A breath of fresh air.

Sometimes we just need some fresh air.  There is something about spending time with nature that is soothing, and helps you find peace with whatever you are struggling with.  We really wanted to go camping (secluded style, not in a massive field full of tents), and although it is a cheap thing to do, we just couldn’t afford it.  I was really upset, annoyed, etc. but tried my best to stay positive and come up with an alternative.  We decided to take a walk at Castlewood State Park, and then a drive through Lone Elk Park instead.  Our walk was very beautiful, and the air was very crisp- just the way we like it.  There was a bench on one of the bluffs, so we sat down and just enjoyed the view for a bit.  We breathed in that beautiful fresh air and just talked, and although I still want to go camping, I didn’t seem to mind as much anymore.  It was very calming.  Afterwards, we drove through Lone Elk Park, and briefly got to seek some elk and even a bison in the distance!

I often find myself craving to spend time outside or be with nature in some way, which I take as a sign that I am carrying around too much stress and need to take care of myself.  So, take care of myself I did.

DSCN7473 DSCN7477 DSCN7483 DSCN7490


A Day of Togetherness.

The Artist and I had a great day last weekend, full of togetherness.  It was a full day, from morning to night, of amazing quality time.

We started off by sleeping in, and then not getting out of bed right away.  For about an hour all we did was snuggle, talk, giggle, and snuggle some more.  Then we headed out on foot to Starbucks down the street to enjoy our gift card, sitting on the patio enjoying the beautiful day.  It was sunny and warm, but with a nice breeze.  Not too hot, but not too cold- perfect.

DSCN0826 DSCN0829

Then the Artist asked me if I wanted to walk over to his studio to see his latest work, because he really likes it.  Obviously I can’t wait, so we enjoy the weather some more and walk over after we finish out drinks.  The amazing breeze was bringing the smell of autumn leaves into the air; it was heavenly.  I love crunching the leaves on the sidewalk as I walk.

This is his latest masterpiece, which I just love.  It is my current favourite out of all his newest work.


And I couldn’t resist posting another one of my favourites:


Then we walked home, hand in hand, soaking in the sun and enjoying the sights.

DSCN0846 DSCN0848

We headed out to get a few grocery items from Walmart and Trader Joe’s, and the Artist couldn’t resist the coconut mini-donuts.  He couldn’t wait until we got home, so he ate them in the car and washed them down with some milk.


We continued onto an international specialty food store that ha amazing prices, and the Artist got something he has be yearning for; young coconut.  He cracked one open when we got home and enjoyed every lat drop of the juice, and ever so tender meat.  You could scrape the meat with a spoon it was so sweet and tender.  The Artist loves fresh coconut, including the juice.  We also went to check out the Goodwill stores, in particular the outlet- where items are sold by weight.  Books are cheaper by the pound because they are heavy, but finding a shirt or something would probably cost way less then even a dollar.  One of my favourite stores.  It is “hit-and-miss”, but when you find a “hit”, it is worth it.  Today we found some books, a purse, and some fabric.  This cost us $3.  The big book there probably cost half the total price….so cheap.  It is the best place for getting books and movies, mostly VHS tapes, because it is so cheap.  And loads of their books are in great condition.  And they have some name brand stuff too.  When I got home I looked at the purse that the Artist had found and thought I would like, and it is from the gap and might as well be brand new.  A great find.  Sadly, I found only 1 shoe of the pair of brown Tom’s that were in like-new condition…the other one was no where to be found.


We picked up some movies at the library for the evening, mostly suiting to our latest trend; movies starring Nicolas Cage.  We find him just so funny, and the Artist does a good impression.  One of my all-time Nicolas Cage movies is Wicker Man.  It is supposed to be a little scary, but he is just so funny in it 🙂


And I enjoyed my latest cheat day craving….dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and tater tots.  And no, I didn’t eat all those tater tots, I seriously misjudged the amount when cooking them, haha.  And for dessert, strawberry fruit snacks.  The inner child in me was satisfied.

DSCN0822 DSCN0823

For the Artist, I made him a huge sub with all his favourites!  The lighting was bad in that room, it looked much better in real life.


And we started the day where we began it- in bed, snuggling, talking, and enjoying the company of each other.  The days following were super busy for us, especially the Artist.  So we took advantage of the day we had available.  I can’t wait for our next day long adventures of togetherness.  Making time for one another is something we always know how to do, one way or another.

Appreciate the little things in life.

Happiness is contagious ❤