Ellen Show if someone posted it on YouTube.  Ha.

Then I proceeded to watch Arrested Development and after we turned the TV off, I got the giggles again.  The Artist and I laid in bed quoting Buster and giggling until like 2am.  And I had to get up early.

And the worst part is, like I said at the beginning, I consider myself a reasonably fit, strong person.

The next morning, my quads were so sore, I could hardly walk.  And I had to get up early, and my day went several hours longer then it was scheduled to.  And since I normally don’t bring a lunch because I get home around lunch time, I was famished.  What a day.

But oh well.  That class, was definitely not for me.

I feel like I am prone to awkward, embarrassing, crazy situations.

Lets see what today brings! 😉

T-shirt Art and Orzo

As I am watching Melrose Place, the series from the 90s not the newer one, the Artist gets up from doing his readings for school and starts puttering around.  I continue to watch my show on the computer with headphones, because I don’t have the DVDs and the computer is so quiet, headphones are needed to hear better.  I guess I could have hooked up speakers, but come on, that is just way to much hassle and avoiding any unnecessary movements are key to beat this heat.  Besides, I disturb the Artist much less this way.  Then I see him look like he is trying to talk to me, so I take my headphones out.  He is holding up a shirt, asking me how on earth it is made because this particular t-shirt does not have seams down the sides.  We conclude, that neither of us have any idea.  This shirt was from the pile of clothes that are too small, have holes, or are otherwise unwearable, and are used for rags, fabric for sewing, or whatever else we devise.



Having lived with the Artist since before we were even dating, I didn’t think anything of this.  I continued to watch my show and hear the faint sounds of rustling and bustling in the distance.  When the episode is over, I see this on the floor beside me:



Funny looking on the left side eh?  And then I see the scissors nearby, and immediately knew what he had done- began a masterpiece.  Earlier, he had wanted to buy some blue camping tarp, just the cheap stuff at Walmart for one of his pieces, but said that the colours sucked and didn’t get any.  Clearly, this was the colour he was after.  So I go in to the other room to find the Artist smiling proud, in front of this:



He is arranging and rearranging the fabric pieces on canvas to decide how and where to attach them.

How can I do anything but smile at this?  Instead of donating the old shirts, he insisted on keeping them, as he does with everything else, because you never know when you might need them.  I have quickly learned that yes, they will actually get used.  Even old cans, pop bottles, cardboard, etc. gets used in his art.  What talent.  And I love finding his shenanigans and then hearing the story of they came to be.  It is always hilarious, yet impressive.

Then we go about our days.  I go to yoga and the Artist goes to an evening class.  I get home around 7pm and immediately re-heat some left overs of this delicious dish:



Orzo, baked chicken, tomatoes, olives (for the Artist, I pick them out- yuck), onions, and a mediterranean inspired seasoning with balsamic.  It is absolutely delicious, one of our favourite dishes ever.  It is a take on a dish that friends made us when they had us over for dinner, and we have been experimenting with it ever since.  You know who you are, so if you are reading- THANKS 😀  I hope there is enough left for lunch later.  Then I jump in the shower, and the Artist comes home and heats himself up a serving, it is not about 8pm.  After catching up on how our days went, we decided to watch House, because we just borrowed the DVDs from the library and were anxious to see what happened to the Dr. in rehab.

Me: I am kind of hungry, like I could eat again.

The Artist: I am f*#@ing starving.

Me: (laughs)

The Artist: You know when you are hungry and you could be handed any option of all your favourite things, but nothing seems satisfying?  Like you have no craving or desire?

Me: Ya, that is the worst.  I have been wanting Ruffles brand All Dressed flavoured chips for so long, but no where seems to have them.  Anywhere.  (so to any American readers, are there Ruffles All Dressed flavoured chips in St. Louis, or in America in general or is it a Canadian thing?)

The Artist: Actually, my one thing that I could never turn down and enjoy no matter what, are Tim Bits.

Me: They have to be actual Tim Bits from Tim Horton’s right?

The Artist: Yes, sour cream glazed or old fashioned glazed.  F$#k.  Lets drive to Michigan, they have Tim Horton’s right?  Nothing else will suffice right now. (closes his eyes and lets out a huge sigh of yearning)

So we continue to watch House, and cuddle up to go to bed.

I can’t help but come to the conclusion that we are always hungry, eating, or preparing food.  Always.  Maybe we have big appetites?  Or maybe because we lose our minds if we get hungry?  Or maybe because we just love cooking and eating?  All of the above?  Whatever it is, I love to cook, especially when we get to do it together, and I love to eat.  I guess I am fortunate to have these interests and enjoy them, because I get to enjoy preparing foods and get to eat healthy, home cooked meals often 🙂